Unhealthy Habits & Fitness * How It Affects My Training

All right! Where you want me to step right here? All right one, two, three One more Hit a backflip, hit a backflip! I thought you was about to hit that I’ll hit it for you There we go Of course my life matters to me but not just mine Everyone’s don’t fear failure it’s all as true today as when you were twelve Handle that business keep your dreams intact What’s up y’all? Damn I ain’t heard this song in a minute. It’s been like I probably ain’t heard this since I like Sixteen You know how long ago sixteen was y’all? Damn, when you think sixteen it’s like You’re a nice looking a sixteen year old. Yeah, that’s a weird situation, right there the weird situation Have you ever had a weird situation? I have no idea what I’m talking about Today, I want to talk about You know, my bad habits and my fitness Pretty much what goes on you know with me how I feel, you know through what I’ve been through. I’ve been through some depressional shit I’ve been through, you know, just sometimes I’m just like fuck it and I mean it’s not how I live life anyways But we gonna get this workout in and in the process. I’m going to Pour things out to you Hey, Don’t Touch tees you are know it don’t matter it don’t matter if it’s arm day, leg day, back day You can wear this shirt any day Okay, and we got the new alpha clothing the drip, the drip, you know what I’m saying stylize right here I’m looking fresh, bro Fresh, fresh So we’re gonna do some arms today. We gonna start with some pull-ups With the biceps, get the biceps going as far as the blood flow and it will work out of that into the triceps So that being said, sit high and your windows pitch black Man I can’t do this shit right here man, dude gonna have to move out the way I’m gonna do four sets of ten with the chin-ups. I can’t drink protein shakes I think it’s the soy, it has to be soy cause even when I eat sushi. I start getting a little itchy Not as crazy as when I drink a protein shake but Yeah, I’m gonna stick to the plant-based protein Plant-based protein I need to stay away from that soy anyways, when I When I say heavy I’m not, not in a sense to where I drink to when I’m like dumb stupid drunk I never drink till I’m dumb stupid drunk. I drink till I’m like feeling pretty open then good A little bit more personality comes out. Not really worried about what people you know Catch me doing or whatever I get that drug, but not drunk to where, and I never get hungover either, which is another thing which is bad I rarely get hungover Besides unless we have nights like Vegas Then, yeah But you know earlier Last, earlier this year and last year. I did go through a little drinking problem My dad used to be a very heavy alcoholic and you know, does that have some effect on me? You know, kind of yes and no because I know from what he’s done and all the shit He’s been through, through all that and the family is been through You know, it’s it’s um, you know, I should have been able to react off that and know what not to do but I’m the type of person of I like things that makes me feel a little better you know what I’m saying Only thing about drinking that don’t like it’s just I don’t like to get to the point where I’m just stupid and That’s one thing I just hate But I drink a lot, I drink weekly. I know a lot of you are probably asking well how to drink and affect your Fitness and To me is just like the only thing that I see that it really You know Makes it super negative is the The fact that I get either hungry really hungry When I’m drinking or when I drink I start drinking like bad things like sodas or stuff with it And that’s really like one of the main things which is more so about calories rather than how I Physically feel in the gym So I can get a little bit out of shape Which is I’m pretty sure you guys already know you can be out of shape for drinking too much That’s why I try sticking Tequila, Reposado, Don Julio. You already know. All right. Tequila Don Julio, but I drink it with ginger beer so I always make Mexican mules. This is what I drink So if you haven’t tried that definitely try that shit out. Cause that’s just bomb and it’s dangerous and it’s dangerous because it’s so good You don’t even really realize you drinking liquor until you get to that fifth drink and you’re like Oh shit, and at that fifth drink, that’s like almost a hundred cause it’s ginger beer. So it’s like thirty grams of sugar So, you know what I’m saying, you know, whatever. So you’re having about A hundred and something grams of sugar by that fifth or sixth drink and that shit starts to just add up And if your guy like Jeff who likes Jager and Red Bulls then It’s a Jager Bomb. That’s what it’s called? You like Jager bombs That taste like, Jager taste like cough syrup Jeff, Jeff a low key prep boy. But uh, you think about the