What is 9zest – All about 9zest Health and Fitness

9zest is an innovative initiative
in health and fitness. We engage online and social tools to help our members
achieve their fitness goals. Our focus is on helping our users improve their
health and quality of life by successfully coping with conditions such
as Obesity, Chronic Pains, Parkinson’s, High Blood Pressure, Diabetes. We offer personalized coaching through a
combination of live One-on-One trainers, physical therapist, yoga coaches and
dietitians from around the world as well as pre-recorded audio visuals delivered
to members via mobile app and web portal. All you need is a mobile or laptop or
tablet with internet. Rethink pain, rethink Parkinson’s, rethink weight issues
think 9zest. Your path to fitness and your road to recovery starts here.

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