eat y’all tasty is here today to do I
think it’s day four which I don’t have a certain amount of days we just go in and
I’m just counting this is my tasty one thing eats health and fitness challenge
you could do anything you want just trying to encourage you guys to eat
better doing any exercise workouts that you want to do you don’t have to do the
same ones that I do I am here tonight it’s about time it’s been raining all
day today my stairs or wet and my muscles are so sore so the work type
that I gave Mike athletes last night was a little too intense was too too too too
intense so I don’t need to work out my careful eaves as much tonight I actually
need to like stretch them out like that because they hurt I need to
stretch them out so I’m here today even though every step is painful I am here
to push through this and show y’all even when I don’t feel like it do a little
something just do something here I just want to encourage you how to do
something so if y’all just and leave a comment
hey that Tanika leave a comment so I know y’all here so we gonna start but
I’m gonna take everything slow today you guys cuz I am hurting my legs are like
really really they get them tight like the muscles are getting really really
tight so that’s a good thing because y’all know muscles way more than fit hey
miss is that Keith or can’t be somebody I can’t see I’m blind
so yeah let’s do story we taking it slow yeah it was my steps away my muscles my my Catholic really tight I need to stretch out my Kathleen thank
you out the five thumbs up I need to stretch out my Kathleen’s because they
hurt I take no Kathleen’s that so tight last
night I don’t know that’s still working them
out what’s their speech I don’t know remember I told you out
something is better than nothing because I didn’t feel like doing this tonight
but something is better than nothing high chance to me I can’t see everybody
because I’m looking down upon it but something is better than nothing you
guys you mean if I don’t go to the whole hour today something is better than
nothing these stairs or went but I’m gonna sit
down on these whip stairs when I get ready take my break I don’t know some will do it go as hard
tonight has that been going but we don’t do something yeah and I
don’t know if my phone if the lives are working like if somehow
to come to playing music and I press mute is it going to end the life because
that’s what happened the last few days like YouTube isn’t having all kind of
glitch in the house she say like you’re kicking your own butt butthole but hold
the stretches by grabbing your foot from behind oh yeah I know that hey there
lady love she say let’s let equal leave anybody say tasty stretch them yeah I
actually just stretched a minute ago she said it tasty stretch them get on a flat
surface and bring your foot up behind you I’ll do that when I go back down on
the ground behind you I’ll do that when I go back around on the ground
hey chastity miss Cathy lady love Tameka where is where’s Terrence and a lizard
Gail and miss Connie hey Vanessa hey Carter’s eat what arrested them people
yes it’s that time yeah I’m moving kind of slow tonight no cos I gave them
carefully a workout last night and then things is so tight every move her the campaign is so tight they type but this mean is getting right
young this mean is different right that’s the last of my little water I
need to make someone in the water only go in the house tonight I guess I
need to get another down the water at the car okay yeah let’s go back down nice taters
and I’m a stretching like uh how does that told me it’s a stretch I think a
Marine thank you out for seven times a mridu actually stretched a font you
don’t stretch the back see earlier when I did this and I wore my seat their spirit is the back
Oh Bester’s de baño oh my goodness but I think it’s still working in there
stretched bed I just said I’m not trying to working
tonight I’m not trying to work my chest at all tonight moving kind of slow going right yeah
I’m moving kind of slow tonight y’all but I am moving thank y’all for a thumbs
up I am moving miss Connie is in the house Carter eat is in the house the nest day in the house I don’t know what happened to Terrance
miss June and a house lady love I post it the pound cake recipe did you see it lady love say hey June no I didn’t see
it I will okay yeah and I’m moving kind of slow tonight but I am moving cuz I told ya something
is better in the Dane Satine is better than nothing something is better than nothing hey there Jensen
hey it’s Marion’s world thank y’all for 9 thumbs up High Life with Stephanie how
you doing I’m doing finally you Stephanie I’m sorry about your
grandmother passing away miss Connie what you doing one boy one more down and one more and Gallup thumbs 13 thumbs of Marion’s
will say hi everybody doing today hey Jasmine how are you doing girl who let
