The Riff Raff Weight Gain Diet

I don’t want to be
little something. I don’t want to be
little such and such and little la, la,
la, la, la. Little hokey dokie or
little shungy dungy. I want to be ripped. Shit, I want to be 6’2″. I want to be about 6’4″. 6’4″, 250. This burly boy
right here. That’s a good
little burly boy [LAUGH] It’s a decent
size [INAUDIBLE]. Early boys are boys
who have a lot of extra weight on them, but even if they lost that
weight they’re still still got some extra
weight on them. [MUSIC]>>Haha haha,
that’s what that, that’s the burliest walk. The head, the head’s so heavy it can’t even
stay still [LAUGH].>>It’s hard
to stay still. Two more pounds of head
on your shoulders well, I guess a lot of
people like to run in San Francisco he doesn’t. [MUSIC] I’m hearing
people say like, he’s, he’s on drugs or
he’s this and that and he ain’t, he’s not
gonna be nothing. Like, I can choose
not to do drugs. Drugs are nothing to me. I’m not addicted
to anything. Nay. Once I see like drugs or alcohol getting in
the way of me becoming the icon I I’m gonna be
I’m not even there yet. Once I see that
getting in the way, then it’s time for
me to make a change.>>What was that
basketball game that you missed out on?>>Yeah.
That’s another thing why I stopped doing
drugs man. The night before
I was in LA. Did a whole bunch of
coke and fucking.>>Did a whole
mess of coke. Fucking couldn’t go. I was too fucking,
too drunk and rugged out. Like, couple days
that’s when I started really
working out. Pssh, I can’t really miss
opportunities like that. I can’t miss that shit. So now this new thing is
gaining weight and, and, and feeling great. [INAUDIBLE].
Sensi. Sensi. [LAUGH] I was at 175? Shit now look at me, fucking 30 days later
30 pounds heavier. It’s icon status. I mean 210 is good. I mean that’s,
that’s a lot. That’s the most I ever
weighed in my life. That’s good but
I’m not done, I’m not.>>You’re not done.>>I’m not done for sure I’m, every day
I’m gaining weight. By this time next
year I wanna be 250. I wanna be
walking around, you can’t even
recognize me. It’s not just about
gaining weight, you gotta gain
muscle mass. And you gotta get bigger,
faster, and stronger. Some people have their
diet where they wanna eat healthy and seven meals
a day and this and that. I don’t wanna
hear that shit. I don’t need somebody
telling me what to do. That’s one of my
rules is that I don’t want any rules. You shouldn’t eat that
many fast food and hamburgers and,
and pizzas. Tell, tell that
to the pythons. You tell that to the, you tell that to
these pythons. They’ll get you. They’ll get you good. [MUSIC]>>Jackson, DJ.>>If I can work
ten days in a row, I’ll do it if I’m tired, I don’t feel very good
for a couple days, I’ll take two days off,
and just eat a lot. [MUSIC]>>Are we ready?
>>[INAUDIBLE].>>All right,
clam chowder: a bowl, raw oysters with horse
radish, and crackers.>>And cracker? How many do you want?
>>Yeah, a lot of crackers.
Huh?>>How many oysters?
>>How many can you get?>>As many as you like.>>A dozen?>>yeah, no two dozen.>>Two dozen. Yeah, two dozen.>>And then,
a lobster roll. I want 14 shrimp. A sea bass and an ox. I want a dungeonous ox.>>Why does that lemonade
come with a spoon?>>Yeah,I wan
I wanna spoon.>>What’s this?>>I want a lemonade too.>>We have lemon
juice here.>>Oh, is it lemonade?>>Single syrup and
sparkling water.>>Okay,
wait a damn minute!>>Oh, coat it in
syrup and soda.>>That’s
a whole process. It’s like you got
a whole two [INAUDIBLE].>>A whole chemistry set.>>Yeah.
Just pour about half the syrup in there.>>Yeah.>>About half the syrup.>>Yeah, it’s like, yeah.>>A little more.>>More?
>>Now blow bubbles in it.>>[LAUGH]
Okay, okay.>>Now mix it around
a little bit.>>[LAUGH].
