The 5 Fabulous Food Groups

Our bodies need lots of energy to keep us
going throughout the day. And do you know where we get that energy?
That’s right…from the food we eat! And all kinds of different people enjoy different
kinds of food. But whether your favorite meal includes noodles
or nectarines, tortillas or tofu, most types of food have some of what our bodies need
to stay healthy. You might already know that we can put different
kinds of food into different groups. We call these, you guessed it, food groups! But let’s check out each group, and see
what kind of food belongs where! Let’s start with the fruit group. You gotta love sweet, delicious fruit! This group includes things like apples and
pears, oranges and strawberries. Fresh fruit is the best for you, but fruit
that’s canned or frozen counts, too. After all, many fruits are hard to find in the winter,
and some fruits only grow in certain parts of the world. But don’t forget about fruit that’s been
dried! Raisins are just dried grapes! And prunes are dried-up plums! And even juice is part of the fruit group,
but only if it’s all fruit juice and doesn’t have added sugar. Next comes the grain group. Grains are plants, like oats, wheat, and barley.
If a food is made from one of these plants, or any other grain plant, it belongs here. That means things made of flour, like bread
and noodles, breakfast foods like oatmeal and cereal, and even rice, are all part of
this group. Next up, the vegetable group. I bet you already figured out what goes here! Vegetables come from plants, too — but unlike
grains, they’re either the roots, stems, or leaves of certain plants that we can eat! Carrots, for example, are the sweet orange
roots of the carrot plant. A head of lettuce is just a bunch of crunchy
leaves. And asparagus is actually a stem of the tasty
asparagus plant! There are so many kinds of veggies out there,
that we can actually split this group into smaller groups. For example, there are dark green veggies,
like spinach. Starchy vegetables, like potatoes and sweet
potatoes. Then, there are red and orange veggies, like
beets and carrots, just to name a few. Now, what other foods can you think of? What about the stuff that’s inside your
sandwich? Meats, like chicken or hamburger, belong to
the protein group. And so do fish, like tuna, and eggs, made any way you like! But not all members of this group come from
animals. Other foods like beans, peanut butter, and tofu, which is made from soybeans, are
full of protein, so they’re also proud members of the protein group. And that leaves us with the last group, dairy. If a food is made from cow milk or soy milk,
it’s in the dairy group. So this is where you find things like yogurt, and all kinds
of cheeses, as well as your usual glass of milk. And do you know what else fits in this group?
Ice cream! But that reminds me, sweet treats like candy
don’t fit into any of our groups. That’s because they’re made of mostly
sugar, and don’t have any of the things that our bodies need to stay healthy. So, it’s okay to enjoy these foods from
time to time … but just not a lot of the time. Now, do you think you can put a food into
the right group? Let’s take a tasty food quiz and see how well we know our food groups! We’ll start with a slice of pineapple. What
group do you think it goes in? Squeaks says the fruit group. Good job, Squeaks!
Yes, pineapple belongs in the fruit group. What about this hard boiled egg? What group
do you think this fits into? That’s right, the protein group. Eggs are a good source
of protein. Here’s one more. We’ll end our game with
a food that fits into two groups: macaroni and cheese. Let’s look at each part separately. The cheese from the mac and cheese fits into
the dairy group, because it’s made from milk. But what about the macaroni noodles? Well,
we learned earlier that noodles are made of flour from grain. So, that means the macaroni belongs to the
grain group! That’s right! Macaroni and cheese contains
foods that are in the dairy group and the grain group. Whew! All this guessing has made me hungry!
Hey Squeaks! Let’s make a snack! And remember, the next time you’re hungry
and head to the pantry or fridge…choose something healthy…and see if you can guess
what group your food fits into! Thanks for joining me us on SciShow Kids.
Is there something you’d like to learn more about? Get some help from a grown up and let
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