When The Gym Teacher Is… Ronald McDonald’s!!!!

I hate gym class cause we always gotta do
Exercise insted of eating Burger Hello class I am the gym teacher, today in
class we we will be doing please say eat burger, please say eat burger EXERCISE This s*ck! I hate gym, I like to eat foods. I’m a Big Guy I love Exercising Oh no! Attention students: the gym teacher have died.
The new gym teacher will be Today for our exercise we will be EATING HAMBURGER! Yes! Alright everybody eat Hamburger I love gym now I don’t feel so good I think I ate too much “Hamburger” Attention students: I have an announcement. McDonald have died. This s*ck Hello I am the Vice President of McDonald,
in honor of our late owner Ronald McDonald’s
we would like to announce that all hamburger will be free all week I got an idea Hello, murderer? Can you please kill “Burger King”? I want more free burger! I’m a Big Guy! Hey what’s up everyone, I just wanna say that
if you don’t wanna do exercising or be fitness
thats cool too. Whatever your body is, looks great! It doesn’t matter, so don’t do exercise,
or do it, cause your body looks great! I love the way your body, everybody’s body
looks no matter what you do.

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