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– [Chella] So we are having people over for a picnic and we’re cooking, or they’re cooking, and we’re gonna add this to our vlog. This vlog is going to
be all over the place, so I apologize about that. But we’re still getting used to how to vlog, so yeah. Right now, I’m waiting. They’re cooking. We just got back from the market. – [Mary] Hey. Is this tofu? – [Chella] Yes, that’s tofu. – Are you sure? – Mary V, the chef. Today is a new day, and we are here with
Mary V’s friend, Sonya. – Hey. I’m gonna cook. – [Chella] And there
is, of course, Mary V. And we also got a big watermelon, because you gotta have one of those. – Yeah, that’s cold tofu. – I am going to cut the big watermelon with this small knife because it’s the only knife that … Fun fact: we own one spoon, three fork, and maybe
three of these small knife. This versus this. (distorted audio) Okay, how’s it going? – There’s rice in a pan. Are you excited? – Maybe. – Fry it a little bit. Peas, tofu, a single corn. – How’s Mary V doing though? – She’s an awesome helper. – Yeah? – Just like almonds. – Alright. – [Guest] There’s more
intelligent life out there. They can build, they can have the same. We could be in that simulation. – What if we’re more
advanced than they are? – Great, where’d everyone go? Should I wait on them to tell this story? – [Chella] Mm. – The spread. And how long did it take you to get there? Can we get some movement going? – [Chella] Utensils? – [Mary] Yeah, perfect. – [Sonya] Where are the forks? – [Mary] In the cabinet on the left side. Yeah, sorry. I forgot. – [Sonya] I love soba so damn much. – [Mary] I hope it’s alright. It’s not the soba you like. – [Chella] This is like
the most delicious. – [Mary] I’m sure it’ll be wonderful. – We just woke up and we’re ready to vlog today after a long time of not vlogging. Mary V just got back from Denver. Today is kind of our clean and organize the entire house day, so this is what our house
looks like right now. We are going to try to practice minimalism and get everything together and ready for before school starts. Obviously, I’m making
coffee because it’s morning. (coffee pours) (metal clanking) From Denver and we have
to scan it all today. – Hi, good morning! It’s 11 o’clock, August third, and I woke up two hours ago because I had to let this guy into our apartment because he’s fixing our window because it has a crack in it, but he ended up not showing up on the correct time, but it was fine. Also, this is the kind of lotion I use for my face. I just buy the big one from Whole Foods. Chella just posted his
one year documentation. It’s so cool to see. Yay! Well, right now, I have a bunch of film to scan and also start the laundry. (kissing) Besame. Besame! This is the rose that Chella got me when I got out of the car from Denver. (Chella moans) Stretch, stretch. (distorted audio) Alright, I’m still scanning all the photos. Bye, dear. I still have all of these to scan. I’m pretty hungry, so I’ll probably go get an acai bowl ’cause I don’t have any food ’cause I haven’t been
here in like a month, and then scan more, go grocery shopping because I’m making dinner
tonight for Chella. (energetic music) Gonna go take down the laundry then get an acai bowl. I’m supposed to wait here for the guy to come fix our window, but he hasn’t shown up yet, so … I’m hungry. So I’m gonna go and then come back. Hopefully, he doesn’t
show up in that time. Oh yeah, we now have updated versions of our old photos. Now there are our new ones. There’s a lot of overcast today. Like, the sky is white. (indistinct chatter) Oh my God, so I just ordered my
food and I look outside and it’s pouring rain. Oh my gosh, okay. So I just like ran home. It’s raining. You can probably still hear the thunder. – So I just got to the studio and I’m trying to figure
out what floor to go to. Just ran through the rain. Alright, so I just finished my interview, and I am here with the lovely. – [Evan] Evan Auskatz. Hi. – And … – Oh, I like this light. – Yes! Yeah, this is really good lighting. I have a question for you. How do you wanna see video and film evolve to be more accommodating to deaf and hard of hearing individuals? – Obviously, the easy
answer is closed captioning, but I think that there
have been many instances in which I interview deaf individuals that we closed captioned just that video, which is wonderful in the moment, but we need to add closed captioning to all of our videos, and this is at any media organization, so just because you’re
engaging with a deaf person, that does not mean that that’s the only time to include closed captioning. So I would say just in general, take that habit of adding
it for that one video, adopt it, and start using it in all the videos. – Exactly. Spot on. Incredibly articulate. Thank you. – Thank you. – They had a store up there, and they gave me different types of peanut butter, so that’s fantastic. – Alright, I’m back outside. I had to change my shirt because my other one got drenched. Also, it looks like I have no hair. (chuckles) Okay, I just got home. The light looks so pretty
