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Exercise Selection and Order

Choosing the right exercises and the order in which you do them is an important part in any exercise program. Exercise selection is influenced by your specific goals, equipment availability and time. Choose exercises that are geared towards your specific goals. For example, if you have a goal of running a longer distance cardiovascular training

Yoga As A Peace Practice 2019 Yogaville

(gong gently sounds) – For many black people it’s very difficult for us to acknowledge and think about our history and the violence that’s been perpetrated against us since our ancestors were brought to America. The killings, the beatings, the lynchings the stolen legacy the disconnection from a sense of self and family and the

Affordable Dental Coverage | Humana

Dental Insurance. Many employers don’t offer it. Medicare doesn’t include it. And people who work for themselves often don’t consider it. But with Humana you can still have it starting at just $17 a month that’s less than sixty cents a day! Call Humana NOW at the number on your screen for a FREE quote!