What can I do for you? Doc, I’m having difficulty moving. And I get tired easily Hmm, I think you’re overweight. You were so slim before. What happened? Did you see the commercial on tv? They say that 20 pesos can only afford ice cream Oh no. It’s bad for your health if you only eat ice cream Besides getting fat, you might get high blood pressure So what should I do, Doc? This is what you should do. First, you should avoid eating ice cream. Replace it with nutritious fruits, as much as possible It’s possible Second, you should exercise everyday. What kind of exercise Doc? I’m just a poor guy. I don’t have dumb bells or treadmill. Try jogging everyday How far should I run, Doc? I think you should run 5 miles everyday And you should do it in about 300 days I’m pretty sure you will lose that weight Hmm, 5 miles a day until 300 days… That’s almost a year. Okay Doc, I will do it! And this is what we should do. Call me after 300 days. So we could do another check-up and see the results Okay, Doc! Hello? Hello, Doc. Good news, I’m back to my normal weight! I can move easily. And don’t get tired as much as before But, I have a problem Doc. Problem? Why, what’s the problem? I’m 1,500 miles from home. And I don’t know how to get back.


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