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– Alright gentlemen, I’m
Ollie, it’s Make Me That Guy. Summer is officially over, it’s time for you to get
your sunburned, bloated, fat ass back in the gym. That’s you I’m talking to, yes you. But anyways so, the subject
for today’s video is How to look Gym Sexy. Okay so you know what, they’re
called tailored joggers, they’re called skinny track suit bottoms. They are simply track suit
bottoms which as you can see are skinnier at the ankle, maybe even a little bit
of detail or some zips going on on the knees. ‘Cause they’re really a fashion garment more than a training garment. But, that all being said, they
can still be used in the gym, because at the end of the day, they are still training
trousers, track suit bottoms. You don’t want them hyper
skinny on the ankle, and you definitely don’t want
them skinny around the crotch. Because nobody wants
to see your crotch gain in that much detail, alright,
keep that to yourself. So point number two is your vest. Or if you’re in America I
think you call it a tank top. Here in the UK we call it a vest right, so it’s basically a sleeveless t-shirt. Like what I’m wearing right now. What you don’t want, are
these massive Gold’s gym style big open vest, where you
can see half your ribs going right down to your waistline. It’s too much information and it’s not fashionable. You just look like gym
douche bag that does steroids and is like yeah, look at me,
I want to show my whole body. You might as well go in
there with your top off. Because that vest is too much information. But then again you don’t want some shit which is super tight. It’s not about that right. It’s gonna make you look
like you’re really trying to show off your gains. And unless you’re an absolute God, it’s gonna make you look unattractive, especially in those stubborn
side bits at the back. Your love handles if it’s too tight, it’s really gonna show them off. If you’ve been hitting the gym, you think you’re looking
like a bit of a legend, then you show the gains,
by your arm gains. You don’t want it super
tight, it’s not comfortable and it’s not cool. So wear baggy oversized vests. It’s a fashion garment. Just like the tracksuit bottoms just like the joggers were. But this is how to look
attractive in the gym. It’s not how to look gymed out, and like you’re part of the gym culture. This is how to look hot shit. I could wear these clothes
if I was out socializing. I could wear them in the
streets and approach a lady. I’d be cool with that. Okay point number three. If you don’t like wearing tank tops, you don’t like wearing vests
then you’re gonna wanna wear a nice cool t-shirt. Again, what I do not like are
these super skin tight lycra. Like Under Armour style gym gear. It’s like yeah, I’m in the
gym, I’m wearing my gym gear. What the fuck man, doesn’t look cool, it looks like you’re some kind
of super hero, X-man wannabe. So we’re gonna flush out one of those now. They’re far too tight, they’re
not particularly comfortable, I’m not a professional cyclist,
why do I need to wear that stupid lame lycra shit? Get yourself a nice
cool oversized t-shirt. Sorry, oversized vest, or as I said at the start of this point,
the correct fitted T. I like long line T-shirts. And again you can check out our
last video on oversized T’s. It’s good to get something a bit tighter with higher sleeves here, and
a bit tight around the chest, and then baggier coming down
to your waist and your belly. No more obvious gym branding. No more tight lycra. Few examples flashing up now. Not about that. You look too keen, and
too into the gym wave. You want to look more casual, and have more relaxed street wear look. Street wear by definition is quite sporty. Lot of track suit bottoms,
vests, that kind of stuff. Et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. So stay away from the branding and stay away from lycra, definitely. And I cannot overemphasize
that point enough. No more leotards. Dude, what are you doing? It’s nice to see a woman
in a nice shapely leotard, that was woman shaped, yeah? I don’t want to see some
dude’s ass in my face. In the gym, in a leotard. I see guys walking around
thinking, oh my god, my bum looks so great in this. What’s wrong with you, be a man. What the hell would Sean Connery think? He wouldn’t do that. That’s a man, an old school man. Don’t wear a leotard bro, be a man. No leotards. If this is you, yeah,
if that’s you, stop it. No one wants to see that shit. And I don’t care if you’ve
been doing loads of squats. I don’t care if your booty’s looking good. I don’t want to see that. If you’ve got to wear a
leotard, wear shorts over it. But why have you got to wear a leotard? Okay in the past it’s been all about baggy basketball shorts, they were cooler, guys don’t want to wear short shorts. Not anymore. If you’re wearing these
long ass basketball shorts that you see now, it makes your legs look really small and stumpy. Unless you’re some really
big tall six foot four giant, you’re gonna lose that height. The shorts are too long, it
draws attention to your ankles and your shoes, and your ankles are probably not that great either. You can’t see the quads which
are probably a lot better than your calves, so the
