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– As triathletes, there is so much to gain from going to the gym. Well, today we’ve chosen
our top 10 gym myths and reveal the truth behind them. You have no more excuse to avoid that gym. (chain-breaking music) (upbeat organ music) – This is a common misconception. It’s actually much harder to
put muscle on than might think. And if you’re going to
look like a bodybuilder, you’d need to be lifting
huge weights very regularly as well as following a very strict diet. – Well, we have three spots to train for in triathlon, which obviously takes up a lot of our time. So, when it comes to, perhaps, wanting to drop a session
from our programme, it tends to be a gym session, which isn’t always the best choice,
because using the gym correctly could actually have a huge impact on both our performance
and injury prevention. So, the next time you’re short on time, perhaps consider keeping the
gym session in your programme because it could actually have big bang for your buck, time wise. – This is a common myth and
one that you see regularly, both in the gym and in people’s
bedrooms, it’s the crunch. Now, admittingly, the
crunching does activate the rectus abdominal muscles, the muscles that make up the six-pack. But having said that, doing
hundreds of these is not going to automatically give
you that six-pack definition. First off, if it’s
covered by a layer of fat, then you’re not going to see them. But that’s not the real issue here. A strong core is
essential for any athlete. And the core goes far beyond
your rectus abdominal muscles. You need all of those muscles that surround your torso to be
functioning efficiently and sit-ups are not
going to do that alone. So, you’ll need to have
different exercises. For example, a plank or something more dynamic like cable twists, will
be far better for your core. – Well, this one leads
on from the last one. Because focusing on a
specific area of your body that you want to me more
toned and to be more lean in, isn’t just going to make the
fat fall off in that area. You can’t really control in what order the fat leaves your body from
and in what specific area. What you can do though,
is have a healthy diet and a good training plan, which will then take care of your overall
fat loss on your body and also make you stronger. – Being strong, what
does it actually mean? Well, it certainly
doesn’t mean looking big and it doesn’t even
necessarily mean lifting big. Going to the gym and
lifting smaller weights but in a more demanding lifting pattern that ends up activating all
your stabilising muscles, can help you to become
a stronger triathlete. – Yep, you do see it, guys
heading around the gym with their protein shakes to have either between reps or straight after. And of course, there is
that 20 minute window where you’re meant to replenish carbs, get protein in to help rebuild
muscle, and that is advised, but it doesn’t necessarily
mean you have to carry a protein shake around the gym. Also talking of refuelling, it is a common misconception that going
the gym will make hungry. It’s really like any form of sport, it really depends on what
you’re doing in the gym. And actually contrary to a lot of belief, it will actually, quite
often, suppress your appetite. Which I find is very different from swimming, cycling and running. – I still remember, as a young athlete, being scared to actually go
into the free weights area and once, I was even told by a gym manager that the free weights were for men and that the women’s
weights were upstairs. Now, by that, he actually
meant the machines. Well, hopefully by now gyms
have moved on since then, as free weights are most
definitely for everybody. – Well, that leads me on to
this, because it pains me to think how many people stick
to the machines in the gym, whereas some of the free
weights and cables can far outweigh the fixed gym machines,
for a number of reasons. It can help to encourage
better proprioception, engage the posterior muscles better, it can also help to activate
some of the smaller, vital muscles within our body. It can also be tailored little bit more toward our sport and needs. The list really does go on. Admittingly, you can usually lift bigger on a fixed machine, but
that’s not really the point. Obviously, fixed machines
do have their place and they’re used perhaps
if you’re injured, or you want to isolate
a single muscle group. But, on a whole, if you’re
looking for that overall benefit, then free weights and
cables are far better. So, don’t be intimidated,
dude, just dive in. – (loud sighing) I feel
like this myth is starting to change, or at least I hope so. Because being strong for
triathlon is important. And by that I don’t mean squatting three times your body weight. But being a strong
athlete that’s resilient to the stresses of the three sports. And if you look closely at the pros, you’ll see more and more of them actually rating the importance of having a strength and conditioning programme
as part of their training. You’ll look to the like of
Flora Duffy or Lucy Childs, who really do rate
their strength training. – Do a warm-up before your session, yes. Doing some static stretching
before your session, well, that’s a big no. There is a big difference between the two. Just sitting on the mat
doing some static stretching isn’t going to help anyone. You’re going to want to
make sure your body is warm, so do some cardiovascular work
or lift some light weights, before doing your proper weight session. (blowing out air) – Hopefully, if you weren’t
already using the gym to make you a stronger
and faster triathlete, then you will do now. And let us know the most ludicrous myths you’ve heard about using the gym. I would love to hear, so drop those in the comments section below. And if you haven’t yet done so, and you want to make sure that you get all of our videos from GTN, just hit the globe to subscribe. And if you wan to see a video that Mark made on the six exercises to prevent injury in triathlon, that is just here, and if you want a introduction video on strength and conditioning, there’s
one I made just here.


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