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Hi, you guys. My name is Amanda. I am a physical therapist and personal trainer,
and that means I help women just like you get in the best shape of your life. Today, I’m going to take you with me throughout
the day and document everything that I eat for you throughout the day. Today’s also the first day of my no spend
month. It’s the month of July, today’s July 1st,
and I’ll take you through what I do today and how I eat really healthy without spending
a lot of money. Of course, this is the first day, I didn’t
go on a shopping spree yesterday to stock up, but I do have a bunch of healthy food
in the house I’m going to eat for the next few days until I need to go out and shop. I just made my coffee, as you saw. This is a black vanilla coffee that I made
on the espresso machine, and I have some sort of coffee every morning, to be honest. I love my coffee, and also, this challenge,
the hardest thing is not being able to just go buy coffee on the go when I’m out but I
think that’s a healthy thing too. So, now I’m going to have my coffee, and then
I’m going to take you with me throughout the whole day. So here I am prepping my food for the day
at 7:00 a.m. in the morning. Here I’m just weighing out rice. I’m weighing out four portions of rice. That’s 200 grams total. I also cooked fish for the day. I cooked two portions of whitefish, and then
I also cooked vegetables, so I cooked some … I just took a bag of frozen veggies and
put them in the oven to heat with some spices on to make them taste nice. Super, super simple. I’ll show you a little bit later when I prep
it. But yeah, that’s all. This video is for my no spend month challenge
and I have a food budget of 300 dirhams and today I’m just showing you the first day of
this month and how I did everything. Make sure you hang around to the end of the
video, because I’ll also show you the total calorie breakdown of all that I eat, and I’ll
show you my macronutrients as well. Of course, I’ll share with you how much money
I end up spending here on the first day of my no spend month challenge. So yes, stick around and make sure you get
the end of the video. I really hope you enjoy it and that you can
take something from this and apply it to your own life. It does not have to be expensive to live a
healthy lifestyle. Everything that I cooked could take care of
itself. So, while it was cooking, I spend that time
working on my laptop. I work both as PT outside the house, but I
also work as an online coach from home. So, any time I have during the day I just
try and get some work in. This is the rice that I just cooked earlier,
and this was for four portions. So, what I’ll do is I’ll just split it into
four different containers, so I know how much I’m getting. These are two meals that I cooked yesterday,
but it’s only the veggies and the protein. So, for these I’m going to add rice as well. I don’t measure exactly how much I’ve put
in each container because I know the total amount here is right. Then if I get a little bit more for one meal,
and a little bit less for one meal, that doesn’t really matter that much. But I try to divide it evenly. I have my four containers with one portion
of rice in each. This will be for two of my meals today, and
I have these two rice ready either for tonight or for tomorrow. So, that’s all done. Before I close off these ones, I just like
to add a little bit of olive oil. I really love the taste of rice and olive
oil together. So, here I’m aiming for about three grams
in each. It doesn’t take much, but it just adds so
much flavor. Then, on top of that, I like to use this ketchup,
which has less salt and sugar, and I just squeeze it like that on there. I do this every day, so I don’t really track
the ketchup, because it’s just a staple that’s always there. Now, [inaudible 00:05:19] So, here we have
two meals to take with me out today, and then I have the rice ready for my next meals. The last thing I’m going to need packed before
I leave the house for the gym and my clients is my post-workout shake. So I will take two scoops of this vegan women’s
best chocolate flavored protein. I use vegan protein because I tend to get
a lot of breakouts from whey. So I just find it better to use a vegan, plant-based
one. I also add one scoop of glutamine. I feel like it helps my recovery a lot when
I take glutamine. So I just add that to my shake. Then I’m also going to have 60 grams of these
salted caramel rice cakes. These I got in Denmark and I just imported
a whole lot of them, so I have enough for a while. But to be honest, I’m already running out
after one month because they are so delicious. I don’t know what I’ll do when I run out,
but until then I’m going to take 60 grams of these and just put them in a little baggy
and bring them for post-workout. Now I have all my food ready for the work
day. I’m just going to pop it all into my cooler