on Chella’s paintings. Wow. So steamed veggies, and then I’m gonna be making a sauce. And I’m also making some rice. – Okay, so I was just cutting these beautiful vegetables and I cut my finger. It’s okay though. (birds chirping) – Evan was sweet enough
to get me a car back home, so now I’m waiting for that. I think Mary V wanted to make dinner, so we’re gonna meet up, finally, after our busy days and eat and talk and relax. I was just thinking about how it’s nice with Mary V how regardless of what
we do during the day, we always end up back together at night, and I think that’s the best part about living with her. We plan to meet back in the middle every single night. Hi. We devoured dinner. Melon for dessert. (popping) I found a beret on the sidewalk. – You should say that it’s washed. – I washed this beret found on the sidewalk. Mary V is doing laundry. Our bellies are full of sweet potato and broccoli, and now we’re gonna go for a walk. – Sit. Sit. – [Chella] Can I see the picture, Mary V? – Yeah. This window is so beautiful. Oh my gosh. And the chandelier. And this bathroom’s pink. So cute. Hey. I’m at the house that we
recorded girls will be. They had to re-record some shots. I’m just here doing my makeup. This house is so beautiful. Oh my gosh. I just realized, what if I do a makeup
tutorial kind of thing? This. Kind of just … And I use this. I’m so bad at makeup. I just realized I probably should have taken off my shirt because I have to change
into a different shirt. And if I feel like I need more, I kind of just like, add it on. Oh, it was upside down. Wonder powder from Glossier. I use this brush. I’ve like, had it for a while. Gotta do down your neck and your ears. I’ve heard that is important. And I use this. I’ve had this for a really long time. It’s like, Too Faced bronzer. So ever though it’s really light, I just kind of like a little bit. Just makes me more matte, which is good because
this house is so sweaty. Not the house itself. But it’s so hot. Because I’m supposed to look like, young and very innocent, I use this Fit. Maybelline. Blush. And you smile. Blend that shit out. Eyebrows. I use boy brow. I’m gonna do it the correct way. So I like, open it, and then I brush off all of the excess, and then … Okay, I’m gonna use the mirror because I kind of fucked up. Brows are dark A.F., so I’m gonna get my
brush to brush them out. I just used the Sephora brush. Just kinda brush them out. Brows. Highlight. My sibling has shown me Fenty Beauty. So using this. It’s the girl next door, and I kind of just use my finger. I’m gonna use the lighter one. Just a little. On your nose a little, and on the insides of your eyes. And right here. Being as I’m already sweating, deodorant. Chapstick. I don’t know the name of this. My eyelashes before I
had eyelash extensions in them, and now they’re not gonna happen. We’re just gonna have to use mascara and they’re gonna be short. But it’s okay. So I use, again, the Glossier mascara. They should sponsor me or something. I’d love to model for you, if you’re watching this. It’s really good mascara. It’ has like, a really good brush. I think the brush is really good. Wait, I need to go grab my — wait, I forgot my eyelash curler. Here we go. Okay. I really love having eyelash extensions because then I don’t have
to worry about mascara. I wear contacts, so it just makes it difficult. My contact literally just fell out because I was doing stuff. So this is my makeup look. Oh yeah, also, lip gloss from like, the seventh grade. Watermelon flavor. Makeup look for Roxanna, my character. Whoa, this light’s really cool. I also need to fix my hair, because it is… Here we go. Here’s everyone. This is the wonderful director. Everyone’s wondering about the film, like when it’s gonna be out and everything. – [Ava] In like a couple weeks. – Okay, cool. Oh, hello. You can introduce yourself. – [Naim] Hi, I’m Naim. I am helping Ava with the producing part of Girls Will Be. – The most exciting part so far? – I think when we shot it. The day when everyone was here. We had a larger crew. – Okay, so I forgot my necklace. I needed to bring my necklace that I wore in the last shot, so I’m running back to
my house to go get it. I got my necklace. Got to see Chella. (indistinct chatter) (birds chirping) – [Ava] She’s gonna be looking right here. – Alright, so that is a rap for today. Ava said she’s gonna show me a rough cut of the film so far. I’m excited and nervous to see it. Had fun filming today. Plus, I’m super excited
for the film to come out in a couple weeks, – [Radio] This is Jealous, commercial free on Z100. (Jealous by Nick Jonas plays) – And for the first time ever, we will … End the vlog. How does one end the vlog, you may ask? Like this. Goodbye. (kissing sounds) – Bye.


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