>>Sip on that. [LAUGH].>>Yeah,
that’s the jacuzzi.>>That’s
the lemon jacuzzi. I mean im not on
a specific diet, I’ll eat hamburgers, lot of
seafood, lobster pizza. Cuz I just pack the
weight on and then and then you just
go to the gym.>>Some people
wanna just only eat chicken breasts and
rice, but I can’t cuz it tastes to,
to much not nice.>>Do you have any
other types of sauces like
tartar sauces?>>We have tartar,
we have Chipotle and a lemon aoili.>>Mm okay I want
[INAUDIBLE]. I want every
sauce you have.>>The only way I can
eat chicken breasts is if I have a packet of
chick fillet sauce. A KFC honey
mustard sauce. Then you got your
barbecue sauce from McDonald’s, and
then your sweet and sour sauce from
McDonald’s.>>Mc Sauce.
>>Mix all those together, and you got
yourself a hell of a lot of different sauce. You wanna get the
horseradish with the Put that over yonder. Then you put some
lemon juice on it, and you let it drizzle off.>>A little bit. And then, you have to
have a cracker with it.>>You’re right.
>>You put a couple crackers on it.>>That’s like
[INAUDIBLE].>>Let me see that thing.>>You ever had buttermilk ranch sauce
over ice in a cup. And you drink it? Ranch punch. Pretty damn good. You should try it
sometime [SOUND]. Five. Five. Almost blacked out right
there for a second. Started seeing
all neon lights. Whoa! Whoa, whoa, whoa! [MUSIC]>>John Wayne Airport,
Santa Ana, CA.>>Going to Starbucks.>>DollaBillGates,
Starbucks now.>>Listen.
You go to the star. This is my new thing. If I stop doing drugs,
stop doing the cocaine.>>And now I know,
okay, I feel that.>>Get it. Does anybody else want,
want one? Should we get,
I’m gonna one for everybody, the same
one so you all can also have
the same energy.>>I want that one. Cold.
>>I want seven of the exact same thing. I’m gonna tell you
the order right now. Let me know when
you’re awake.>>I don’t want, I don’t
want what you want.>>Then throw it
out the window. Okay, I want a vi
iced white mocha. Iced white chocolate
mocha venti, iced white chocolate mocha venti
with three extra shots. So five total shots. Starbuck’s is gonna
bring me back to life.>>This supposed
to be hot or cold?>>Shake it up.>>It’s got ice in it,
you gotta stir it.>>Yeah, shake it and
go like this.>>You want to mix the, the whip cream
in with it. A lot of people try to save the whip cream for
last. This isn’t
a damn dessert.>>[LAUGH].>>You want to mix
all that flavor in with the five shots of
espresso you got in there, so this is seven
shots of espresso. Unless somebody
didn’t order right.>>[INAUDIBLE]
>>You mix the ice in there because the bottom
is hot shots of.>>[SOUND] You can’t
make cold espresso, okay? You mix that in there,
and you wanna mix that
caramel in there, it’s gonna combine with
some of the flavor.>>There’s, there’s
>>What is it?>>There’s literally
seven shots in here.>>Oh yeah.>>So what does that, what’s that
gonna do to me?>>Well, it’s gotta
just kinda find out. [LAUGH].>>I guess you gotta go.>>It’s kind of
a science project. [CROSSTALK].>>Shot in the dark.
>>To each his own.>>Supreme Fitness
Santa Ana, CA.>>[MUSIC] My goal, ok gimme like
two-ten right now. My goal. It is so blow up and act like
I don’t know no body. [MUSIC] You don’t wanna
take breaks. Breaks are for babies.>>Throwing skateboards
on a If your momma and poppa are cleaning up, guess what,
your momma and poppa ain’t here
to clean it up. So gotta get
them pythons, get them pythons ready
for the, for the, neon world.>>Just drop them. Just drop them
right there. [MUSIC]>>[LAUGH] Morning tired,
morning tired, morning tired.>>Sometimes you can’t go
through the original way.>>You got some guys
cut it sideways and bring it on out. Yeah, bring it on out. Oh man come on. Damn Cadillac I almost
damn, broke the dam, damn handle off. So, what year this is?>>Two, two, two. Whatever year it is. Get out of the zone. Shit I don’t know,
I just buy them shit. [LAUGH]
>>Let’s get the fuck outta here.>>Well I mean, this is my first
time actually being, working out while
I’m doing a show. This is just a mini
run we’re doing, but when I do go
on full tour, like in the spring or
summer. Same thing I’m just
gonna have to go in the weight
room every day. [MUSIC] It’s a lot of copycat
Raffs going on, so I had to,
I have to get so big you can,
you can’t mistake me. So if you see,
if somebody, I mean, I’ll tell you what. If you’re trying to
be the next Riff Raff [LAUGH] you got a long
road ahead of you, buddy. I’ll just leave it
at that cuz these pythons aren’t going
to feed themselves. That’s why I had to get, that’s why I had
to get big so I could, so that it, it’s very distinguishable
who’s me and who’s not. No they probably let them in the back cuz
they thought it was me.>>Oh, yeah.
