– First and foremost, I want to cover off Tiger Muay Thai, great place, very busy. It is the largest training facility for Muay Thai here, along Fitness Street. They’ve got beginner, intermediate, advanced classes, pro level classes. (upbeat music) Good afternoon everybody. It is Brad here, Robyn as well. Shooting this video at Coco
Retreat here, Phuket, Thailand. I wanted to shoot this video
because I want to give everyone some preparation tips for
training at Tiger Muay Thai. It’s actually the end of our trip here. We’ve been here for three
weeks and I thought I’d shoot a video for everybody
that’s wanting to come to Tiger Muay Thai or even any gym or Muay Thai training
centre along the street. I call it the Fitness Street. So if you wanna try any Dragon or Top Team or TNY or Chokchai, you know, or Top Team I think I mentioned, but
specifically Tiger Muay Thai. These tips are going to be helpful for you to help you prepare, so if
you need to pause the video, rewind, take notes, do
whatever you gotta do, and then if you come
out here, let me know, because I’ve already met a few
of you watching these videos in this series already, it’s been amazing, and I hope to meet more of you
in the future, so let’s go. With Tiger Muay Thai, I’ve trained at Tiger before, Robsy trained there for the first time three weeks ago. She had the best time.
– I did. – Never ever doing Muay Thai in her life, it was the first time,
we shot separate videos on her privates, and
go and check those out if you wanna see what it was like for her as a female training for the first time. But she absolutely loved
it, so first and foremost I wanna cover off Tiger
Muay Thai, great place, very busy, it is the
largest training facility for Muay Thai here along Fitness Street. They’ve got beginner,
intermediate, advanced classes, pro level classes, BJJ,
MMA, all sorts of like, strength and conditioning classes, the list goes on and on and on. Go and check out their timetable. But we’ve predominantly been doing the beginner and intermediate classes. Beginner, and me, they kept pushing me into the intermediate class even though– – Intermediate.
– Even though I feel like I’m a beginner at many levels. Anyway, so, you must keep this in mind, if you’re training out
here, it’s very very hot. So the first thing that we
suggest you do is electrolytes. – Yes, definitely.
– So, you can actually buy, and I’ll throw it up on your screen, you can buy electrolytes from the pharmacy along Fitness Street,
and usually we’ve been taking no more than about
four of them per day, four sachets per day, and you can buy them from the pharmacy, and it’s essential if you’re training like
one, two, four hours a day to keep your electrolytes super high. It’s very easy to get dehydrated here, and you sweat like crazy
even if you’re not training. You sweat in the shower,
that’s how hot it is here. So keep your electrolytes high. The ones that we’ve
been taking are D-Lyte, I’ll throw it up on the
screen so you can see exactly what to look for when you go into the pharmacy and buy them. We’ve actually been
buying D-Lyte in the box, so it costs 250 Baht, and you get I think 50 sachets in a box from memory. So just keep that in mind, electrolytes. – And also, if you have
access to coconuts, if you drink a lot of
coconuts during the day, they’re a natural form of an electrolyte. – She loves coconuts.
– Yeah, and it’s Thailand so you’ll get them everywhere.
– Oh yeah, and coconuts cost 50 Baht each, which is
one Australian dollar each for giant, amazing
coconuts, amazing, amazing. – So just drink them whenever you can. – And then you eat the meat out of the inside of the coconut,
yum, it’s amazing. Over-training is very
very easy to do here, I’ve done it before, even when I’ve shot these videos in this series. For the purpose of shooting videos I’ve done more than two
or three classes a day just to get the content to
show everybody what it’s like. But typically, you
wouldn’t want to be doing any more than two hours,
three hours, like two hours of training a day, otherwise
it’s just too much. A lot of people come out here, they train way too much, they
don’t get enough calories, they starve themselves,
they don’t eat enough, and I’ve made this mistake myself as well. And literally this happened
to me two days ago, where I forgot to eat and I
went into my training session and I was just not focused,
I was foggy-headed, and it was just a shit training session. I didn’t like it, I will
even put that video out so everyone can see how bad it was. But it’s easy to do and just
something to keep in mind. It’s a common thing that the
coaches talk about out here is over-training, and just how often it is that a lot of people over-train out here, so just keep that in mind. By the way, with Tiger Muay Thai and you do the all
inclusive fitness package and you’ll look at the time schedule and you see that there is like
10 classes, 12 classes a day. You wanna get the best
value for your money and you wanna do every single
class and I respect that, but the truth is that you’re
gonna be over-training if you do that, you
just wanna take it easy, especially in this heat,
it’s very easy to overtrain. You get excited, you wanna
do everything, right? You wanna do that eight
til 10 Muay Thai Class, then you wanna do ambush, and
then you wanna do hardcore, and then you wanna do a private,
one hour hardcore session, and then you wanna do the afternoon, then you wanna do yoga at night, and then by the end of it you’ve
done six hours of training and at the end of your three
week or four week vacation, you have shrank down to nothing because you’ve lost a
bunch of muscle mass. – Or you get an injury.