learn say Thank You June I will definitely go back and copy it and I
will definitely try it but excuse me yeah Marian’s world say how’s everybody
doing Terrence say hey y’all go tasty go tasty is beat tasty Catholics got a
workout last night and they so tight Jones say lady love it’s on he answers prayers
Christian my chain do you live this way night Terrence I’m glad you could make it over
I guess scheanette what the bed did he listen girl go to bed – where’s
Elizabeth yeah after this I’m going to only thing I ate
today was there Taco Bell that’s it but after this I’m gonna shake me a bat and
I’m gonna take me alone relaxing that remember Toby I think I’m over being an
early tonight early for me early for me early early they love like
me singing early early I need to make me some more little water I think I haven’t
doesn’t die on the water in the truth lemon and vinegar water roll was telling
me to try the cucumber cucumber and cucumber and would cucumber in something I forgot what she
see Tameka say Tomica say hey lilo Sumiko says labeler say hi to everybody
coming in here now let me see if I can stretch the back of these Catholics
because they hurt that helped a little be internet English stretching it carefully now y’all made
me see almost I’m gonna take it easy tonight go easy
easy easy Lena say glad to see you take some me
time sleep well tonight it’s Marian say I have a water machine in my apartment cause 30 cents a gallon do you know
child I buy my water I’m buying to steal water right now
for the stuff that I’m doing it takes to steal water the green drink in our list of field
water is good free so I’ve been buying a gallons of
distilled water I got a water machine nearby though but
I’ve been buying the water from Costco it’s 40 bottles of water for $2.99 or a
dominating earn something like that hey that boss lady Lexy thank you for
joining us tonight thank y’all for 15 thumbs up I
appreciate it Marian said good for uses it’s deserving
is definitely a plus on our life yep it can’t hurt you but it can hurt no pain
no gain I’m not running up the stairs tonight
now I’m not working up a sweat like I’ve been doing the last few days yeah we’re not working up no sweat
tonight we just doing something something is better than nothing miss
chasity is speaking most ladies say my body was in so much
pain ladies say wow that’s a good price for
water we’ll check it out yeah I get it from Costco
I think it’s 40 bottles for $2.99 a $1.99 something like that I came in to boss lady saying those steps took me out
yesterday yeah Mike hath my back Kathleen forgot
though it’s the idea specific workouts for the calf legs and it was something else yep it was something else every step you
make every move you make every step you make I was in pain today I was taking
slow baby steps I wasn’t in pain pain it wasn’t like pain pain it was like none of the pain
but it was still pain thank you out for 17 thumbs up we need
three motivated to 20 chasidy say hi Vanessa Tamika say that’s nice little oh
I noticed that a lot when I run into people with the same name as mine it’s
not too many tamika’s spelled like yours yeah she say it makes it unique okay oh
wait 30 minutes in we got 30 minutes of either chatting or exercise and wanting
to vote I’m just I just forced myself to come out here and do something because
some thing is better than nothing Amerie say faces in the way I appreciate y’all I’ll
be here whoo thank y’all for 20 times up when did that happen when did 20 times
up laughing oh I forgot to tell y’all today that I got my new glasses well I
told y’all but I forgot to thank everybody that made a donation through
PayPal and cash out to help me out with it I just wanted to thank y’all and let
y’all know that I appreciate y’all whoo two thumbs up
I want to let y’all know that I thank y’all and appreciate so much for helping
me out with that so I think I can’t remember if I mentioned that I’m alive
today I came here remember if I thank y’all or not but I just want to thank
you everybody and thank you miss Connie again for my blender every single person
that gave a cash out and sent me something to PayPal I appreciate you so much Thank You
Terrance by giving me mighty fine hey there is it cliff
hey you doing let me go get my teeth still out to see
if I got another down on the water in the car so that I can get some extra
steps in nine people in the house 23 thumbs up
Jeanette I thought you were sleep she next day hi
everyone lady little seance I’m going back to
finish watching that video I’m gonna say good a deal of cliff say you and Percy P
tasty mukbang eats something full review was the first people that inspired me to
do you too Thank You cliff
we need to say hi tasty hi everyone hi Bonita
chasity saying Cliff’s a I will be in your neck of the
