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you’ve got so many people depending on you you’re depending on you and and not
or and you want to have more health more energy you want to build that muscle
lose body fat in the most effective and efficient manner that’s what I want to
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alright guys you know there’s one thing that I’ll always stress it’s the
organizing principle to your success your certainty and confidence in the gym
and I can feel yeah I talked him in like you all the time
and at the end of this broadcast I am going to give you an opportunity to
reach out and talk to me personally and what I want absolutely free alright but
I I know what we’re going through as so many men’s they they tell me you know
the way you were talking about the information how the information is
presented my lifestyle my situation my mindset right it’s like a brother you’re
talking right to me all right so much different than all the
other Fitness channels the experts out there all right and that’s because not
only I my older here at 57 years old got a busy life got you to take care of
an addition to my family and I know we’re in the same position all right I’m
going through the same challenges of how to fit it all in just like you right I
talk to you if you have actually spoken to me you’ve reached out we’ve talked go
ahead and post that down below all right I talk to so many of you I bet here at
this yeah I probably have actually spoken to men just like you who
frequently watch workouts for older men probably but at least a thousand
actually on the phone from five minutes to hours right in addition the men who I
coach one-on-one so I know what you’re going through right and going through
this for 30 years right one thing I’ll talk about is I know
you’re getting a hundred thing so to speak all right the 80/20 rule getting
all this information thrown at you and which are the 20 right the 80/20 rule
there’s a 20% of all the things that you hear so to speak the hundred things
which 20 are the most important which should you focus on to get the results
right when you Whittle all this information out and you find out what
the 20 key distinctions and the strategies are when you focus on those
when you know what those are when you feel certain and confident about what
those are then just about putting more and more effort in taking them to the
next level right that hundred things so to speak I’m here to help you Whittle it
down narrow it down to the 20 things that really matter and I know it’s a
process I know it’s a challenge when you hear so many things stick with me stick
with me watch our continual connection you’re on workouts roll Derman live you
will get it whether it’s too much from now four months from now a year from now
you will get it and here’s the great thing about it all that information that
you heard that seemed like it was confusing from all those other channels
now that you’re here it’ll all start making sense you’ll get credit for all
that effort that you put in right but there’s one thing that you’ll hear me
stress probably more than most of the other fitness experts out
there is it’s the basics that what you need if you’ve got a busy productive
life you just want to be healthy fit build that muscle lose that body fat and
then save not because you’re lazy because you’re smart you’re elegant
you’re efficient with your time and you save that energy to produce more in your
life for your family your children your business right your legacy
right and you still want to look great then you have to narrow that down you
have to figure out what that 20 figured figure the most important things that
are the hundred things that you are doing but when you feel as though you’re
doing those things right here’s the next step when you feel as though you’re
doing those things you don’t want to let your mind start drifting back out to 21
to 31 to 41 to 51 back to 99 again because you think that you have the 20
cover right the next step is to master the 20 they can be taken to higher and
higher and higher levels let me tell you four things when we talk about what you
need the organizing principles to success that you have to have down
rock-solid and then take to higher and higher levels before you start thinking
about a special finish or exercises or some unique state of the art so to speak
or science-based or whatever is being presented that seems to change all the
time and differ from expert expert before you start branching back out
alright one is you have to construct a workout plan that fits your schedule you
can’t be thinking I got to be in the gym five days a week if it doesn’t work for
you got to figure out it and construct a plan that fits your schedule if it’s
three days that’s fine you can get this done in three days where you have to
know what you’re doing those three days you have to construct a workout program
that program that’s a great system for your lifestyle that you can fit it in
there’s no sense saying well it’s some day I’m gonna get to the gym five days a
week for an hour a day if it doesn’t work there is a way to construct a
workout with your busy productive life all right
then when you have that working you got to know the organizing principle success
what stimulates muscle growth and that’s what weight training is all about how do
get the most out of every set once you’ve constructed that workout the
mindset the heart that got the intelligence to get the most out of it
every set all right now after that nutrition it’s the most important part
that’s gonna put it all together you can build all the muscle can be magnificent
in the gym you can be certain in the gym all right but it’s not going to show
it’s not going to display your muscles aren’t going to pop all right you’re not
going to grow if you don’t know the organizing principles when it comes to
nutrition not making it overly complicated but no the organizing
principles and follow-through right there’s so many men putting so much
