The Best Exercise You’re Not Doing

– Without stability,
there can be no mobility. What is mobility? What is stability? Well, mobility is when we can
actually reach and do things with our arms and our legs and
our bodies in everyday life. But if we can’t have a stable foundation, something for that to build off of, our brain doesn’t like it
so one of two things happen, we’re not able to do it
or we get hurt doing it. One of my favorite exercises to train both stability and mobility and a bunch of other
amazing things is a chop. So we’re going to do one
simple chop two different ways. Work with me on this so you can feel it and I can talk you through it. We’re going to split our base
where you feel comfortable. We’re going to grab, just hands first, we’re going to bend this knee, come down just a little
bit where there’s no pain. We’re going to take these hands, we’re going to come down outside our hip and then we’re just going to turn and we’re going to reach
up toward our shoulder, and if you can, if you feel comfortable, your eyes go with the hands. We come down and we come up. So we’re stable here without
pain and we’re mobile through our chest, through
our trunk, through our arms. So that’s one pattern. We’re being careful that the
knee doesn’t cave in too much, our hips stay forward, and we just rotate. Chest, eyes, and chin open up together and we come back to here. Staying in the same pattern,
shake it out if you need to, we come back into our base,
our hand comes behind us here. Now we’re going to reach across that leg. Eyes can follow the fingers. We’re going to go back to
the hips with our hands, still staying stable. That’s the base, that’s the movement. The brain and the body love
when we find a strong base and then we can move through it. You would switch. You would do it on the other side. So once again, the patterns go like this. We come here, so we come
from the outside of the leg, across the body, we look toward
our hands, and we come back. Knee doesn’t follow, foot stays flat. We feel strong through the floor. Chest, chin, and nose
rotate with the fingers, if we can do that. Then we come, bring your hands
to your hip now, start here. Shake it out if you need to. Find your base first. Find your place like we say, right? Set that. We’re going to come across the shoulder. That chin has to move with the chest. The eyes are looking for the fingers, if you feel like you can. It’s a big balance drill right
there, but we keep stable. Now what’s cool is, where
this can be progressed to a book, a dumbbell, a
soup can, a medicine ball. We can start to use weight with
that if we feel comfortable, and then we can dynamic with it, so now we can step in, come
out, step in, come out. So once we build the stability
and we’ve got the mobility, now we can challenge it
and move in different ways that keep us stronger, keep us more fit, and prepare us to not
just do everyday life, but to really do it right.

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