Ted Cruz: No Health Insurance? Get A Better Job, Loser!

actually getting to the substance love
Obamacare which Ted Cruz has been trying to destroy with his filibuster Dichter dick Durbin asked a
question it was a bit develop interplay between the different senators
wonderful buster is going on and he asked him about a woman who had been
working at her whole life and it never received a health care and
so basically if Ted Cruz was successful and get rid of Obamacare what what what they do with the current
system to make sure that people are not you’re completely left behind a swatch
for the first time in her life judy who would be turned down because of
a pre-existing condition diabetes is going to have the peace of
mind of health insurance senator you and I are blessed have the
best health insurance in america as members of the united
states senate so when you say you wanna despair and
stop Obamacare do you want to denied the
opportunity for Judy and millions more just like her for the
first time in their lives to have the protection of health insurance they can
afford why thank the senator from Illinois for
that question and I will say I respect his sincerity
and passion you tell the story in beauty the best
way for Judy or anyone to have health insurance is to
have an economy that is booming where people can get jobs in hand
opportunities and indeed I’m happy to yield for a question without you think
your answer to judy is you need a better job after working a lifetime sixty-two years
hard work the best she can do she’s never had
health insurance and I think your answer was do to get a better job boo burn a great point I Integris does not have
an answer for that effectively was sometimes they exaggerate effectively
was just get a better job saying this to woman who’s been working
for what forty five years hot manual labor hard jobs she’s been
doing the best she can probably raising a family God knows going through
potential crises and things like that get a better job what she tried she
tried for over four decades she was able to should we just castro often just
whatever happens happens and so that’s why i wanna talk about this because he’s engaging in these antics this
filibuster this bluster really because he wants to look cool he
wants to look strong and conservative and all that but at the end the day we do have to
answer the question what do you do about the people who can’t get health care
under the current system because that is Judy such as one family
its millions of people that do not have health care under the current system and
thankfully that’s going to change its one other reasons that we give Obama as much credit as we
do and we we tacking on many topics but on this one he actually did do something if not the
best potential thing and so we’re not switching over from a
market-based insurance economy to something else
we’re still gonna have a market-based 1 but you have the problem in any
market-based economy that there will be winners but there will also be losers and at the
end of the day you need to answer the question what do you do about the losers Ted Cruz what do you do about the people
who do not do well in this booming economy that you’re
interested in after all the problem love the the
uninsured it hasn’t just been a problem since Busch wrecked the economy with the
help of I you know summers and things of that
sort there’ve been millions of people who have not been
able to afford insurance for a very long time back during the clinton years when the economy was comparatively doing
it very well there were millions of people who could not get insurance either because I’ve pre-existing
conditions or because it was simply too expensive and they can afford it and he has no answer and and what I love
to is he thinks the solution is a booming
economy what do you think a booming economy means to someone like Ted Cruz do you think it’s really an economy that
first and foremost make sure that nobody is below the poverty level that nobody
can afford to buy food or can afford to buy insurance or things
that sort know that somebody means by a booming economy what he means by booming
economy is that people like him people that go
to the fundraiser see a-ten’s they will do well and who the hell cares
about the restive you who can afford to pay for necessary
medical treatments he does he doesn’t even spare a thought
he was up there for 21 hours I don’t he said anything but actually
solving the problem of people who either going to massive debt because
I’ve medical conditions that the they can’t afford to pay for so they
have to go to emergency rooms and things that sort or who just don’t receive treatment
whatsoever and die because the insurance that they don’t
have I don’t think that he thinks about that at all look I don’t know that the end of the
day the Affordable Care Act is the end a solution that we need the prices seem pretty good from what
we’ve seen today and then a study that was released they still seem too high for families
who are struggling I don’t know that it’s and solution but
at the very least it seems like Obama for all of his problems in other areas
actually does care about these people couldn’t afford
health care before he became president and Ted Cruz showed very clearly there
and thank you so much Senator Durbin for making it so clear that he does not
care what so ever


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