effort in the gym and I say well how many calories do you eat or oh yeah you
know skip your ride I don’t know anything about nutrition as some day
some day I’m gonna learn more about it look if you want the results you’ve got
to learn the organizing principles not overly complicated to nutrition and then
take that to higher and higher levels because you’re gonna need that once you
get to the last 15-20 pounds of stubborn fat then you have to be really
intelligent and elegant your approach when it comes to eating alright and
that’s what you’re not gonna find because it you know you’re 50 or so
years old and you’ve you look better than most and you have that 10 or 15
pounds of stubborn fat right all the other men on the planet would kill to be
in your position but I know you didn’t work this hard just to get that far the
information for you to get to that last 10 or 15 pounds is going to take
elegance it’s gonna take intelligence and a certain approach that you’re just
not going to find out there and even if it’s in all of those videos it’s gonna
be tough for you to pick it out alright because it’s not geared to you most most
information is the guys just to get to your position and then the fourth thing
is you got to have the certainty in confidence and what you’re doing to keep
you motivated to make sure that your expectations you’re meeting your
expectations right so that’s after you construct that workout plan after you
know how to get the most out of every set you know how this all works to
stimulate muscle group you not only attack your nutrition you actually
follow through and take you to higher and higher levels and then
you gotta have the certain confidence so you follow through on a consistent basis
and you’re motivated keep on going those four thing or the or the organizing
principle to your success not more and more and more and more strategies look I
could blow you away it was this has been my life for thirty years right all I
thought about when I was a competitive bodybuilder 6-time national champion was
every little detail is more than willing to do it right it’s out there you don’t
need that you need those four things how to construct a workout that works for
your schedule how to get the most out of every set nutrition how to build that
muscle lose that body fat especially the last 10 or 15 pounds when you’re a
little bit older and then you got to have the certain 10 counts because you
gotta follow through those four things you need to get certain with those and
get better and better and better and better at those that’s all you need
that’s all you need I won’t drift off in all the details because I don’t want to
throw you off I don’t want to be talking about things
that are 98 172 and then because I’m so passionate about it you say oh okay well
I guess I need to do that no you need to do the twenty that matter might take
those to higher and higher levels and this is again for older men with busy
productive lives who want to look great and they want to
leave some of their tank to put more into their family each other their
business to their legacy alright when you’re younger and you got all day and
you just love all the different things that’s entertaining it’s interesting
this isn’t for you you know it isn’t for you right I talked to a very specific
group of men all right reach out to me I make myself available
you can text me at any time nine to five three five two four three six six text
me ask me your question introduce yourself send me a picture I’ll send you
to a questionnaire I’ll learn all about you right go to skip four core
conference / 2020 – OH – Oh skipper core com lunch last twenty twenty all of this
the goal-setting and the strategies every week I’m gonna award one man who
just reaches out fills out that questionnaire thoroughly take you on a
90 minute goal-setting session I’m gonna take you through it all get you clear
get you folks why this is so important you this
well outline those things that I just talked about so you can go forward we’re
heading into the new year once you have the clear mind and have that certainty
in confidence skip LaCorte conference last 2020 I’ll tell you what you should
expect the best you should expect that you’re gonna win I’ll tell you if you
play all out fill that out through I might award more than one every week I
can fill that out a goal-setting strategy session and if you’ve watched
me enough you know I’m the man who can take your next level and you know you
must do that right enrollment is now a for my ultimate 12-week Fitness
transformation journey that is specifically designed for older men it’s
the only one of its kind eight one-on-one coaching sessions over me
over the next two months then in January we hit it with the whole group fit 12
weeks 12 weeks of group coaching calls with continual connection gonna have
three different training routines that we’re gonna do for four weeks four weeks
in four weeks my age optimization system yeah you’re gonna have all the workouts
for you you’re gonna have demonstrations I’m
gonna explain them and actually do them it’s gonna be in a members-only website
we’re gonna do four weeks we’re gonna do another four weeks and another four
weeks so when you’re done you’ll know what to do for the rest of your life all
the certainty and confidence they need right expect the best from yourself
today expect the best from your efforts expect the best from other people they
will get you it’s just a matter of time how can they not get you you are a force
to be reckoned with hey remember it’s the struggle that
makes you strong so keep on keeping on gotta live with that sense of urgency
went a little bit older right take on the day with a sense of urgency train
hard eat right with that sense of urgency produce today right love connect
with that sense of urgency yeah to more time behind us then we do in front of us
live with that sense of urgency again have a great day have an outstanding day
have an awesome day reach out to me think big and think bigger than getting


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