Whole Body Workout Without A Gym In Less Than an Hour

hey guys kevin kreider personal trainer and fitness model today i’m bringing a home insane full body workout now a lot of times during the holidays you won’t be able to actually be in the gym so i understand that i’m going to actually be experiencing that right now and i go back home for Christmas I’m only going to have this space to work with basically when I go to my parents house and enjoy a Christmas festivities with my family so a lot of you guys will probably in the same situation or you’re traveling it doesn’t mean you can skip your workout I mean you can but this is that to read the results of not being on your fitness track your the track to your fitness goals so I brought together a full body workout that you can do now some of these moves might be a little bit dangerous for you so it’s up to your discretion to actually do it or not I’m not trying to say like oh I’m being like a daredevil in my own home but there’s going to be certain movements that you might not be able to do especially don’t do this if you have bad lower back so get a doctor’s approval before you actually start one of these workouts so with that being said i’m going to describe the insane full body workout to you it’s comprised of exercises that you can do at home without any equipment so the first exercise always warm up though they don’t forget so warm up can do about like women and jumping jacks if you want to i’m just going to get right into the warm up I mean into the workout so the first exercise is going to be a burpee with a push-up you’re going to do that 10 times then that’s followed by the jump squats you’re going to do that 10 times then you’re going to do a static pull up on a door for 30 seconds to time to 30 seconds I have a boxing timer on my watch on how my watch my iphone right now set for 30 seconds so it’s good to go then after you do that you can do lying leg raises then you’re going to get into a plank position and you’re going to do ultimate me it’s okay you can do that for 30 seconds so once again click on the timer button after you’re done doing that you can do mountain climbers for 30 seconds followed by reverse dips for 30 seconds so it’s going to be pretty intense after you’re done doing that you all going to have 30 seconds before you get to the next set so catch your breath while you can this workout is only going to be about 10 to 15 minutes long at the most so it’s up to you by your fitness level how many sets you want to do beginners I recommend one advanced to really advance people maybe you’re across there or something like that or just feeling really adventurous and ballsy and you want to get a great workout in double the time so don’t do 30 seconds of mountain climbers do one minute and then you can do four or five sets depending if you carved up the next day with like pizza or something like that just really go at your own discretion all right so let’s get into the workout you’re going to need a little bit of space for the Burpee so I’m going to move my bed back as far as possible and what you’re going to do is you’re going to start going down and you’re going to go into the time position do a push-up into a frog and jump as high as you can okay you’re going to do that 10 * okay so let’s go don’t wait to breathe the whole time oh and make sure your dishes are wrapped properly we’re all super EXTREME dishes so the next set it is jump squats go as high as possible make sure your neighbor is cool if you live above the first floor mat in the ground or in the boxing timer give you 30 seconds ha long you look at this high slower seems to go so all over the time wait for the bell oh now you did buying my braces and flying my brace on the ground and put your hands are needed by like this so your hips will come off and round and you do this 15 times your back might need for fire who is just like minded don’t mind you now the next one is alternate means okay cook your goose for 30 seconds as well so let’s get going going on high position left elbow right left need to write Alba left to right elbow just like this working at your core and your apps at the same time so do this for 30 seconds now get ready to the navigators it after so set the timer again you can bring your knees into your chest run it out so I see you count on this one go for sometimes I like to see why I’m doing this running on empty you know that song now Mendes for reverse tips a little bench you aren’t you bet if you want you can do this 15 reps drop your buddy what you want to do let’s put your feet out in front beginners took your feeder because I’ll take some of the way off advanced go like this or you’re really advanced but on top of the bed if you some reverse this out be careful the wobbly trailer is it could slip underneath there one of the more stability by doing all the best so one way for 30 seconds then go right back into it so I hope you enjoyed insane full body workout this is a great way to burn fat get your heart rate up and then go pay off for christmas new years whatever it is but stand your fitness goals did great work out in home and get full body workout so I hope you enjoyed what you watch if you like what you saw follow me on instagram Kevin in a skateboard like my youtube video and also to please subscribe when I reach 1000 subscribers I’ll be giving out a free workout program to the next person one random subscriber so we’ll be able to consult and get a free workout it nah you you


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