The Importance of Shopping for Health Insurance | Covered California

We all want to find the best health
insurance that meets both our needs and our budget. Health plan availability,
costs, and eligibility for financial help can change each year. Now is the time to
look at all your options. Only through Covered California is financial help
available to lower the monthly cost of health insurance, and what’s exciting is
that this year it’ll be available to more people than ever before. It takes
less than five minutes to check your options at, and it’s
completely anonymous. It’s easy to compare plans and prices from private
health insurance companies side-by-side and to see if you qualify for financial
help. So, even if you’ve checked your options before, it’s important to check
again. You may qualify for help now. If you’ve already enrolled through Covered
California, you should also take a look at other health plans to make sure that
your current plan is still right for you, and be sure to sign-up before Open
Enrollment ends, or you’ll have to wait until next year to have health coverage.
Visit today to get started.

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