when the day how is y’all doing
welcome why is it still singing is this the same life now y’all can y’all see
why is it still the same 36 thumbs up like you still what was the last line is
anybody in here it’s just a new line of the same line hi all things now is it
still blurry is this still blurry is this still blurry it’s saying it’s
something like it’s the it’s the old live yellow it’s saying one person is in
here and 36 thumbs up and I’m even OMA no it’s clear okay okay yeah I am here
for my nightly workout my tasty my thing eat work out the health and fitness
bootcamp challenge you guys can join me in this challenge to eat healthier and
to exercise you can do whatever kind of exercises you want you can eat what you
want just trying to eat healthier do what you do want to do do it how you
want to do it see some Underpants and dine with some mild music ow I don’t
know if I’m gonna be able to move on this oness I need to work it’s gonna try
to eat in the live if you do yeah I’m just not gonna be down for all the drama
tonight if it enter live the lines just gonna have to stay ended I try to go for
an hour every night you guys last night I was moving a little slow because I was
sore and I’m still sore tonight y’all as y’all come in and please keep a thumbs
up so I’m just out here pushing even though I’m sore remember that the motto
is something is better than nothing so even if I’m not feeling 100% I’m out
here doing something and something is better than nothing can I hear y’all say
it something is better than nothing that’s the motto something is better
than nothing something is better than nothing Neal
say it’s good nearly say it’s good to keep going and working through the pain
yep something is better than nothing else oh I’m about to get going and do
something Jahna got on the sports world so you
ain’t seeing nothing but my stomach oh yeah I’m gonna stretch my Kathleen
I’m gonna stretch them out mystery stretch I’m a drinking on my gallon of water
today y’all because I don’t have that many oh I don’t have any much left in
there someone just drink either lady love is in the house she say hello
sugars Connie and all things nearly make sure you do stretch and cool down Miss
Marian said exercising is definitely beneficial to our mind body and soul yes
it is love ladies love say good job tasty
pace yourself that though that soreness through that soreness
it’s tasty you don’t want to injure yourself oh girl hang on injure myself
now my muscles are just sore here knots I didn’t hurt myself I normally build
muscle quickly and so those exercises I did on my camp who’s just like not to
make them Catholic saint i had to slow him down cuz I don’t need them calculate
to be you know now my legs is already one of my best features yep hey my friend should knit the button the muscle I need to work the
muscle I need to get sore it’s that buttocks muscle I need to
build a booty I’m gonna show you how to build a booty of y’all Hannah unlike me I tighten up the one you got you learn –
got her eyes open it’s going slow too much tonight yeah we
only 14 minutes in I don’t know I might not work a whole hour tonight what’s
y’all think I’m already sweating though I’m already working up a sweat which is
good I found the remote yeah work out 30 minutes tonight I think I’m
gonna do an hour I’m just joking now I’m going to max the max I’m taking my
breaks in between anyway so it’s probably it’s not a full hour I feel
like if I go excuse me I feel like if I go an hour being it’s
probably like 30 minutes or 45 minutes something like that cuz I’m taking my
breaks in between the top two y’all you learn to say no D or say I am in work
I’m on my lunch break d’Orsay do you live close to an airport not really like I told somebody last
night there are two airports in Houston so no matter where you live it they’re
gonna be airports that pass over your head you can live 30 minutes or 40
minutes away from the airport and there’s still gonna be airplanes that
are going over your head no matter where you live it in Houston cuz we got two
airports so pretty much no matter where you live it they’re gonna be some
airplanes going over your head you could live 30 to 40 minutes away from the
airport and you still gonna have planes flying over your area every day shouldn’t say I have to make up for my
workout for missing today you don’t have to make up shit net just go do it do it
all over again tomorrow she said I can hear the Jets but I remember before you
said I didn’t leave a post – yeah a plane it’s an app for it it’s two
efforts in you sleep so you stumble planes passing over your head no matter
where you live if you live 30 minutes from an airport that’s still close
enough to where the airplanes are gonna pass over your head so like if you live within 30 minutes to 40