drink to how many You know calories or sugars are in the liquor itself then on top of the additional Juices or pineapples coke or sprite or Whatever it is you’re adding in that stuff adds up. So if you’re not Mentally prepared To take on the calories and see it, you know the next day or so Then you’re, you’re kind of screwed. But me myself, I know what I’m getting myself into. Like I said, I drink I’m gonna be totally honest with you guys. I drink probably twice a week Two times a week matter of fact today I’m having a drunk stream So I’m gonna be taking shots of Jäger While I’m gaming and I do all these things for entertainment. I enjoy it I know the risk that I’m taking and you know, I just make sure I’m mentally Over it rather than under it so that I know when to stop. That’s like the key knowing when to stop Control Four sets of ten pull-ups, what we’ll do four sets of twelve curls Although, I’m still drinking I am losing weight right now And if I woke up at 11. It’s 1:14. I have not eaten yet. Went to bed at 3? Haven’t eaten yet when I get home. I’m eating like two things a day right now because I’m so busy shooting You know videos working out and then streaming so I’ll go home Probably eat a salad and In the middle of the stream order some food have some tacos So I can still kind of get to eat what I want But I’ll just have one big nice meal at the end of the night because I’m more hungry at night Then at the beginning of the day when I wake up I’m not hungry at all When I work out, I’m not hungry at all. I don’t get hungry after my workouts I can literally work out not eat for the next three hours Drink something. Yeah, but like yeah One more set I always make sure I’m drinking water I probably try to kill, I’ll try to kill the whole thing but I’m probably gonna kill a little more than half for sure today I’m always on greens, I take my green supplements. Organ detox Because not only do I drink, I smoke hookah and I smoke hookah Three times a day probably I like I have, I have really bad habits like drinking and hookah, like So those are like the two things that’s it Drinking hookah Hookah, every day Every single day For the last two years I’ve smoked hookah Almost, almost every single day unless I’m on a trip and uh, and you know what when I’m like But I don’t have it. I don’t crave it I don’t crave it I could be gone for ten days You know out from my house but the fact I have like I have ADHD So I need something going on in my like, even when I play games. At the loading screens or some shit I got to smoke hookah or something like cause I hate waiting And I hate not doing anything. So my mind has to be constantly occupied. That’s why I have the issue Dedicating myself lately to something. I have to really find worth in something to dedicate to in order for me to Like really focus on it I didn’t know for the longest that I had ADHD. I just thought I just had Issues, but I was a very hyper kid growing up very just everywhere and I’m still like that So but it’s weird because I’m such an introvert like what you see right now Is like the YouTube Terron in person, and I’m pretty chill like I fuck around a lot, you know I joke around but I’m very chill so That being said yeah like that ADHD and the hookah just kind of? And never look back Get some EZ bars. I do not, I do not straight bar curl anymore. Just that rotation in my wrist It’s just so bad that it hurts. I don’t like I don’t and I don’t I don’t feel good It doesn’t feel good to me. So always EZ bar because this is not natural This is you know, that’s a normal that’s a normal feel Now you’re having to force yourself to be like this Which is much more focused on that rotation rather than focusing on the muscle So I’d rather dumb it down and focus on the muscle rather than so much other shit A bro that fireball fat burner shit be having you sweating boy That under titty sweat right there Correction, so I mentioned about the straight bar The only way I’d do straight bar Is reverse so this feels better than open palm right here So I can do, I can do just like this but even still nah, I’d rather I’d rather have an EZ bar Just because it’s just a better feeling just a better feeling But if you guys are having pains, you know flex those flex the forearms, you know what I’m saying get some wrist mobility and just stay off the straight bar. Like nobody’s making you do this shit I don’t know why, like all the crazy shit I do I’m not in pain or feel pain when I’m doing them You know what I’m saying and if I felt pain I wouldn’t be doing it period so if something’s uncomfortable Then I’ll just stop you know, and that just lets me know that I don’t have the mobility or Whatever movements that I need and that uh, and though that area to be doing it correctly So if can’t do it correctly like that then I’m not gonna do it. There’s, there’s too