Okay, Saiyans! This is Ken Hanaoka. To those who are new to our channel. Please don’t forget to LIKE, SHARE and SUBSCRIBE! So that you’ll become a Saiyan too! Today, we’ll visit the gym named,
“YP4K” nearby Commonwealth. We’re going to prepare fast because
we need to hurry over there. And I’ll bring my BCAA, pre-workout Plus our post-workout, we’ll also bring. So, this is 100 grams. So, it’s a bit plenty, right? It’s because this has 7-8 grams of protein. So, this is a fast carb. It’s really good for you after you
deplete your glycogen stores. Okay. Wait, let’s go. See you there. Okay, so. “Okay, so.” Once again. Okay, So. 2x Over and over again. So, our ETA is 20mins. On Warrior Gym, Y-4-P-4-K was it? Okay. So, we’ll drink our pre-workout first. And it’ll kick-in, right on time later. Shoutout to JP Yap of Supplement Hub. He’s our friend. Maybe, you’ve got something for us. Just joking. And let’s see you guys there. If you haven’t watched our last video. We didn’t work out for 4 days. So, that’s the
longest time, I haven’t gotten to the gym. I feel like. My body’s aching when I don’t go to
the gym for a few days straight. My self-rule. If I miss 2 days consecutive, on the 3rd
day I really need to go to the gym. So, now I broke that rule. Because that time, we went to Batangas. We helped there. And then, that’s it. So, we’re now back on training, consistently. So, see you guys there! And I hope, we can join a lot of people there. And please don’t forget to share this video. Maybe, we’ll visit your gym in our next video. I hope we get to visit gyms that are far
from us. Like from different places. And also, those near the beach. That would be awesome. But I know there will be a time for that. So, see you guys there. We’ll lift weights there. But for now, let’ drive. Idol. Park here, idol! Let’s lift together. Okay, so. Let’s start our workout. So, we’re going to lift with them. On our “Dayo” series, they will
be the stars of the show. So, we’ll focus more on them working out. Okay? And because their gym is 3-story high. So, since we’re on the 3rd floor.
We’ll start here going downwards. We’ll start on the 3rd floor. And then, the 2nd floor. And let’s see if, What’s on the 1st floor? So, it’s benches. Let’s see later when we go down. Go less and push again, right? In the past, I remember doing those. But, we have different styles. When you lift. But it’s okay to go heavy. But not to the point that you’re
going to hurt yourself. See that guy? He stopped. And it’s because of that. It’s embarrassing to talk. Earlier, it was heavy. Now, the weight you’ll carry is lighter. Now, you’re going to think of doing quality reps. Earlier. For example, how heavy is that? 60. 30kg? So now it’s. It’s going to be lighter for you. Now you’ll think of how you feel
every rep on your muscle. That’s what you need to do always when you fail. If you failed on your workout. Like, you want to hit your heavy PR today. And you failed that day. Don’t force it, just lessen the weights and push again! So, you won’t waste your day. Awesome, right? I don’t want to lift anymore. They showed us already. Are you done, bro?
– We’re done, bro. – Nice. Bro, bro. What’s up, bros. Wait for me. I’ll just finish this. The guys here are very lucky. Actually, it’s not about the gym. It’s like. Sometimes it’s like. For example. It’s not healthy if you’re not enjoying in that gym. It depends on the person. Like me, at my gym before. I was enjoying it. And sometimes, you want something different. At some point, you fail at times. Sometimes, you need to find on what part you’re Lacking and hence you fail. Sometimes, you go find another gym and start again. But don’t go too far. Right?
– Mm. Visayas Avenue, do you have something for us? Just joking. Their welcome to us here is really awesome. I’m speechless. So, I hope we can visit other gyms out there. So that I can join you. Because these people are going to make it hard for me. Awesome! That’s all. It’s really scary to go down from here. Okay. So, we’re finished. 6 exercises done quickly. Pumped with quality. Then, go home and recover. That’s all. Awesome, he’s big. Big, he’s really big. Incredible. NO SKIPPING ADS Saiyan! – That’s it! Really awesome.
– Saiyan, saiyan. I hope all the gym we go to is like this. Their community is very active. All of them knows each other. They’re all friends. Think about it, if you had a gym like this. Right? There’s no… It’s like motivating everyone who comes. It’s not only for veterans, but also for rookies. Right? It should be like that. Always motivate the rookies. And if you have a big community,
it’s going to be much more enjoyable. Just help each other. That’s all. He kept on flexing and he kept looking here earlier. He’s challenging you to flex. What’s your name, bro?
– Kenneth. On Facebook, follow him on Facebook. What’s your Facebook Profile? Okay. Go! Take it off! 3x That’s it. You need to flex.
– You’re in big trouble now! – You need to flex.
– You’re in big trouble. You kept on flexing! – Hey, go easy on me. I won’t include you in the video.
And I’m the one who’s editing it. How was it again? – Abs, abs. Do your favorite pose. That’s it! Boom! M**********r! You got vacuumed. Back, back, back. Boom! – Ohh, something popped.
– Something popped. – Lat spread, Warr. Lat spread. Side, side, Warr. – These two are awesome. They evolved. – They are the future. – Bro. Show him the vacuum, bro. – No 5x – Kenneth, do the vacuum. F***. You got dusted, Warr! – I’ll go near the light. I’ll go a bit closer to the camera. – Okay. You need to eat more, Warr. – I’ll eat more. So, we just finished our workout. Fast chest exercises. Quality exercises only. And then, recover. Shoutout to these two. Older brother of Jed. Jed Encarnacion, shoutout to you! Bro, tell your… – Facebook.
– Your Facebook and Instagram Accounts. If you want to be trained by them
and you’re nearby this area. Just contact them. That’s all. Facebook account. Their gym’s really awesome! So, if you’re near Batasan. Don’t forget to visit this place, okay? Okay. So, our clothes got borrowed. But of course, we’re generous. So, we’ll give it. That’s it!
– Hey, that’s 500 pesos. No, he borrowed it. So, we’ll give it. But I hope when it’s my own
apparel already, you will buy it. Just joking. Shoutout to you guys. Of course, when we’re visiting.
We should support the gym. Because when we visit, we pay. So that… So that they will also pay for my apparel. And shoutout to Gym Warriors. The gym’s really awesome. Shoutout to Marvin. And to YP Dela Rosa Sir, Thank you! Maybe you’ve got something for us? Just something to carry. Just joking. Really awesome! So, that was our first visit. I hope you guys got motivated. And please don’t forget to LIKE, SHARE and SUBSCRIBE! And then, tag the gym you’re going to. And maybe we’ll visit your gym next time! SAIYAN TIME!


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