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– Hey everyone, what’s up and
welcome to Yoga with Adriene. I’m Adriene and today
we have a big request, this is yoga for climbers. But also really great
for anyone who’s wanting to do a little ditty
to cultivate more balance, coordination,
flexibility, and stability. Hop into something
comfy, and let’s get started. (upbeat music) Alrighty my friends,
let’s begin standing today feet hip width apart. Take a nice deep breath in, and as you exhale,
just let go of the day or the morning thus far,
relax your shoulders. Let’s really drop in
to this time for yourself whether you’re a
climber, or a non-climber, let’s use this time,
really utilize this time to cultivate a little balance
and to find what feels good. So deep breath in again,
stand up nice and tall, and as you exhale just think
of a release, a letting go. He totally just sighed. Nice buddy, Benji’s with us. Big inhale, and exhale. And one more time,
big full breath in, and exhale, maybe
relax your shoulders just in case they’re
creeping up towards your ears. Awesome, now to the neck. We’re just gonna drop
one ear over one shoulder. And feel a nice gentle release
in the side of the neck. And then over to the other side. And then you’re just gonna go
back and forth on your own. And you can pause
there and breathe, or you can keep
the movement going. We’re just kind of
coming into the moment so that we can really
maximize this time for ourself, but also create
efficient movement. So, today’s practice
is about coordination, and it’s about moving
from your center, your core. So if your mind is
kind of distracted, you can start to just zero in
on the sensation of the neck, the sound of your breath,
maybe how you’re distributing your
weight in the feet. And then notice if you’re kind
of locking out the legs here, see if you can
softly bend your knees. Alright, sweet, then
bring the head back to center. We’re just gonna nice
and easy nod the head, drop the chin to the chest, and then look
up towards the sky. And now notice
if you’ve lost your nice, deep conscious breath. And the thing about
climbing, and I won’t pretend that I’m like some
professional climber of course, but I did talk to some of my
pals and do some research, and the thing about
climbing that I was noticing is, the breath, a lot of times
when we get into this focused scenario, or when we’re
trying to hold our balance, and we see this in yoga all
the time, we hold our breath. Alright, bring the head
back to center and here we go. We’re gonna send the
fingertips up towards the sky. Big inhale as you stretch,
reach way up high, and then exhale to float it
down, wiggle the fingertips, really open up through
the pecs and the chest. So again,
maximize this movement, see how efficient you can be. Instead of just
inhaling while you reach up, exhale come down, because
that’s what we do in yoga, see if you can really get the
most out of your movement, nice and in control, so big
inhale, then reach for the sky, and exhale,
opening through the chest, float the fingertips down. Now you know what
you’re doing, or somewhat, so you can take your
eyes off the video, off me, and really start to
maybe integrate the neck, so the nodding movement
that we did, chin to chest, and then big inhale to
look up towards the sky. And I start to really
sync up with my breath here, find length through all
four sides of the torso. See if you can
distribute your weight evenly through the soles of your feet. (laughing) Benji, man. And let’s do one
more big full breath, inhale, why not, lots of
love in, reach for the sky. And exhale, why not,
exhale lots of love out. Bring it down, all right. Interlace the fingertips
behind the back, sorry buddy. We’re gonna interlace, draw
the knuckles down and away. Title of my
second book, I told you, one day I’m gonna write it. And lift the chest here. Now pause, see if you can
lengthen your tailbone down and bring your belly button in, and then head over heart,
heart over pelvis here. Breathe deep. If you’re kind of
craving a little more here, see if you can bring the palms
together, really together. And if that’s not
happening for your body just breathe deep and let it
unfold, don’t force or press. So nice and open through
the chest, pecs, collarbone, breathe deep. Fab, then bend the
knees, generously inhale, smile a little bit,
why not, life’s too short, and then exhale,
draw your navel in and we’re gonna draw a
big rainbow with the knuckles all the way up
towards the ceiling or the sky and then maybe
over past the head. So this’ll be
different for everyone. You may get here, you might
get belly towards the thighs. And then if you can, relax
the weight of your head down and breathe a little deeper. We’re here for five,
inhale lots of love in, three, exhale lots of
love out, and then here we go on the one, dig into
the heels and you’re gonna slowly roll it up,
keep the fingers interlaced. Roll it up,
press into your feet, and then break free the chains (exaggerating exhale)
Mountain Pose. Now, stay
present here, in control. Feel that sensation,
that flush of fresh blood. Ah. Nice, and we’ll take
the fingertips forward, right arm over the left, just
give yourself a big hug here. So your fingertips