box and put the [inaudible 00:06:46] blocks in there too. Here we go. I will also add one Coke Zero. I love my Zero, so I can’t do a day without
one of those. Some utensils, and I also have my shake and
my rice cake ready for post workout. Normally, I eat my breakfast pretty late,
but today my day is crazy. So I woke up at seven and now it is about
almost nine I think. So I just wanted 50, 60 grams. This is 75, so pour some of it back. Let’s see. Bit more. 60 grams of oats and then 280 grams of egg whites. If I go a little bit over on the egg whites,
I don’t really do anything about it, but the goal was 280 grams and then I add some pink
salt. This is the … I either have pink salt or
I have sea salt. Those are pretty much the only types of salt
I buy. It won’t come out. This is dangerous, you guys. Don’t do this at home. More than enough salt now. Then I add this liquid sweetener that I love. I can’t find them here in Dubai, so always
get them from Denmark. There we go. Now, I’m just going to stir this and then
pop it in the microwave for three minutes and then I’ll stir again and then pop it in
again, and then it’s going to be done. So now I just mixed it all up very well with
the spoon. Then I take my cinnamon and sprinkle cinnamon
over it. I just love cinnamon. It is the best. Lots of cinnamon on it. There we go. Breakfast is served. I will take this. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. So this is my breakfast here. I have my second coffee of the day. I am addicted to coffee, you guys, I told
you, and here I have my oats that you just saw me make and then all my supplements. I have [inaudible 00:10:07] I have multivitamin,
I have hair, skin and nail supplements. I have B, D, C and a fish oil and I’m just
going to have all this and then I’ll go work on the computer for a little bit and after
that I will head to the gym. I like to take a scoop of C4 in the icy blue
razz flavor. Some [inaudible 00:10:31] I really don’t like,
but this one, I just think it tastes so good. Cheers. Bottoms up. I added a little ice cube just to make it
more delicious. So after having that pre work out, I quickly
went to the gym and after the gym I had my rice cakes and my protein shake and then I
was just running around like a crazy person with a few clients. So next up is my third meal of the day. It is about 2:46 in the afternoon and I am
here in my car having one of the meals that I prepped. I always eat with a spoon because then I can
shovel my foot quickly because need to be with my next client. So yeah, lunch number one is here. It is now 4:00 PM and on my way to my next
client, I picked up a coffee and a large bottle of water. It is so hot, it’s about 43 degrees outside
right now, so I don’t know what I’m doing drinking hot coffee, but I’m craving some
caffeine and then I just needed the water. It cost me five dirhams. I’m taking that out from my 300 dirham budget
for this week, but I think it’s well worth it. This cup of coffee is 275 dirhams. These are the cheapest ones and they have
them at all gas stations. Even though they also have Starbucks, they
also have this cheap version. So here in my no spend, if I am in need of
coffee, I am going for this little one instead of my usual Starbucks. It’s a good way to save some money and still
get my caffeine kick. But yeah, I am going to go now to my next
client. I am now back in the car again and before
I head out to my fifth client of the day, I’m going to have my next meal, which is exactly
the same as the previous meal was, so I’m not even going to film it. But along with that I’m also going to have
my Coke Zero that I’ve been saving all day as a little treat to myself for making it
this far. I’ll eat this and then I’ll head off to my
fifth client. I have one more client after that, so two
more to go and then I’ll head home and cook some more food. It is now 10:00 PM and I just got home. Honestly, I’m too tired to cook anything. So I’m just going to have a hundred grams
of this Skyr, which is high protein yogurt. Little bit of that and then, my boyfriend
got me these. Just going to have maybe all three, I think,
and then I’m going to head off to bed. It’s been a really long day. So yeah. Hope you enjoyed this what I eat in a day
video, budget style. The food budget I spent today was five dirhams. I had everything else in the house, and these
I got as a gift. So yeah, hope you enjoyed it. Have a lovely day. Bye. So throughout this whole day, I had 2006 calories,
163 grams of protein, 206 grams of carbohydrates, and 51 grams of fat. I spent a total of five dirhams, which I think
is really good. Even though it’s the first day and I had lots
of food at home, it’s still a lot less than I would have normally spent in the long workday. I hope you liked this video, and if you did,
make sure you subscribe to my channel and click the notification bells. You won’t miss any future videos. Also make sure you stop by my Instagram and
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