>>He’s like, yo, is my green room ready?>>And he like, yeah.>>Yo.
>>Nobody’s here?>>It sold out.>>No way. You can’t see it. Oh, yeah look.>>I saw this place back, back when I was
a young buck.>>Yeah, no shit.>>You know what.>>It always grows from
the humble beginnings.>>Very hu,
humble beginnings. You don’t make millions
and millions of dollars.>>Just, just overnight
unless you know, you have a rich uncle
who’s like hey, here’s a couple
million dollars or you maybe have raised
them since they were 13, 14 years old, me, I have to constantly
find ways to improve and be better so
that I can be better than these people who
are viewed as quote, unquote competition. So I have to, I have to
do this I have to get bigger and better, to
prove that I’m bigger and better than everybody,
you know what I mean? I’m out, I’m out, I’m not
five six, 150 pounds, you know. I’m not. I’m a big artist and
right now, I’m one of the biggest,
literally. Oh, yeah.
I want the lobster
with the crab. I don’t want
fried shrimp. It goes lobster,
crab legs, shrimp.>>Who did it?>>Not me. All I see is
a whole bunch of nothing over there.>>[LAUGH].
>>I’m mad. How are you going to
order seafood and no lobster.>>Man, that’s out. Shrimp, shrimp ain’t,
exactly.>>That’s like ordering french fries
without the hamburger.>>Right.
>>They’re good. The french fries
are good, but that’s a side order. Hell, a candy,
chips, what’s this? Empty, empty calories.>>[LAUGH]
>>That’s nothing.>>Empty calories.
>>That’s 100 calories. By the time I
open the bag and eat it, I eat it I have
lost the calories from opening the damn bag. Shit man, go ahead. I’m not going to
eat right now. Close it all up
properly though. So the box isn’t like
a box of cereal where you just have the top
just folded in half.>>If I don’t get
up I’m going to whoop some asses. That’s right my name,
Riff to the You can get my Jonny Mathews
on the mic.>>Huh
>>Country with my hype. I’m on the hike and I’m
hittin’ switches with my bike
>>Im not gonna stop its not
a fluke, its not a joke. Its and its easy to not
see that with your, oh wow he really
isn’t playing, he really does
weigh 210 pounds. He really did weigh 2, 175 couple months
ago now I weigh 210. The hardest part about
gaining 30 pounds is it’s hard to put
the earrings on. Because my arms,
I have to bend them.>>And your ears weigh so
much now.>>Yeah. So when I say to you I’m gonna weigh 225 in the
spring, that’s nothing that’s another 15 pounds
I just put on 35. How am I gonna not be
225 by the spring? [INAUDIBLE] And
that’s not a joke. [LAUGH] You can laugh if
you want, that’s fine, when you see
me in the WWE. [MUSIC] Hold on, hold on,
hold on, [CROSSTALK]. We got Diplo in
the building. We apologize for
being late. I’m a slang
pieces of pizza. But we out here,
slangin’ pizzas. [NOISE] We
slangin’ slices! We slangin’ slices!>>I was late
to the show, so as the token of
my appreciation.>>My lady. I feel 20,000 slices of beefy brawny pizzaza.>>In the building. [APPLAUSE] [MUSIC] [SOUND].>>Just joshing ya. Just joshing ya. I’ve been, I haven’t even been lifting
weights the whole time. It’s a hologram. Blurrip. Blurrip.
Asi-ash-ya. Woo.


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