Welcome to Leach | FSU Gym Walkthrough

Hey, glad you made it! Welcome to the Florida State University Bobby E. Leach Center or Leach for short. I’m Elton Burgest and I’m here
to tour you around the facility but first before we can go anywhere
pull out your FSU ID card and let’s swipe in You can always use your FSU ID to check out recreational equipment, such as volleyballs, resistance bands, or rackets.
Before we continue to the bottom level I’m gonna show you where you put your
stuff while you’re here The Leach doesn’t allow students to carry their bags on to the gym floor but they do provide locker space for your stuff, free
of charge; but, first, how does one locker? First, see if the locker is available by
checking the position of the knob if it’s vertical towards the unlock symbol
then throw your stuff in To lock it, start by pressing C then type in a four-digit code Lastly, press the key button and turn the
knob horizontally or towards the lock symbol if you’ve done it correctly then
the locker will buzz to let you know that you’re good to go.
one waters in the first floor is where a And that’s how one lockers Here on the first floor, is where a majority of the strength and training takes place but before you work on any of the equipment it’s important
understand gym rules you can find these rules on various walls in the facility
like this one now if you still have any questions
don’t hesitate to ask a fitness consultant they wear a blue and gray
polo just like this one now let’s see what else you can find on the first
floor There are treadmills at the front of the Leach You can go as far as you want to But try to limit it to 30 minutes, so your body gets the chance, oop– If you’re not ready to go heavy on the free weights, we have some lighter ones right next to the treadmills, to get a good pump We call this space the selectorize area, like this chest press majority machine is down here can be adjusted through this pin Oh, and by the way we encourage you to wipe down the machines using our wipes located in various sanitizer stations
throughout the facility this keeps the germs away and the students healthy Now, onto the combo area Unlike the selectorize area, in the combo area we like to put on the take off our weights by hand so please rerack your weights And here we have our annex. The annex is where you’ll find your platforms, benches, and squat racks You’re also allowed to Olympic lift here, but you have to get approved through the Olympic lift test This is supervised by our USA weightlifting coaches just so students don’t get harmed in the process If you’re not familiar with the Olympic lifts or you wanna make sure you get CLEARED we also offer an Olympic lifting class taught by those same coaches, just to make sure you get CLEARED Want to learn about new equipment or take your training to the next level? Sign up for one of our free sessions with a personal trainer We’re almost done with level 1, not let’s now let’s head over to fitness room one In this room you’ll fine rope, tires, medicine balls, even adult monkey bars. It’s open to all students but there are times when the fitness room is closed Florida State University’s group fitness program offers two dozen different classes over 70 sessions each week during the fall and spring terms And the best part: all group fitness classes here are free to FSU students and members of the Leach That’s right, Now that the first floor is complete, let’s go to the mezzanine and see what’s there Up in the mezzanine we have stationary
bikes, ellipticals, and the Stairmaster Try to keep your use of these machines to 30 minutes top, that way everyone else can use the machines Also keep in mind that we have an extra set of lightweights up here just in case the ones downstairs are being used up Now, let’s head up to the track The court’s open to all patrons and basketballs are available downstairs as long as you have an FSU ID So go ahead, rent a ball and enjoy a pick-up game every time the bleachers open One of the important things to know about the track is to know which way people are running In order to know this, you have to find
the Green Arrow which is right here But also the red X, if you see the X is red don’t go that way Easy right? Now that you’re done with your run, this is a great place to cool down and stretch your muscles We encourage you to find a nice open area for you to stretch Now that I’m done with my run I’m going to go pull down to stretch right here, you go and check out the pool This area contains two sections: a pool and a spa Now the pool contains three sections: a diving well, a lap lane, and a shallow section We care about the safety of our students, that’s why we always have a lifeguard on stand And that is it for the pool area, I’ll catch you guys back at the lobby And that was the Leach! Hope you enjoyed your time here, see you again soon


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