shorts one, aesthetically show off the worst part of your leg, and two they make you look shorter. And three, they’re not even cool anymore. So no more long baggy basketball shorts. And it goes without
saying, no board shorts. Keep them for the beach, we don’t want to see
them either in the gym. So if you’re gonna wear
shorts, I suggest you wear a track suit bottom material,
jogger material shorts, coming to a short, short level. Not super skinny shorts
like these ones here, but coming comfortably above the knee. That way you’re going to
be able to show off a bit of those quad gains as well. You’re gonna show some size on those legs, you’ll be working out, why not. And also it’s going to make
your legs look nice and long. Shorts. Okay, point number five is your shoes. Okay so you’re a serious gym
lifter and you want to wear your Under Armor gym
expert squatting (mumbles). Whatever man, I don’t think
it makes any difference what shoes you wear unless
you are a serious gym athlete. If you’re an average
guy, you can easily wear a pair of Nike trainers, sneakers, whatever you want to call them to the gym. They’re gonna look cool. They’re gonna look better than some lame clumpy, gym expert shoes. They’re not specifically gym shoes, they’re actually running
shoes, they’re gonna be fine to wear in the gym. So Nike Russia flashing
up here, super common, you can also wear these
with a pair of jeans to go out socially as well,
they’re nice and versatile. And the same can be said
for the second pair, a nice pair of Huarache flashing up now. Something along these lines guys. They’re often cool pair, some
Addidas some Reebok as well. But today we’re gonna give
you a couple of Nikes, ’cause they are the most common. Okay our next point is a nice hat. You don’t want to be wearing
a sweat band, you know. If you do that, you’re gonna look like the dude out of Dodgeball, not great. Get yourself an old school hat. This little Nike one
I’m wearing for example, got the tag hanging out. You can whack it on front or back ways. What doesn’t really work in the gym, is a big old fitted new era hat, one they’re not even doing it big anymore, and two they’re just
really awkward and clumpy and get in the way when
you’re working out. Keep falling off, keep
getting knocked off your head. So an old school hat like I’m wearing now, I like to spin mine backwards, keeps my hair out of my face. Cool, also goes with your look, matches with my gym, with my
gym vest here, in the black. So an old school hat, nike, this one. Available absolutely everywhere. And again, you can whack this
hat in a street wear look. It’s not totally gym. Your gym look should look like
you can go anywhere in it. I can be walking around a
shopping center like this. It’s a casual look, but it works in a gym. So I’m looking trendy and fashionable, showing who I am normally everyday, I just happen to be in the gym. Okay guys, so that is basically
what you should be wearing. We’ve covered the top,
we’ve covered the bottoms we’ve covered the shoes,
we covered the hat. But now let’s think about
how you should be wearing it. Color code what you’re wearing in the gym. I already mentioned we
don’t want you to be in all blue lycra or luminous orange shoes with luminous orange sweat pants. Too try hard. But let’s have a little bit
of a theme running through. So black hat, black t-shirt, you know? Beige trousers. Maybe black and beige shoes. A little bit of color coding
again will demonstrate that you’re a fashionable
guy, and you know how to pull off what you’re wearing. So that’s a nice cool gym look. Color code your sporty if not directly designed for the gym clothes. Color coding without being over the top. No bright luminous colors,
yes you’re in the gym yes you want attention,
yes you’re working out and you’re very proud of that,
but everybody just thinks you look stupid if you’re
wearing bright orange shoes with bright orange leggings. If that’s you, stop it. Okay so our final point
is, jewellery in the gym. Some guy’s gonna tell me, oh man you shouldn’t be
doing that, that’s wrong. Fuck you all haters. I like my jewellery. I want to wear it, says
a lot about my character, if anything, I like to bling. That was a rap. Anyway, no more rapping. I would wear my bracelet,
my chain in the gym. I don’t care, like them, I
don’t want to take them off. I’m not gonna wear my watch or my rings, ’cause that’s uncomfortable
and it’s unfunctional and I’m here to train. I’m also here to look good. There’s a lot of attention
on me, there’s chicks here, I want to look nice. So wearing some minimal
jewelry, again color coded, like my last point. With the other elements of
your look is gonna be a very strong way to show that you’re
a cool mother in the gym. So gentlemen, make sure
you color code the jewelry, but don’t wear inappropriate jewellery. Don’t keep your rings on,
it’s simply gonna hurt. Don’t wear some great big
watch, it’s uncomfortable, and it gets in the way of you working out. And you’re just trying
to show off too much. But the low-key things
which don’t get in the way. Why not? Keeping jewellery on in the gym. May surprise some people, it can be done.


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