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It’s not my cup of tea. Am I that desperate? No not at all. I will get fitter on the pretext of finding a boyfriend. Minal was saying gyms are to women what girl’s hostel are to boys. By the way this is the area’s hottest gym. What are you doing? I’m eating. Preparing or the workout. Protein hai, greens hai, carbs hai Shake hai Go for it tiger Where do I begin? It should look like I know what I am doing. You quite hot too. He is quite confident. He seems quite balanced. He would be over confident if he were lifting 20 kilos when he himself weighs 5 kgs, but he is lifting only 2 kgs. He is simple and humble. Also I feel I should woo him immediately. These guys get a lot of attitude once they become hot. Check out my muscles. Anyway I wouldn’t have been able to do it. Why? Everyone says so. I won’t be able to do it. I won’t be able to do it. I should listen what others are saying. Poor chap, he is so doubtful. Something bad must have happened. Maybe he too suffers with loneliness like me. He has that much confidence to know he is a loser. But not so much to understand my mistakes. Go talk to him Prajakta. Shit! He left. Stop focusing on push ups and talk to guys instead. Else you will remain single Who is this guy? Are you crazy? You are a YouTuber not a government employee. Will you be my friend? You are not Kareena Kapoor and he doesn’t seem like a Bollywood fan. Let’s go and try talking to him. Shit I’ve reached. What do I say now? Let’s start with a Hi. Don’t talk crap. You are not stupid. You are taking too much time. What were you thinking? Look sweetheart, you will not find a girl more stupid than me. Such a duffer. What is happening here? I am making a boomerang. Let’s take a selfie. You will get 10-12 followers just like that. He uploaded the picture as well? It is such an awful picture. What is this? Shut your phone. You shouldn’t use your phone in the gym. The phone distracts you. This is not gym. Then? It’s a temple And I am the priest of this temple. Are you the trainer? No. How does that matter? Leave all this, tell me about your lifestyle. Lifestyle? Forget lifestyle as well. Tell me about your diet. Have you seen these cellulites? When will my bad luck end? I shouldn’t have tried only.


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