What are the differences between Covered California, health insurance companies, and Medi-Cal?

Oh, I must warn you this treatment’s a
little rugged. Of course, if you think you can’t stand it. I can stand anything!
What’s that humming? Honey bees! Honey bees?! Health care has come a long way, but
choosing the right health insurance can still be confusing. Let’s break down the
key differences between Covered California, the health insurance
companies they work with, and Medi-Cal. So, what is Covered California? Established by the Affordable Care Act, Covered California is a marketplace where
eligible Californians can enroll in a health plan through brand-name health
insurance companies. It’s the only place you can apply to qualify for financial
help. This financial help lowers the monthly premium, and for those who
qualify, can also help lower out-of-pocket costs. Covered California
offers multiple insurance companies, plans, and coverage levels to choose from. And has online tools available to help you compare plans and costs and find the
best fit for you. Okay so how are health insurance company’s different than
Covered California? Health insurance companies, also known as carriers, are
private companies that partner with Covered California to offer access to
care through a variety of doctors, hospitals, and plans across the state. All
health plans offered by health insurance companies and available through Covered
California provide ten essential health benefits, which are guaranteed by the
Affordable Care Act. These include free preventive care such
as health screenings and flu shots. Now, how is Medi-Cal different from
Covered California?Medi-Cal is California’s free or low-cost health
coverage option for qualifying adults and children. Medi-Cal covers low income
adults families with children, seniors, persons with disabilities, pregnant women, children in foster care, and former foster youth up to age 26. Enrollment for
Medi-Cal is available year-round. It’s important to note that Medi-Cal is a
separate organization from Covered California. If you have any questions or
need assistance about Medi-Cal, please contact your local Medi-Cal county
office. Hopefully I’ve made the differences between Covered California,
health insurance companies, and Medi-Cal a bit clearer, but if you still have
questions- no problem! You can find even more helpful information at CoveredCA.com

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