many people that are Willing to take an injury or very, you know Irritation and shit Just to grow a fucking muscle Come on, man Next thing you know You’re not gonna be able to do this shit no more because you’ve been the the thing that you you shouldn’t be doing that you’re Doing now and You not even gonna be able to work that muscle no more because why, now that shit’s fucked up You know I’m saying now you can’t, now you can’t turn your palm anymore You can’t get into that position because you was forcing it rather than working it out first and then going back to it. So Everything I do I’ve worked even the crazy shit I’ve worked myself up to that point so I know what I’m capable of doing I know what I can do that doesn’t mean you guys should do it too some shit I just do for show just because I can fucking do it And I mean that that’s just how I am I do shit just because I can do it, you know, but At the same time I know what’s safe for me I know what I’m capable of, you know people tell me Terron that’s crazy. You shouldn’t be doing shit like that I mean what I do is entertainment it’s knowledge and it’s also you know as an entertainment it’s a circus act You know, I’m not calling myself a clown Put a nose right here Not calling myself a clown But at the same time I do all things just for pure entertainment And you don’t go to a circus and see these people doing wild shit and you don’t be like, oh no, that’s stupid You shouldn’t be doing that. No, you’re there in amazement and awe you know Crazy high off the ground doing flips and shit Riding on elephants and tigers and lions and whatever, you go for the entertainment and that’s what I’m gonna bring You know the entertainment, the knowledge whatever so I’m talking a lot We got hammer curls Cousin Skeether, you don’t watch Cousin Skeether? Not the show the dude Twenty get the triceps warm Nah, they’re gonna call that out. He got strong abs he good How’d that feel? That was though Eyes red as fuck You good? He said coach take me out, take me out coach Sets of fifteen, decline skull crusher’s we been doing skull crushers a lot lately with dumbbells rather than barbells Almost bust my shit Another thing that I’m affected by is of course the hookah and my lungs Even though You know drink water try to do the organ detox stuff Just because I smoke Shut the fuck up I do, I do experience some heavy breathing sometimes? And usually I only notice it when I’m still. I only noticed heavy breathing when I’m like gaming on stream and people are like yo Terron You like fucking Darth Vader in that mic bro? You know and it’s funny because like I’m like damn is that the smoking And because I was kind of gaining weight too Is that is that because of both of them or just smoking or like what and But I don’t feel that So much when it comes to working out, I still feel the same working out I can do you know high-intensity training and like I said, I smoke at least three times a day Three times a day smoking. Hookah, three times a day. Hookah, is like worse than cigarettes So, you know, you can smoke a pack cigarettes. Like one, one setting the hookahs like almost a pack cigarettes Right. I can’t game without like smoking hookah bro but like so yeah Like I don’t, I don’t feel any anything when it comes to like running like my conditioning ain’t the greatest But it’s you know above average. You know, what I’m saying so You know that alone and if I really and I make sure that I’m constantly doing some type of cardio Like I have to make sure that all right I’m already like doing some damage internally from those two So I have to make sure that I try my best to like keep up with that and not fall behind so The idea is I’m sweating. So that’s that when it comes to like the smoking and shit I’m not saying and this look everybody, this is not I’m not I’m not saying that these are things you should do You’re your own human being you should you know approach things cautiously, and understand what you’re getting yourself into I think that if you can have that and and Either you’re gonna stay away from it or Take care of yourself as best as you can I have my demons other people have their own and you know I’ve accepted those things and do I try to like keep away from it as much as possible Yeah, but when I feel like you know, it’s just there it’s just there So I do decline because I like to stretch you get, you know from all the way back here to angle you’re at Whoo shit boy, that’s that shit boy We out here, we feeling good All right I’m done, that’s enough abs I’m good Sweating look at all that sweat bro I got titty sweat, underarm sweat Of course my life matters to me but not just mine. Everyone’s. Don’t fear failure. It’s all as true today as it was when you were twelve Handle your business keep your dreams intact


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