Weight loss diet plan in Tamil | Indian diet plan to lose weight fast | உடல் எடை வேகமாக குறைய

Today we discusseing about the weight loss diet plan briefly so many of them asked about this . So i publish this video Its very simple diet only. Not a big difference from our regular diet This diet helps to maintain your lost weight as well as reduce your body fat before that please subscribe my channel for more videos first step is avoid white sugar completely add brown sugar or raw sugar as a substitute for white sugar Gradually reduce the white sugar from your diet and avoid it sugar is the first enemy for weight reduction , so avoid it I took millets as a substitute for white rice u will take any kind of millets, it is very healthy too I took kodo millet as a substitute for white rice I took this rice for lunch It has very low calories compare to white rice I will no take rice for 2 times. Only during lunch i am taking rice For breakfast and dinner , take any kind of tiffin items for example idli, dosa, chapati, pongal , upma etc., Take little amount of food not much Be conscious in taking calories A small trick to eat less is take small plates to eat so it looks large amount of rice even you take small amount Then drink a cup of water before eat, it will reduce your hunger after food , drink warm water to burn the unwanted fats chew the food completely what u consume Eat slowly for about 20 minutes , so you will feel full even after the low food intake so you will feel ur stomach full avoid the oil fried snack items instead you can take any kinds of fruits, especially fibre rich fruits fruits are very helpful to reduce weight even for morning also you will take fruit salads as a breakfast It will reduce your weight fast For the juices also add brown sugar . don’t add sugar First one week it will look tough to drink, but it will become practise Don’t drink too much of tea and coffee, drink it only once if needed Drink green tea as an alternate some people eat very less but not lose weight. the main reason is they are not eating on time so eat the food on time breakfast timeis 7 to 9 am don’t eat after that time. then u will get gas problems it will prevent ulcer also eat fruits or drink juices as a morning snack lunch timing is 12 to 2 pm if you are doing exercise means give atleast 2 hrs of break after food for evening snack eat healthy items like chana, chick peas avoid chips and sweets then avoid cool drinks and maida rich foods drink more water to lose weight fast for 20 kg u should drink at least 1 liter everyday so calculate your weight and drink more water in case of unexpected reason, u ate more oily foods and sweets means, its very simple to burn it how means just drink this weight loss drink already i posted a video, i shared a link in description you just check it out this drink surely remove the unwanted fats from our body soon u will drink this befor going to bed then do exercises atleast four days go for a 30 minues walk do a brisk walk simple exercises for weekly 3 days even you will do zumba dance do it atleast for 3 days you can do this in your flexible timings it is very effective to lose weight try all these simple steps if you dont like millets means u can take white rice, nut be conscious in calories intake even you can use white sugar but not much add little amount of sugar in tea or coffee eat the food how you want , but take less calories dont exceed 1200 calories per day update the calories inake regularly and stay healthy definitely you will lose weight If you have any doubts means please comment me , i will reply soon see u soon with another useful tips


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