What Does a Health Insurance Broker Actually Do?

– Okay, you’re ready to offer health
insurance to your business. Great. The first thing people
are going to tell you is that you need a broker. But what exactly do you need them for? (upbeat music) What is a broker? A broker is a person or business that is licensed by the
state to sell you insurance. They have to stay on top of state, and federal regulations that
are constantly changing. They can help get you
all types of insurance. Here’s what you can
expect your broker to do: first, a broker helps select the right plans for your business. There’s “no one size fit’s all” when it comes to health insurance. You’re gonna need a plan that fits the size of your business, and your employees’ particular needs. A good broker helps you
find the best coverage by evaluating every possible plan, while keeping your budget in mind. Oh yeah, and the do have to explain your options in a language that you
actually understand. (indistinctive speaking) – I’m sorry, what? – Next the broker needs to work directly with the insurance carriers to get your company and employees
enrolled in the plan. An all star broker helps with
every aspect of enrollment. From setting your employees up online, to setting up your new payroll deductions. Remember, any hiccup
in the process can have a huge impact on your employees lives. So getting hands on guidance is essential. Once your team is enrolled, you’ll need an expert to
help you stay compliant. From tax credits, to
classifications, to deadlines. The rules are always changing. Your broker needs to stay up to date, to keep you in the clear. Let’s be real, we all have questions on our benefits. – So like, where it says co-pay, who am I paying with? – Your broker should be available to answer your team’s benefits questions. Even after enrollment ends. A modern online broker like Gusto, can be your teams in
house benefits expert. Employees can go online and
get help with enrollments, terminations, life changes, whatever questions they might have. This saves you time of
finding the answers. Finally, since open enrollment
comes around every year, your broker needs to
help you renew coverage, or find better options. A modern broker can help
minimize the paperwork, to make it as painless as possible. Now you know what to look
for in an awesome broker. Learn more about how Gusto could help your business with health
insurance at gusto.com. (upbeat music)

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