– Yeah. – Because you’re not training
to your capability level and then you can’t train at all. – The next one is a basic first aid kit. What I suggest is, if you have an injury, and when you come out here and you train it’s very common to
have some kind of injury whether you strip some
skin off your knuckles or you do something else,
like you tear a muscle or something like that, all you need to do is literally just go into a
pharmacy here on Fitness Street and you show them your injury, and they’ll literally sort you out, right. I literally, I was bleeding
out of my knuckles, I was bleeding and I
walked into the pharmacy and I did this, and she
goes, mm, like that, and then she walked
away, and she came back, and she had anti-bacterial cream, a cleansing this, a couple wipes, some band-aids, and everything. And for a couple hundred
Bahts, she sorted me out. So either bring a first aid kit from home, like a basic first aid
kit, antibacterial cream, some band-aids and stuff like that and you’ll be fine, or you can just go to the pharmacy here and buy it, that’s it. Hand wipes.
– I always seem to be talking about–
– She loves hand wipes. – Hand wipes, travelling and hand wipes. They’re very useful if you are
actually renting the gloves, unless you decide to buy your own which is probably cost effective if you’re staying there for three weeks. But if you are renting
them, it’s advisable to carry the hand wipes around with you because what tends to happen is you’ll do a training session, you’ll
be absolutely annihilated, and then you have to go and
get a coconut and a meal, and you’re in a restaurant, and
you’ve just used the gloves, and so yeah, you just wanna
keep on top of that I think. – Yeah it’s a good pick up,
I’ve never done it before. I’ve gone straight from
training with sweaty wraps straight to eating a meal,
and I know some people watching this that freak
out, but I mean I’ve done it. I’ve gone from, and hand wipes, hand wipes is a smart idea, you know,
staph infections if very real. The next one, private
classes versus group classes. When you’re training at Tiger Muay Thai, obviously group classes
is what you’re paying for and then you can do the private classes, you pay extra for that,
just keep that in mind. It’s actually really
good, really beneficial to do private classes, when
you’re doing a group class it’s like any fitness group class, you’re just not gonna get
the same level of attention. So when you’re doing a private class, you’re paying extra for
it, but you’re getting that one on one attention, and we’ve found massive value from doing private classes. You’ve seen any of the
videos, there are a lot of private classes that we’ve
had with different trainers, different training centres
around Fitness Street, and it’s been absolutely worth every 700, you know, every Baht,
it’s worth every Baht. We pay like 600 Baht or 700 Baht for a training session, but
it’s really really worth it. They focus on your technique a lot. When you’re in a group
class at Tiger Muay Thai, the group classes are pretty big. I’m just going to warn you folks, the beginner and intermediate classes, especially early in the week, huge. There’s like 15, 20, 25, 30 people sometimes in these classes
and you’re just not gonna get the same level of one on one
care, just keep that in mind. Almost every night, every second night, there’s a fight somewhere
around this area. So just get tickets from Tiger Muay Thai, the trainers sell them, they
sell them on the street, little vans drive past and
they have this funny music and then they sell them, they
promote it and everything, so it’s very easy to
find tickets for that. The next one, days off, did you
want to talk about days off? – Ugh, they are vital, I mean, well we train like six days a week? And you actually have to get away and rest and go and eat big meals,
and go to the beach and relax and swim, because if you don’t let your body recover,
you’re gonna be very tired. – No training anywhere on
Sunday, on the whole street. No matter where you go, there’s
no one training anywhere. Gyms are closed, so what everybody does is they go to the beach or
they go to Phi Phi Island or they hire a scooter and
then cruise to Kata beach, Kata Noi, Patong, or somewhere like that. And it’s absolutely essential, you need it after six days of
training, and as Rob said, you’re just wrecked, your
body needs the recovery, especially if you’re
over-training as mentioned, you definitely need more
recovery than other people that are not over-training,
so just keep that in mind that Sunday is a good
