TYPES OF PEOPLE AT THE GYM (ft Sunnahsports)

(Intense voice track with Lion noises) Come on (x3) you can do it. Push yourself you lazy sod Push yourself, keep going (x2) You gotta get up, come on get up Youre out! If he dies, he dies Come on! That’s it wow! That’s…yeah yeah…that’s only one yeah? Pathetic! Have I got a 6 pack yet? Six pack? …One pack! Bro, why do you look so angry, you just done a whole set? Look you got these (lion roar) Woah, woah easy man Try smile sometimes Can you give me a smile? Errr its not really…it’s more like a twitch Try again, both sides Getting scared now bro Last try (Wimpers) Ok Woah (x5) Posture (x3) keep your arms straight mate Hands, hands, full, full Use the shoulder, you know you want to look strong man like me yeah? That’s right Everything in, legs straight…yep Your feet on the ground? Neck straight Can I start please? Woah, woah, woah, do you want to pull a muscle? Err bro, you nearly done? Yeah 5 minutes 5 minutes….OK? Bro you nearly done yeah? You nearly done? Yeah, yeah, yeah 5 minutes 5 minutes, you sure yeah? Alright, alright 7 minutes 7 minutes, youll be done by 7 minutes? Bro you done now? 10 minutes Bro its going up! Yeah I know, donít worry just 10 minutes Bro, what are you doing, you’re sleeping 11 minutes, 11 minutes What!? Bro youíre sleeping No, no I was just resting What’s in that bottle mate? You got steroids and stuff, protein shake and all that stuff. What’s in there mate? Its just zamzam bro What? Zamzam Zamzam? Steroid zamzam? No, Zamzam purified water. Yeah? Whatever You want some? Go on, you working on the bicep yeah? Yeah, im trying to bro! Go on touch that. What now? Yeah, yeah its good. Bi-cep… bi-cep You’re pumped, I get it! Bicep, are you working on the bicep Nows not a good time bro Its always a good time, bicep time Getting stronger! You working the bicep again? Yeah Bicep…bicep… bicep Mini bicep I hate you bro Yeah, nice bro, let me have a go, sort me out bro No (x3) wait (x3) No let me try, let me try I don’t want you to injure yourself, I don’t want you to hurt yourself. What? This is too heavy, you cant just start on this, let me get something for you, I’ve got the perfect weight for you bro Yes, something for these bad boys yeah? Green one, green light. This is going to be your bicep starter pack. Bro, you taking the mick? Bro, lets do this one! Arghhh You ok? I think I can feel the burn. Yeah, you feel the burn? That was the biryani bro I’m actually doing it now, its not supposed to be that way You working on the bicep. Are you…working…on the bicep? Nows not a good time bro It’s a bicep time, its always a good time. Oh wow That line was wicked You working on your bicep again…bicep time? Let me show you how its done. Get out the way mate, let me show you how its done. So you gonna do it like. Alright, its better you do it. Ill show you how to do it properly isnít it, why should I do it for you? Asalaamu Alaikum guys, we hope you enjoyed the video. That was gym fails with smile2jannah and sunnahsports. That video was funny, I enjoyed doing it mashaAllah, hope you guys laugh as well. So a few disclaimers for the video guys, you might have seen something on my arm in the video, we are not trying to promote that, that’s something from jahiliyah and inshaAllah I am forgiven for it. It was before Islam. The second disclaimer is, the attire that I was wearing is not what we would advice, it would be something like this, a polo top, but to illustrate it on the video, it was gym fails, often common mistakes people make in the gym. So bro, sunnah sports yeah, what is sunnah sports? Well, sunnah sports is a sport and recreation company. We started from focussing on the sunnah sports that the prophet (s.a.w) would carry out, like archery, horseback ridding, swimming, strength exercising and running also as well. We’ve got a gym, at Morden Islamic community centre, 114-116 London road, Morden SM4. Didn’t you say that already? Did I say that already? I didn’t say that already Anyway, we’ve got gym classes and gym times for females and gym times for males, we’ve also got classes we run on Brazilian jujitsu, kickboxing For more information: [email protected]…Smile2jannah We’ve got a special episode for you, this time its stuff that Bangladeshis get asked and what Pakistanis get asked


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