Waiving Student Health Insurance and Student Legal Services

In this video, we will show you the processes
for waiving out and changing your health insurance coverage, as well as opting out of
the Student Legal Services fee. All undergraduate students who are registered
for six or more hours of course work are required to carry some form of health insurance. As
a result, students are automatically billed for the Comprehensive Student Health Insurance
Plan. In order to opt out of the comprehensive plan or to change coverage to the supplemental
WilceCare Plan, students need to provide information about their external coverage.
To access your Student Center, you should log in to your Student Center, accessible
through Buckeye Link. You will need to log in using your username and password on the
university’s secure login screen. The username and password required to login here are the same as what is required for your university email account. Toward the middle of this page, you’ll find the “Finances” section. You should then find
a header titled “Student Health Insurance.” Under that header, you will see a link titled
“Select/Waive Coverage.” When you select this link, you will find a
page with information about Ohio State’s insurance requirement for students. There
are also links to websites that have more resources to help students make an informed
decision about what plan is right for them. Please note on this page, that once a student
has made a decision about coverage, there are buttons for a student to officially select
their insurance option, including the Comprehensive Student Health Insurance, WilceCare
Supplement and waiver, or no Ohio State student coverage. Once you select the appropriate option for
you–for this example, I’ll be waiving out of Ohio State student coverage, you will see
that there are now options in the “Academic Terms” drop-down box. Since I will be waiving
my coverage for the entire year, I choose the option that says AU15, SP16, SU16 (select).
After these selections, I click on the Next button. In this next page, you’ll complete the information boxes requested. Note that those fields
with an asterisk are required fields. Once this information has been complete, hit “Next.”
On this page, you will be asked to read through the acknowledgement of the waiver. You will
also be asked with which university departments you want your insurance information to be
shared for the purpose of proof of eligibility and/or claims processing in the event that
you receive medical care services here. Once you’ve read through this page and agree
to the terms listed, click “I agree.” This next page is your confirmation page.
It is strongly recommended that you print out this page or at least write down your
confirmation number for proof of submission. It’s important to note that when you next
log into your Student Center, you will still see the select/waive coverage link and the
system will allow you to re-enter your information. This is not necessary, however. If you have
questions about whether or not your request to waive/change coverage is successful, you
can confirm this by viewing your online Statement of Account when it becomes available
and making certain that there is not a listing for student health insurance in the itemized charges. Another fee you have the choice to waive is for Student Legal Services. This is a
annual fee that appears on your autumn statement of account each year, but is prorated if your
first time is spring or summer. We recommend that students pay the $40 fee each year to
have access to the valuable resources and personnel available through Student Legal
Services; for example, many students make use of these services to have a lease reviewed
before signing to live off-campus in a house or apartment not owned by the university.
If you wish to opt out of the fee you may do so online through your Student Center at
the time your Statement of Account becomes available each autumn or your first term at the university. In the Finances section, you’ll see a drop-down
menu with “Other financial” listed. From this menu, you’ll see that Student
Legal Services is an option. Choosing this will take you to the opt-out screen, and the
choice to opt-out will appear at the bottom of the screen. Remember, this can only be
done after your Statement of Account becomes available, so until that time you won’t
see any option to opt-out, as is the case right now.

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