minutes to away from the airport like I don’t know if y’all seen me yesterday
or the other day at the mall the mall that I was in is like maybe 30 35
minutes away from the airport but you still seen and heard the airplanes
taking off so it don’t matter what you in Houston you don’t see an airplane okay let’s go for this walk go get these
hello yeah I’m feeling like I need to go take a bathroom break right quick let’s
go in the house and take a bath in wake cuz if we don’t forget I just ate those
beans so maybe I’ll go up the stairs a couple more times in the ankle to the
benefit okay yeah let’s go to the bathroom I
quit let’s go to the bathroom I’ll be right
back yeah let me look at my stomach in the
mirror you look like it then you got an over your knee yeah I need to work out the loo Thomas
Maximus I need to work my gluteus maximus out hey miss June hey I don’t
win let me see let me see what y’all was
saying while I was in the bathroom yeah we 25-minute singing it seemed like I
ain’t done nothin just tonight someone by slow it’s going by slow to anybody
else oh excuse me ELISA girl going to bed
oh he loves the girl don’t go she said yeah I know he lets get a little
everybody right it’s going my slope tonight is this long about slow for
anybody else you know that fool came well yeah I don’t mean to know that we
all need to know that that’s too much information right oh yeah I’m sweating I’m sweating and my
buttocks muscle is tight and burning if you’re having thumbs up the video thumbs
up the video Sharon Tay tasty work it out again tonight trying to do it every
night homie lady love say oh look I will look in the comments somebody playing
music y’all Sharon say hello June say lady love it’s not in the chat I left it
in the comments of the video yeah just go to the video and look through the
comments oh yeah if I mute if I mute is going in the life they was playing music
yeah I had the room great today Lygia oh yeah we having all kind of technical
difficulties let me read the copy y’all working out before you go to bed
it’s a real good treat I just took a bath before I went to be I mean before I
started working out but I probably shouldn’t do that cuz now I’m gonna feel
like I need to take another bath hey that Thunder things anybody want to
do the tasty mukbang eats health and fitness boot camp challenge you’re free
to do this challenge you don’t have to do it the way I’m doing it just try to
eat healthy and workout at the same time do it for however many days you want to
do it per week or however long you won’t do it you can do it as a lifestyle
change or just for a quick motivation to lose some some weight
oh let me see if this person live for my size I could hear they still like their
they still out there y’all it’s not showing me how many people up in here
and it’s not showing me how many thumbs up I get it’s not showing me how many thumbs up
like that nor how many people in the house
anybody comment on anything recently let me see how these lives have been having
so many technical difficulties lately later on say I’m gonna call it a night
y’all have a blessed night y’all be blessed good night tasting good night
Miss ladylove thank you for joining me I appreciate it
we’ve been in here for 35 minutes I’m waiting on them people to leave from our
side June Terrence the Haitian it airs tomorrow
miss Connie say good night lady love miss June say hi tasty hi my people how
are you guys doing y’all know where we gonna be later on tonight
after this line violence toward another man y’all look at my look at my other
glasses I need to take this tape off of here and put these two wrists on my knee
keys for an emergency phone I might need these one emergency one day so I might
need to save them I got a beard habit – I need to break
that bear habit like when I go in the bathroom and take a bath I I put my
glasses on the floor and then when I get out the bathtub I’ve almost stepped on
them or I have stepped on them before and I almost did it again today with
these glasses I was like oh my goodness I need to stop doing it so I need to
stop putting my glasses beside the bathtub when I take a bag cuz that is a
recipe for disaster yeah they still like that with their
music yeah okay yeah I think that’s gonna be the end of tonight’s workout
I’m gonna try to press this is another camera I’m gonna try to press mute on
here and see if it meets it if it mutes it then I can go back outside and work
out but if it is alive then it’s gonna be – end of this tonight’s live and
y’all know where we’re gonna be after that so let’s see if this thing let me
mute this if not I will see y’all later in the baby


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