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10 Greatest Conspiracies of 2017

Each year, new conspiracies are concocted or uncovered. In time, some of them are proven true, while others are debunked – but before that, they . We take a look back over the top 10 conspiracies of 2017. 10. Anonymous Aliens In June 2017 a video appeared online, in which the activist group Anonymous claimed

Tom Robbins on Jitterbugs | Blank on Blank

>>[MUSIC: RAFAEL IRIARTE AND ROSENDO PESOA “LIBERTAD” FMA]>>Tom Robbins: I think when I’m 80 years old, 85, hopefully, I’ll be pushed around in a wheelchair by a red-headed nurse with panty outline. She’ll make me little tequila sunrises and I’ll read my complete works then. Then, I’ll decide whether I think I’ve done something good