Wild Thing – Foundations of Yoga

– Hello everyone and welcome
to Yoga With Adriene. I am your host, Adriene. Happy Halloween. Today we’re going to
learn Wild Thing pose. Let’s get started. Alright, so to begin we’re going to start in a side plank on the right side. Spreading through the right palm coming onto the outer
edges of the feet here. You can stack the feet
if you’re feeling brave or put one foot in front of the other. Press away from your yoga mat. Everyone hug your hips up,
up, up towards the sky. Find your strength here,
connect to your strength. Then we’ll slowly come to side plank here lifting the left fingertips up high, extension through the crown. Here we go, Wild Thing. Left toes, with the ball-joint of the left big toe touches the earth. We spiral the hips up towards the sky, straighten through the right leg. Left fingertips sweep up and over head and we find an Upward Facing Dog sesation in the torso. Find your breath. Find extension, lift your heart, keep hugging the hips in
and up towards the sky. Find that lift. So we can also be on the
sole of the left foot here. Lots of options. Deep breath in, deep breath out. One more breath, you got
it. Play, lift your heart. And then exhale. We’ll
slowly lower the hips down. Swing the legs to the opposite side and be sure to do the same thing that you did on one side
on the other. Or else. Alright my friends, that was Wild Thing. Good job. Hope you have an
awesome and safe Halloween. We love you. Please keep sharing the Yoga With Adriene
channel with your friends and your neighbors and your
family and your enemies. Have fun trick-or-treating
and I’ll see you next time. Namaste.

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