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I don’t love you anymore he said cold
and flat not even looking me in the eye I held the tears back just barely I felt
my stomach lurched and my whole world begin to spin every terrible nightmare
I’d had for years was finally coming true he was throwing me away throwing us
away every ounce of my self-loathing roared with delight you’re fat you’re
ugly you’re disgusting you’re worthless you’re going to die
alone no one will ever want you again it screamed in my ear
I felt lightheaded I felt stupid I could barely ask the question the
terrible question I already knew the answer to
is it about her I asked and hated myself for how my voice cracked and shook a
moment a quiver in his cheek shame in his eyes and he looked down suddenly
fascinated by his shoes he knew exactly who I was talking about her name had
come up again and again and again for months now out of nowhere like he
couldn’t control himself and every time he said her name
he smiled in a way that felt like a knife against my throat Tara from work
he called her Tara it was 28 Tara who he was mentoring Tara who looked up to him
Tara whose body his children hadn’t destroyed Tara who hadn’t stood by him
through hell for years Tara who understood him in a way I just didn’t
anymore Tara who made him smile Tara who he loved now that he didn’t love me
anymore Tara who wasn’t gonna be single in her 40s Tara who wasn’t going to be
alone Tara that bitch get out I screamed get out he did leaving me alone in the
big house we’d built a life in together a life he was throwing away no he wasn’t
throwing life away he was throwing me away just like so many men had thrown so
many women away or even just ignored and mean to feel worthless when we get too
old or too fat or too bitter or too fed up with the BS they fed us fed up with
the lies I admit it I felt like I’d rather be
dead as I lay there sobbing on the floor hating myself hating him it was the
worst moment of my life


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