Tai Chi 5 Minutes a Day Module 01 – easy for beginners

To achieve optimal health it is important
that we move a little bit everyday. In this program Tai Chi 5 minutes a day you
will learn basic tai chi movements that are based on traditional tai chi but the movements
are not important, it is not important that you move correctly according to traditional taichi what is important is that you make the time to practice daily. The daoist philosophy says that it takes 100 days to create a foundation, you plant the seed, you cultivate it for 100 days, and then at the end you harvest. Well it takes the same amount of time to create
a habit. Habits can be good and bring us success and
habits can be bad, those are the easier ones and they bring us failure…. because you will have created a habit of doing TaiChi everyday you will have created a habit
of moving in the ways of Tai Chi. Stand with your feet together, bring your
arms, up float up, breathe in and float down, imagine just like a bird, you just come up and down, your arms float down, float up, breathe in, and down, open the door, breathe
in, hands come up, breathe out, melt down, imagine in the water, the water comes up,
you float up, and then you float back down. Water rises breathe in, floating on the water,
and then it goes out again, just like the tides, rise up, and down. Now we are going to hug the tree, breathe in and open your arms, open your heart, breathe out, hug the tree, breathe in open your heart breathe out hug that beautiful tree, Breathe in and out and now, step on an angle and push, imagine
a wave rolling in and now it goes out, push, breathe in the wave comes in, breathe out, the wave goes out, moving with the water. Breathe in, and breathe out stand back, hug
the tree, other side, step on an angle push the water out, the wave comes in, breathe in, and out, breathe in, follow the movement of the wave goes in, and out, step back, hold the tree, this hand goes under, to embrace the moon breathe in open your heart, caress
the moon, and change sides, breathe in and move the moon around your hands caressing
the moon from side to side breathe in and breathe out breathe in hold the tree lower your hands and close the door.


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