Talks on Women Fitness,Best Diet Plan,Bad Diet ft. Shweta Mehta

what’s up guys I hope you’re doing well
so on the other day I went to gym I was doing my regular gym workout session
then that time I saw this lady she’s none other than the Jerai Classic winner
the MTV Roadies star Shweta Mehta so I thought of taking one small
interview for you guys to help you out guys especially the women the
first question I asked her is how do you put women and fitness alright
when it comes to men and women it’s same lifting is same yeah the type of routine
is also saying the type of food is also saying it’s not like women should only
do cardio women should only do Zumba and Aerobics and guys should lift I would
rather say it should be reversed I should do more of cardio because men
actually get lot of heart diseases and cardio is for heart health
and women should lift weight because we need muscle in our body the first
question I asked her is what is the basic tip you can give for the word
fitness being consistent just be consistent say imagine you are 25 years
old for example and you have built some kind of fat he had never seen gym in
your life now you start gyming he started gyming within a week or 10
days you want to see results imagine for 25 years you didn’t do something and
how can you expect results within a week or two keep some time a few weeks at
least 4 to 8 weeks and then you will see those minor changes yes having said that
you have to stick to your diet and after 8 to 10 weeks you start seeing
difference in your body you stay you know you become active that’s where you
judge whether you want to continue or not
do not judge your body within a week or 10 days be consistent so the next
question I asked her is how do you stay motivated how do you stay motivated
because some days we feel very tired we dont want to go gym I’ll answered in two ways first the
mirror mirror is your best motivation yes there are so many motivational
videos audios lot of music maybe there are some person
motivates you listen to them but honestly the motivation comes from
inside not every time those video will help you not every time those people
will help you you have to get that motivation from inside and second thing
is do mechanically the days we don’t feel like doing it just do it treat it
like your work but do not skip it because once you start skipping it you
will not be consistent as I said be consistent so do it mechanically so
coming to next question I asked her how do you out train a bad diet can you
out train a bad diet next question is like can you out train a bad diet bad nutrition
out train? yeah like see suppose like I eat a lot of food I
consume some extra calories next day some people believe
that we can burn it off no I don’t believe in that no no that’s the wrong
thing you can’t your body will not how much you work out how much max can you
work out to 2-3 hours you’ll push your body the thing is it will have
a reverse effect consequences next day your body will not be recovered properly
do not over trained just because you ate more rather get back on your diet so
what we do is suppose we are cheating after a week seventh day 8th day it’s not that
I’m skipping eating food and I’m not eating and getting a liquid diet no you
should not do that after cheat get back on a normal diet next day I have told you
guys many times the only way to lose fat is calorie deficit the only way to lose
weight is calorie deficit so I asked her what is the best diet plan out there
well let’s hear what she has to say so I have made videos on regarding the only
way for fat loss is calorie deficit okay but according to you which diet plan is
best there are thousands of that plans but what you said is correct it is the
key that is the key so even if it’s keto diet if it’s a high protein diet even
paleo or whatever diet I are on calorie deficit is the key next question is some
people don’t want to train legs so let’s hear what she has to say about this you
have strong lower body your performance gets better i am sure
you must have felt that way plus we get stronger you get stronger and then
you train legs like you lose fat faster so you lose fat I think I’m not sure but
it’s proximate 43% extra fat you lose when you do weight train than cardio so
weight in it is important legs are even important to lose weight start doing
legs rather than those stupid crunches guys and for girls
please do not train your obliques if you really want v-shape back I don’t know
why people don’t understand they just keep on doing side exercises they keep
on doing cycling I would say do not train obliques
not even bike words do not train and then you will get a good sharp v-shaped
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