When to Use Different Kinds of Barbells in the Gym

what’s up guys Joe Bennett Josh Vogle
here with redcon1 and we’re going over some tips as far as when would you
use different types of bars so we’re gonna cover again some straight
bars and cambered bars trap bars safety squat bar and specifically in this video
we’re gonna talk about the Swiss bar in this case we’re going to talk about
just a close grip bench press so wherever you’re doing this to target a
little bit more tricep so you’re talking a little bit more front delt in my
opinion it can be a great exercise for both a big problem that people have with
these so people will do these over time and sometimes they get elbow pain they
get shoulder pain often that can come from the wrist so I’m gonna have Josh
demo if he’s in the bottom position he would be for a close grip bench press so
elbows tuck and he looks and tries to pronate his hand if you look at the top
of his hand he cannot is not physically capable especially this hand of getting
his hands pronated to fully 180 degrees the position he’d have to grab for a
straight bar so if he did basically what’s gonna have to happen is his
elbows would have to flare which in one case is not really gonna have the goal
of a closed grip press anymore but can also sometimes while his hands are still
fixed on a bar cause a lot of elbow issues and a lot of shoulder issues so
if he goes back to the same positioning the path that he wants to be in while
he’s doing closed grip press if he just takes into a neutral position here
nothing is gonna change at the elbow joint or the shoulder joint and these
joints are just gonna comfortably go where they want now so you’re gonna have
all the tension going where you want all going are the triceps all go into the
delts and your wrist your elbow joint and your shoulder are gonna be happy to
go along with this so he’s gonna demo what he would do here on a Close Grip
press so again if you’re trying to find the grip about shoulder width is great
then from there grab onto the handles just like you would normally and from
here he’s gonna let his elbow stuck right in at its side and you can see
that his elbows staying directly below his hand and he’s not having any
restriction when he’s trying to go through that grip that he would for a
closed grip press we’re getting great here like I said a
very common exercise is close grip bench press but could also work well for
incline or even high incline if the goal is a little bit more front delts alright
guys so we’re gonna give you some good options here in place of a straight bar
specifically we’re gonna use the cambered bar or the EZ curl bar some
people call it so straight bars can be great variation for lots of exercises
lots of guys have grown their biceps during straight bar curls or underhand
rows but for some people they’re not as good of a fit one of the most important
things to check first here is what are your hands specifically what are your
wrists capable of doing so if you’re going to be doing an underhand curl or
an underhand row the requirement is at least to be able to supinate to 180
degrees so you can actually get in that position so if we look at Josh here
first you touch his elbows the position he’s going to be to curl or a row closes
his hand up so we can kind of see we can see the angle of his of his wrist here
he’s a good 20 30 degree short of being able to get in the position you’d have
to if he was holding a straight bar so what happens if he jams his end on a bar
basically that Jam is gonna come with elbow issues and potentially shoulder
issues and if you talk to guys that have done straight bar curls or straight bar
underhand rolls for long periods of time that issue people tend to have is
eventually they take a toll on your elbow lots of guys tear biceps lots of
people have you know tennis elbow or golfer’s elbow they’re inside of the
outside the elbow ends up hurting so a really simple option is if you can just
be not quite fully supinated in this position here then they can be
great options so josh is going to show that that’s basically the purpose of a
cambered bar or an EZ curl bar if you look at his hand now he’s basically in
that well short of fully supinated position and he now go ahead and
comfortably curl so just like you the same way you would execute a straight
bar curl and what a lot of guys don’t use this well to is this can be a great
tool for underhand rows so if he just bends over in the position he would for
a barbell row he can now perform the exact same motion again just with a
cambered bar so again nothing to do with load if you’re capable of doing very
heavy curls or very heavy barbell rows fantastic stick with it but just be
easier on your joints along the way it’s a subtle small change that can allow you
to put all the tension where you on your muscles and save your joints
along the way alright guys so use for a trap bar that I don’t see a whole lot of
people doing if we’re going back to some variations where you don’t have 180
degrees of supination so again one of the most common exercises guys do that
sometimes they can’t fit is that underhand barbell row
so again if you’re the guy that can’t quite get all the way to 180 degrees a
great option where you can actually get in a neutral position and train that row
is sometimes a trap bar so if Josh go has goes ahead and grabs that trap bar
you can see now he’s got a nice neutral grip so he’s well short of his end
ranges of where his body can’t contract and now we just execute the exact same
way bends of the hip and rows so again whether you’re doing it more for lats or
more for upper back it doesn’t really matter this is just going to let your
wrist stay where it can comfortably go which is going to let your elbows and
upper arm pass a little bit more comfortably at your side where you want
them again without your elbows eating it or your shoulders taking any of the pain alright guys so some different bars
again and when to use them we’re talking about a safety swap bar here some people
call them a yoke bar depending on what company you get it from the place for a
safety spot bar is two main reasons obviously there’s a little bit more but
one is if you want to reproduce something that has more front squat like
mechanics while still having the bar on your back so again one of the issues
with front squats can be whether you’re doing this kind of hang grip or you’re
doing a cross grip or whatever it is sometimes it’s hard to just stabilize
that weight on the shoulders and then the second reason for this can be is
literally last times people have shoulder issues so sometimes if you’re
competitive power lifter or anyone that just likes the back squat your legs and
lower body might have the strength but it might just kill your shoulders and
wrists to get back there if you look at where the bar is on his back and where
the weight sits if you look straight from the side if there is weight sitting
there it’s basically lined up right with this collarbone so basically the center
of mass the center of gravity for those exercises changes more like a front
squat and so again the advantage of the front squat is it’s gonna be allow you
to be a little bit more knee dominant have your hips a little less involved
and your body a little bit more upright so sometimes you can actually get more
out of your quads without it having to balance or coordinate having that bar in
that front rack position


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