Tecleor. Healthy food is not a GAME!

[Music] It’s easy to keep fish frozen Well, almost It is much harder to keep the fish in higher temperatures. Different types of antimicrobial treatment are used for this… [Music] …usually with the use of harmful chemicals… …as well as antibiotics and preservatives. [Music] All this is outdated and last century! We can preserve the purity and quality of products without compromising consumers’s health. Tecleor’s cutting edge antimicrobial technology allows to skip chemical or thermal preservation methods. A responsible business that requires no extra costs! The shelf life of the product processed in the package is increased up to five times. Look for healthy, non-chemical treatment and preservative-free products with a Tecleor sticker on the shelves. Just fish – no gimmicks! Their safety and cleanliness meet the highest international standards!

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