rest day and you need to make the most of it, have
a few cocktails and relax. The next one is scooter
hire, you can hire scooters anywhere along fitness street, you can hire them from
Tiger Muay Thai directly. I’ve found the cheapest,
and I’m gonna throw this up on the screen, but
the cheapest scooter hire that I found was at, on
a week to week basis, was at A&J, and I’ll throw it up and I’ll give you the little map. 300 Bahts per day, and
1200 Bahts per week. So if you plan on coming here for a month, two, three months, definitely
worth getting a scooter on a week to week or a
month to month basis. You’ll pay about 1200
Bahts, which is how much? 40, 50 Australian dollars
a week for a scooter. And then if you wanna buy fuel for it, then you’ll pay about 40–
– Yeah, two bottles is 80. – Yeah, so it’s about 40 Baht per bottle, the bottles are about one litre. – Yeah, one litre bottles.
– One litre bottles for 40 Baht, which is–
– But I also wanna say if you arrive after a long flight and you get to your hotel
and you don’t have time, you have to get to Soi
Taied from wherever you are if you’re far away, you can rent scooters through the hotel, it’s no problem at all, it’s really easy to arrange that. – Yeah, so you can either hire the scooter from Tiger Muay Thai or
you can hire them from this hotel, this place we’re staying at, Coco Retreat, where we’re
hiring our scooter here for six days for 250 Baht per
day, which is really good. Or you can just go to a place
and hire it off the street on Fitness Street, it’s up to you. But if you’re only here for a
couple of days, don’t bother, but if you’re here for a week or more, then definitely hire a scooter. It’s much cheaper than a taxi, guys, taxis are ridiculously expensive. Between us.
(laughing) Onsite accommodation, now,
I did a separate video on what the accommodation
facilities look like at Tiger Muay Thai, they have onsite and they have offsite accommodation. Look, I know a guy, I met
a guy who’s staying onsite, it gets noisy from about
six o’clock in the morning. If you’re not a morning
person, you wanna sleep in til eight and nine and 10,
probably not a good idea. Or even if you do it, have ear plugs. It’s basically when the first class starts they have the music
pumping, so that’s gonna wake you up at six o’clock in the morning. But if you don’t care, if
you wake up at five thirty to do yoga or whatever
it is, you’ll be fine. Otherwise there’s offsite accommodation that Tiger offer as well,
or you can just stay, for us for example, we’ve been staying, we’ve stayed here for
six days, we’ve stayed at four other places, we’ve
done separate videos on those other places, check them out. And that’s how you can do it also. So you don’t have to stay
onsite, you can stay, and by the way, there’s
plenty of accommodation along Fitness Street, off Fitness Street, we’re staying at Coco Retreat, it’s a street away from Tiger Muay Thai. You can’t go wrong, there’s
accommodation everywhere around Tiger Muay Thai, so I’ll throw the little map up to give you an idea. The next one is equipment hire, so gloves, mouth guards, shin guards,
we’ll talk about that. So some of you have
asked me about you know, can you buy gloves and
wraps and mouth guards and shin guards here, yes you can. You can get your pants, if you wanna get the Muay Thai shorts you
can get them custom made. I did a separate video on
that, it’s freakin’ awesome. I had my name in Thai Script
on my Muay Thai shorts, I do a separate video
on how to get that done and where to get that done,
but if you’re just out here for training and you haven’t got anything. Some of you have messaged
me straight off the plane, you have no gear, then there
are gear shops everywhere. Gloves, expect to pay around
2000 Baht for a set of gloves. For wraps, you can pick
up wraps for as cheap, the cheapest I’ve found is 250
Baht at Thai Boxer Clothing. This street has everything
you need, everything you need. So if you get injured by the off chance, there’s a physiotherapist, there
are supplement stores here, you can literally get, if you
are someone that, you know, you’re into weight training
or strength training and you have protein supplements
you take and you run out, you can easily go to any,
there’s three supplement stores that I know of here, and
you can buy whey protein, creatine, you can buy any kind of, like anything you want,
you can buy them here. There’s a really cool
frozen yoghourt place here if you love your frozen
yoghourt, it’s called Nommy’s, it’s really amazing, we’ve even done it– – It’s addictive.
