TRUE – 30 Day Yoga Journey | Begin!

– What’s up, everyone? And welcome to this very special Yoga With Adriene
vlog announcement. We are on the set of your
brand new 30 Days of Yoga. Yes, I’m happy to
announce that it is quite true, we will be doing a
brand new series in January to help you kick
off the year right, and the series is for everyone. It’s made with love
right here in my home and it is called TRUE,
a 30 Day Yoga Journey. This year, it is my
great pleasure and honor to guide you
through 30 days of yoga that helped establish a
deeper connection to yourself while bringing
your body and your mind up to optimal health. It’s a great way to
set the tone for a new year and I really love
this one in particular because it’s the
ultimate at home yoga practice. There’s a lot of variety, there’s a lot of slowing down, there’s some butt kicking
moves to help tone the muscles, but ultimately, the idea
behind TRUE and the offering is that you don’t
need to become someone else or to achieve any fixing or massive change on the inside, but rather, in fact, we just need to
take the time to uncover and see what is already there. So it’s a hundred
percent made with love and it’s a hundred
percent free for all to try. And there are three parts. You have your 30 free practices
that start on January 2nd with a little bonus
video on January 1st. Just a little orientation
and intention setting video to help you ease
in and get organized but the yoga
starts on January 2nd. So you have all
of your free yoga. You also have an email component
that if you sign up for, you’ll get a
daily email from me. These include affirmations,
thoughts, reflections, some writing prompts,
naked pictures of Benji and some other things
that tie in with the practice that we do that day. The third component is your
free downloadable calendar. This is a lovely little
tool to follow along with. It also will
help you kind of gauge how long the practice is
gonna be for the next day so you can prepare
and plan accordingly. It’s also just a
nice friendly way of holding yourself
accountable for some reason. So if you dig the calendar, you can print
it out if you like. If you don’t, then
you can leave it behind. So while TRUE is the ultimate
exploration of your true self and who you really are, there’s this amazing other
aspect to the whole shebang that I just would be totally
remiss if I didn’t mention and that is the
global connection, the big picture, the zoom out, to be a part of a big and
growing widespread community of people, diverse in
their bodies and natures and where they come from. It’s really something special and in the years past, that has been my favorite
part of starting the year off with 30 Days of Yoga is the
connection to the big picture and to humanity. So it’s global, it’s big,
it’s gonna be a party. Alright, so consider
this your official invitation to TRUE, a 30 Day Yoga Journey designed to trim,
to tone but more importantly, to circle you on back to you. Sign up down below
and I’ll see you soon. Take good care. (upbeat music)


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