woods so that’s good Kathy say you’re welcome tasty the
glasses look good thank you they kind of just like the other ones
were just another color hey Cherie this kitchen how you been
doing scheanette say I’m about to go to bed
just wanted to pop in and say you’re doing a great job yeah she made it I’m
almost through I got like 17 more minutes to go to an
hour I’m so sore but Taryn see it – it is
tomorrow excuse me so I just want to be something my neighbor over there cursing and also
now his or expressing his stuff Yanis go hey let’s go what is your age range Terrace
don’t tell him your age there cuz he gonna be talking about you apart of the
old lady gage in it don’t tell him you’re gonna be saying you’re part of
the old lady game to tell him your age you don’t say
you’ll put on only the game he’ll take you out in a minute
it’s cuz I ain’t really doing nothing I’m surprised I’m sweating cuz I ain’t
really doing it I guess you can really work well walking up stairs even if
you’re not going home excuse me yeah we need one more thumbs up to 25 talents
thumbs up the video okay thumbs up the video chair Tennessee I did already
somebody thumbs up the video I don’t have input okay okay it’s point we 48
minutes in I got some more minutes see this worked out oh thank you somebody
gave me run it again that woman’s neck Tarrance
Terrence I might do some more Bible turning hey that equate a I might do
some more Bible turning tonight I’m a dismal little more pagesturning
i’ma go not is I better get there early and yeah we got eight more minutes they’re coming out two more minutes nothing I need to sit and chat oh I got sweet coming down my face I
didn’t think I was going we’re gonna swing ye lungs I love that so much
deal close to an airport even if you don’t live close by effluent
they still fly over your head yeah oh I thought I had two more minutes
left I thought I was gonna sit down here for these last two minutes yeah yeah
more than two minutes left how do I look at that wrong
thank you all for 26 tonnes up I appreciate y’all thank y’all for coming
out and hanging with me tonight if y’all do not know about my other channel where
we usually are almost 24 hours a day we’re usually over there almost 24 hours
a day but when you don’t see me live over here and you don’t see me as he
answers prayers we encourage each other over there we motivate each other over
there and we pray for you I mean we read the Bible Bible verses it’s just
inspirational and encouraging and motivational so if y’all wanna join us
over there tonight I’m not sure you over there if you need to get went to bed or
what but but y’all if he answers prayers and y’all come
over then join us anytime tonight tomorrow whenever okay I’ll let me take
a little walk of these stairs then we don’t go in the hop also if anybody want to do the tasty
munch ears is to do a combination of trying to change your eating habits and
working out you can do any kind of workouts it don’t have to be every
single day but if you want to do the challenge taste up a challenge let me
know if you do it that way I could add you to my playlist and I can give you a
shout out and one my famous let’s go in the house and wrap this up and have our
little closing and can yeah I’ll type it in there with me something is better
than nothing I’m gonna put my water jugs in the house come on in the house yeah something is
better than nothing who typed it who typed it I see who be paying attention
to me who typed something is better than nothing I’m sleeping I was sweating um she has
to say something is better than nothing she did say something is chasity say the
list and you and okay yeah so these are my new glasses do they look a little
crooked they better be looking maybe my face is
cooking I need to give me a hard case so I could keep the knee in so when I go to
be I don’t know if I see out of them better not let me take this thing off my
head let me see if the other live you know whether or not to tell you come
over here or if I need to start there I don’t know when it’s gonna in what time
did I what time did I start it today anybody know is it showing y’all huh it still say two people in there so you
guys I’m gonna in this live we are on he answers prayers right now thank y’all
for 26 thumbs up we are on he answers prayers thank you miss Miller and if
anybody but kind of just kind of this side look like it’s a little bit to me
and we got a little ambiance going you got some music and we just chatting I
love y’all I’m gonna see y’all tomorrow ready to go to bed I’m gonna talk to
y’all 11 over there and then I’ll start another line
Terrence they posted the link tasty I can’t post the link Terrence right now I
can’t cuz this thing don’t I can’t cuz I’m editing a video over there and I
can’t log in it’s just it’s technical


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