What If You Were A Pokemon Gym Leader? – Normal

(energetic game music) (electronic ding) – Hey, Pokemon Masters.
Bird Keeper Toby here. Recently, I made a video
about what all the types of the upcoming gym leaders
will be in Pokemon Sun and Moon, but that got me thinking. What if I was a gym
leader in Sun and Moon? What if Game Freak came to me and said, “You can have any gym
design and type you want.” My good friend Mr. Buddy did a whole video on this last year, talking about how his gym would be a water park. It wouldn’t really in depth
everything from the teams, to the badge, so prepare for
the same thing from me today as I tell you about my
very own Pokemon gym. So the first and most
crucial thing to decide is what kind of Pokemon gym am I going to be, or rather, what is my Pokemon type. Apart from one gym leader
in the whole franchise, every gym has a specific type
to challenge the trainer. So, Bird Keeper Toby,
what’s my type gonna be? Not flying, because believe it or not, flying are not necessarily
my favorite type of Pokemon. I’m called Bird Keeper Toby after a bird keeper called Toby in Johto. My favorite and preferred
type to be a gym leader of is what I believe to be
the most powerful gym type. No, it’s not dragons, psychic or fairy. It’s normal. Normal type gyms are a pain, especially at the early stages in the game when they normally appear. Normally because you don’t have a fighting type at that point. And even if you do, normal type Pokemon come packed with bulk, so
they’re just hard to get past. Whitney is a perfect example
of this with her miltank, which, let’s face it, is
infamously unbeatable. I mean, obviously, it
would’ve beaten Joseph, but the point is, normal
types leave an impact. By the time you get to those
dragons and psychic gyms later in the game, you
normally have at least one STAB move that can
deal with those Pokemon. With that in mind, one thing
to be an actual gym challenger, I want my normal gym to be one of the second or third
gyms that you encounter in the game. So we’re talking Pokemon
around or just under level 20. So the next thing is the theme
and the trainers of the gym. When it comes to the theme, just keep in mind several key words: lazy, sleepy, surprised,
expect the unexpected. These are the things I have in mind going into creating my gym. Let’s talk about the gym trainers. There will be five of them and they all have Pokemon relating to the main theme. We’re talking Jigglypuff,
Slackoth, Muchlax, and Spinda, and for the 5th trainer,
they’re going to have a normal flying type, Swablu. This is so I can give at
least one of them the line, “You know, the gym leader used
to be a bird keeper, too.” I want all of these Pokemon to have moves that would apply status
conditions, or do odd things, and maybe tricky berries
to deal with as well. I really want the gym challenges to think, “How do I get out of this one?” The gym itself is going to be
designed as the lazy forest. We’re talking about the autumn tree colors from Ekretiksity in a gym where the same room repeats
over and over again, except with a different gym trainer, just like the Lost Woods
from The Legend of Zelda. But rather than there being
one correct park you can go, there’s gonna be two or
three to make it easier, and of course, it’s going
to be very, very small. The idea though, of course, is if the trainer goes
through the wrong door, the wrong part of the woods they will enter back to
the beginning of the gym. When the gym trainers
finally reach the end, they’re going to find me, the gym leader, asleep in a hammock. This, like the lazy,
sleepy Pokemon of my gym is reflective of my own personality. I work a lot better after a nap. So the next and most important part, of course, is my team. Which Pokemon am I running? Well, I’m having two,
and as the poem goes, if you go into the woods today, you’ll surely get a surprise. That a poem about bears. My two Pokemon being based off of bears, Teddiursa is the first one. For one, it’s adorable,
but it fits in the theme with a sleepy, woods kind
of feel because it’s got the crescent moon on its head. Please make me a gym leader
in Pokemon Moon, at least? But much like Whitney of
Johto, this type of urse is just a front. It will have some tricky
moves, maybe like a track to try and annoy the opponent, but ultimately Teddiursa is
expected to go down quickly. Then of course, I bring out my big boss. My ace Pokemon of the gym
probably residing somewhere around the level 20 mark, and my favorite Pokemon
of all time, Snorlax. As I say, reflective
of my own personality, food-loving and napping
is just what I do best. Snorlax is just my favorite,
a big, cuddly bear. Snorlax is high HP and
STAB-normal type moves that at this point in the
game are gonna be very tricky for my challenger to deal with. They’re gonna have to
over-level their Pokemon, and you thought that Whitney’s
Miltank was difficult because it had milk drink and
can restore it’s own health. Well here I am with my two, I guess, Super Potions at this point? And as well as rocking body-SLAM, my Snorlax has the moves
rest and sleep talk. This Pokemon is going to leave an impact. It will scar you. And of course, it will be
the highest level Pokemon that you’ll have the ability to encounter at that point in the game. This will be a real gym challenge. So I only mention three
of Snorlax’s moves, and that’s because when you defeat me, you will be getting a TM. TM27, the moves return,
which will be attached to all of the Pokemon that
you encounter in the gym. This is just a personal
favorite move of mine, and it increases the
strength of the attack, depending on the friendship level between the trainer and the Pokemon, and an important thing for
a starting Pokemon trainer. And of course, you’ll get
awarded with your badge, the surprise badge. ‘Cause I like an exclamation mark, this is my own work-up. I know it’s terrible, but
after challenging my gym, I hope the thing you take away from it is to expect the unexpected. You see me there sleeping, being lazy. You don’t think it’s gonna
be much of a challenge. It’s gonna be your biggest challenge. Working around moves like a
tract and rest and status, you’ve got to be thinking on your toes. Don’t look at these cute
sleepy, lazy Pokemon and think, “Oh, I can
take them out easily,” because you won’t be able to. The importance of learning
a lesson from this gym is that you’ve got to
think outside the box. Those are just my feelings anyway. Of course, Game Freak
probably won’t approach me and ask me to be a gym
leader in Southern Moon. They might approach you though,
so why don’t you let me know about your individual gym in the comments, or of course, make a video of your own. And if maybe this is your first video, be sure to hit the Like and the Subscribe. Appreciate it. So hi, Pokemon Masters. – [Voiceover] This is Ash Ketchum. You just watched a video
by Bird Keeper Tony. That makes you a Pokemon Master. (energetic game music)


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