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What’s up YouTube community Bernth here – welcome back to another video lesson – in this video i want to show you the exact
exercise that helped me the most with my biggest picking problems and
frustrations and I’m quite sure that it will do the exact same thing for you too! As some of you guys might know by now
I’m really into all the classic three note per string shredding – I really like
the sound of that so that has always been a big part of my practice plan for
over ten years now – but when I started getting really into alternate picking in
the beginning I made a huge mistake with my mindset – I thought that by practicing
fast and advanced alternate picking licks like the one I just played for you
my overall alternate picking technique will get better and better every single
day – but as you probably know there are significant changes in the motion and
technique itself when it comes to different tempos – so playing sixteenth
notes at mid-tempos, at 120 or 130 beats per minute for example, was a real
challenge for me because I never really worked on that… it was also really
difficult for me to play those cool arpeggiated 2 note per string licks like the
one I just played for you – I was pretty much always working on three note per
string patterns or sweep picking sections because I associated that 2 note per string approach with basic pentatonic licks but in my professional
studio and live career I had to play and learn more and more stuff that involves
picking like that so it was time to do something about it – so this is the exact
exercise I want you to work on religiously if you have any troubles
with alternate picking at those mid tempos! As always you can find the tabs, guitar pro files and special practice backing tracks in different tempos for this
exercise on my Patreon page I also help with creating custom practice plans for all my members and gold members get to vote
on the lesson topics for this channel each month – so if you check that exercise
out for the first time it might not look too intimidating especially compared to
a lot of the other crazy stuff we looked at so far on here – but once you actually
try it yourself you will see that your right hand has to work very hard in the
beginning to get that consistent alternate picking at this tempo and of
course it also has to deal with clean string transitioning for those to 2 note per string arpeggio shapes I can really feel that in my right hand already, it’s also great warm-up exercise
for your practice routine, so before we talk about the biggest takeaways
concerning technique with this exercise let’s discuss the shapes a bit – as always
I put these shapes and notes on the other screen, let’s go through them real
quick, you can also download the tabs and guitar pro files on patreon if you want
to learn this in detail… So essentially I’m just playing the
four-note chords on every scale degree of the C minor scale here so… So here’s the most important thing
concerning the picking for this exercise In order to not get stuck between
strings after you perform each down and up stroke on every string you need to
play with an angle like that and not with an angle like that because watch
what happens when I use this angle… That was very hard to do and as you can see my right hand had to jump over the strings all the time and
it just really doesn’t feel right when I play this way – but when I turn my pick in
that direction and you just play downstroke upstroke on one string you
can see that the pick is moving away from the strings and it’s not locked between the E and A string in that case… it is in a perfect position for the next down and up stroke on the next
string – so here’s a quick comparison of those two angles, make sure to watch my
right hand, I’m starting with the bad angle and then I’m moving to the perfect
angle for this exercise… very hard once again, I had to jump a lot
between the different strings in order to not get stuck between them but now
when I turn my pic in that direction for this exercise… …much better and it actually comes very
natural – so if you’re sitting with a guitar in front of your computer or your
phone right now please try that out immediately and feel the difference – the
next very important thing is that my hand is very relaxed when I’m playing
this exercise, I absolutely can’t perform this one in a nice way if I’m putting
too much attack or tension in my picking hand… as you can hear the turns into a
complete mess real quick you can hear that I’m touching multiple strings when
I perform the exercise and it sounds absolutely terrible – but when I focus on
staying relaxed with my picking hand it’s much easier to get that constant
motion of two notes per string going so that is another extremely helpful aspect
of this exercise that I really love – I have to stay relaxed with my picking
hand or else I can’t perform the lick correctly and the last thing I want you
to focus on before you get to practicing this is the right left hand technique – when you developed a left hand angle like that over the years… you’ll have a really hard time with this exercise
because it will result in overlapping notes constantly, you will miss a couple of notes because you can’t really switch
between the positions in an efficient way and you want those notes to be
separated with the exercise, that’s the most important factor that makes it
sound so nice – so please focus on using an angle like that for this exercise and
not like that or even like that – and you also want that nice curl with your
fingers so don’t use this kind of flat angle that I often see because you’re essentially blocking the next string
playing that way and that’s important when you want to play nice arpeggio shapes in the future – so that is another very important factor and it’s also a great
Independence exercise for your fingers since you’re just playing one note per
string essentially with your left hand but you’re playing two strokes with your
right hand – but it’s just one note with your left hand for each string so it’s a
nice independence exercise and every single finger has to work individually – so I really hope that you will work on this exercise every day from now on, it was
a real game-changer for me and I’m very happy to pass it on to you – if you want
to make the most progress with your alternate picking technique make sure to
download the practice backing tracks that I uploaded on Patreon for this
exercise, by playing to them you always have a rhythmic and melodic reference so
you can see if you’re doing the exercise correctly and you can also structure
your practice plan a little bit better In the end make sure to subscribe to
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again, leave a like if you enjoyed this exercise and a comment in case I can
answer any questions for you – I’ll hopefully see you in the next video
lesson all the best and have fun practicing until then!

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