– It’s addictive, like, it’s really good.
– Yeah. – A lot of fighters and
people training around here, after a hard training session,
it’s great to go into like, you know, you have all your good food like your greens and your
grilled chicken and stuff, but afterwards it’s
really nice to have a nice little bit of frozen
yoghourt, it’s really good. There’s a really good massage place here. I’ve done a separate video on that. Absolutely amazing, a lot of the fighters, people training here go
to that particular place. I’ll throw it up on the screen. The next one is getting laundry done. It is so damn cheap to
get laundry done here, it’s about 40 Baht per kilogramme. Anywhere along the street,
a lot of people do it, our hotel does it for about 50 Baht a kilo so you never have to worry about laundry. It’s basically one dollar a
kilo, right, it’s nothing. The next one is getting a sim card. Soi Taied or Fitness Street has changed in the last six months a
lot, you can actually get a tourist sim from a little booth, I’ll show you a photograph
of where to find it. There’s a booth and you
can get a tourist sim. You can have a local sim card and have crazy internet access and whatever else, but to be honest with you,
you really don’t need it because everywhere along
here has free wifi. Usually when I come to
Thailand I get the sim card, but this time around I haven’t because almost every
restaurant and training place has free wifi that you can use. The next one is, okay,
I’m gonna rattle this off really quickly, but if
you ever come and train at Tiger Muay Thai or any other place, like fitness bootcamp, like, you know, Titan Fitness or anywhere else, then check out these restaurants. Note them down very carefully, but we will also go into more detail
about what we’ve eaten and what we’ve had at each
of these restaurants as well. There’s Thai Thai, right,
Thai Thai, amazing local Thai food, super cheap, you
must go and check it out. Local family operated business, they have their kids running around, but a lot of guys go
there, you don’t have to worry about getting food poisoned, I’ve never been sick,
no one that I’ve known that’s gone there that’s
ever been sick there, it’s a great little place,
it’s on Fitness Street, you must check it out,
Thai Thai, write that down. The next one is Tony’s Restaurant. If you spend enough time on this street, then everybody will talk
about Tony’s Restaurant. Amazing cheap food, grilled chicken, steamed vegetables, the
whole lot, coconuts, it’s the best, Tony’s
is one of my favourites. It’s one of the cheapest along here and it’s also one of
the best in my opinion. – You’re making me hungry
talking about all of this. (laughing) Ali’s BBQ, Ali’s BBQ is another
place, it’s really amazing, really good for a nice,
small social group gathering. Okay everybody, we’re
at Ali’s BBQ right now, it’s pissing down with rain
as you can see behind us. And I’m with this one right
here, Mandy from Melbourne. We met last year, August,
here on this street training Muay Thai at
Tiger Muay Thai, and now– – We don’t meet up in Melbourne at all. – That’s right!
– We just meet here in Thailand.
(laughing) – We’ve never met in our
home city, only here. Go and check it out, they
have an outdoor barbecue, flame-style barbecue thing going on, and it’s on the same
street, amazing place, go and check it out, they do
incredible chicken skewers and salmon skewers I think, really really go and check it out,
they’ve got big screen TVs, they’ve got everything, like bamboo, it’s great, go and check it
out, it’s called Ali’s BBQ. Next one is Pure Vegan,
really really amazing place. We’ve been there two
or three times already. The falafel bowl and the Mexican bowl is probably our favourites,
what else have we had? – We had this sweet potato gnocchi. – Oh yeah!
– Which was just absolutely delicious too.
– Amazing. And you pay like four
or five dollars a bowl, not even that, like Aussie
dollars, it’s crazy. So it’s called Pure
Vegan, on the same street, can’t miss it, the same street. Next one is Cocoville restaurant. Did you want to talk about
Cocoville restaurant? – We’ve been going there
every morning for breakfast, they have the most insanely
delicious oatmeal pancakes spread with peanut butter, protein shakes, they even have a carrot
cake protein shake. I mean it’s so creative,
it’s so delicious, absolutely delicious,
have great wifi there so you go in the morning,
you have your coffee, you have your oatmeal
pancake or even omelettes, toast, peanut butter, and
you’re set for the day. It’s so nice to start your day there. – Cocoville restaurant’s the best guys. – We love it.
– It’s one of our favourites. So we’d probably put that near the top. – Yeah.
– The next one is called The Shack, it’s another, again, The Shack is like very pure, vegan-ish, so like raw protein balls and that kind of stuff. I’ll throw up some clips so
you can see what it looks like. There’s a surfboard out the front, it looks really really nice, go inside, the food is amazing, go and check it out. It’s called The Shack, same street. The next one is Tiger Grill,
little bit more expensive but again, great food, like sweet potato– – [Robyn] Particularly if you’re
so exhausted from fighting and you need something
quickly which happens often. – Yeah, it’s–
– It’s right there. – Exactly, so when you finish
your training session at Tiger it’s very convenient.
– Especially at night. – Yeah that’s right.
– Eat at night. – You just walk straight to the grill, it’s like a two second walk,
it’s within Tiger Muay Thai training centre itself, so Tiger Grill. Greze, it’s another awesome
vegan place, check it out. Rob says it, I’ll show you some photos of when I was there, amazing
place, check it out. Trooper Eats, was called Muscle Bar, now has been changed to Trooper Eats. Don’t know what they have
because they haven’t yet finished the renovation yet,
but I’m sure it’s going to be like maybe similar to Muscle Bar, I don’t know that for sure,
they haven’t finished renovating yet, so if you come here
and they’ve got it finished, then you can tell me what it’s like. The last one is Koko
Hut, another great place, go and check it out.
– Biggest protein shakes of your life.
– Yeah, you want like giant coconut sized
freakin’ protein shakes. – Massive, the biggest one I’ve ever seen. – Like a fish bowl man, it’s
like a fish bowl of protein. A lot of these restaurants have vegan and gluten free options
if you’re a celiac, along those lines, then
there’ll be definitely something on the menu at any one of
these places to cater for you. And protein shake bars
on the street, amazing. Little tiny shacks, there’s probably about half a dozen of them, and you
can literally just roll up, pay 80 Baht and get a
friggin’ amazing protein shake on the street, on Fitness Street. And that’s it, so I’m gonna wrap this up. Do you have any other
things you wanna add? – Nah, I think you pretty much (laughing), he’s pretty much covered
a lot there I’d say. – Sorry for the long video,
it’s probably 20 minutes but, anyway, it’s
everything you need to know, and if I can think of anything else I’ll add it below in the description. I’m actually gonna
write a little handbook, a little PDF guide, I’ll chuck
everything in there as well. Robsy’s here, Pilates and artist. – Yep, that’s me.
– Check her out as well. (laughing) She’s a cool character,
she’s cool, she’s cool. I love her watermelon leggings,
they’re pretty amazing. – I’m gonna be wearing a
lot more of those leggings. You’re gonna see them in a video. – If you love fashion and shopping– – Awesome.
– They’ve got that on the street too, in the last six months, this street has really transformed a lot. I’ve been coming here for
about a year and a half now, two years, I’ve been here
maybe four or five times, maybe four times, amazing
place, I’m gonna come back here. It’s been three weeks,
I’m gonna wrap this up. Again, I hope you enjoy the video, and let me know if you have any questions. Robsy, thank you for joining me. – Thank you for having
me, it’s good to be here! So glad, I’m so glad I came, I’m really sad to leave actually.
– First timer. – It’s amazing guys,
you’ve gotta come here. – You gotta come here.
– Yeah. – Alright, have an awesome day, and see you in another video. – Bye!
– Bye bye.


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