are gonna kind of come in towards the center of your back, and then you’re gonna lift
your elbows, inhale and exhale. Awesome, same thing, this
time opposite thumb on top, so reach behind,
opposite thumb comes on top as you interlace,
knuckles draw down and away, so the shoulder blades
come in towards each other and we stand up
nice and tall, breathe. Maybe the palms come together. Lengthen tailbone down,
so there’s a gentle kind of lengthening of
the tailbone down. You know, like this. I hate to say tuck
of the pelvis because that’s a little
old school now, people, it creates compression
so, just lengthen it down, just experiment,
and then here we go, same thing when
you’re ready, bend the knees and we start to take it forward. So keep reaching the knuckles
way up high towards the sky, and then check out how
it is for your body today. Every time you come
to practice on the mat stay present in
the existing narrative. So your hamstrings
some days, well every day, hamstrings are the
exception, they’re always tight. Relax the weight of the
head over, breathe deep. But really be present in
the sensation of your body. Maybe it’s different
because of a workout, because of travel,
because of something emotional, because of something you ate. So it’s worth it to
really make the practice about being present rather than what you think you
know about your body. Dig into the heels, we’re
here for five, breathe deep, four, three, two, stick with me,
nice and in control, that’s the name
of the game today. Press into the heels,
engage the inner thighs as you roll up. And if you’re shaking
or a little trembly here, that’s the ticket. Sometimes it’s not
what we do but how we do it, the way in which
we do it, here we go, break free the chains
(exaggerating exhale). Mountain Pose, go ahead
and open the palms forward. Creaky floor. And then lift up
from the armpit chest. And if you need
a little movement, rotation in the
wrists or anything here, of course feel free to take it. (sighing) Awesome, let’s bring the
hands together at the heart. You’re gonna actively
press the palms together here. Beautiful, and then
send the fingertips forward, this time left arm over,
just give yourself a big hug. You’re gonna try to
inch the fingers behind the center of
your back one more time and inhale, lift the elbow, and then exhale
let it all go, awesome. Inhale, reach for the sky. And then all the way down
on an exhale, Forward Fold. Awesome work. Inhale halfway lift,
nice flat back position. Exhale fold all the way down. Inhale to reach for
the sky, you got this, big stretch, big breath. And exhale hands to heart,
lengthen tailbone down. So start to tap into a
longer, smoother breath. So if you’re new to the practice or if it seems
really arduous, no problem just keep returning to
the sound of your breath and see if you can
really kind of keep that as your number one
goal, your number one, not goal but
focus, that’s nicer. Okay, we’re gonna shift
our weight to the left foot. We’re gonna
grab the right ankle, just a nice quad stretch here. Use this left thumb
to lift your sternum and then see if you can lengthen the tailbone down a bit here. Breathing deep. (exhaling) Awesome, then slowly release,
palms come together, namaste. Shift to the right foot
and now we’re gonna catch the left ankle, again
use your right thumb here to lift your chest up,
so if you’re collapsing here it’s gonna be a
little bit tricky. So squeeze into the
midline, lift your heart, lift your chest and breathe. Quad stretch,
nice front hip stretch. Lengthening tailbone down
instead of letting it tip out. Awesome, then one more breath,
using exhale to release. Gorgeous, here we go,
press the palms together. So really, really activate,
press elbows, excuse me, send elbows out left to right as you press into your knuckles. (clicking tongue and exhaling) Awesome, then release,
inhale, reach for the sky. Exhale Forward Fold,
all the way down. Inhale halfway
lift, your version, just find length in your neck. And exhale fold. Great, root to rise here, inhale and reach
for the sky, you got it. And exhale hands to heart. All right. Step the feet hip width apart
if they are not already. I’m gonna step on Benji’s
ear and then they’re gonna call the animal police. And then we’re gonna
shift our weight again over to the left foot. And then you’re gonna
take your right toes out, and we’re gonna squeeze
everything into the midline. If you’re familiar with this
kind of navel lock, core lock, we call it Uddiyana Bundha,
we’ll do a video just on that. But we’re just gonna
kind of draw the navel in and up a little bit,
just experiment with that. So we’re activating
the core, all right. And then we’re gonna keep
the palms pressing together so we’ve kind of
activated all of these things to maybe lift the
right toe off the ground. And if that’s like whoa,
no, then we’ll just kind of work maybe with
one breath at a time. But if you can stay there and
breathe, let’s give it a go. You can flex the
foot or point the toe. And then we’re gonna
bring a little soft bend to that left knee so
we’re not locked out here. Glutes turn on,
navel’s activated, core’s activated,
navel’s drawing in. Neck is nice and
long, chest is lifted. And then if you’re
here and you’re starting to sweat bullets, breathe. And if you’re here
and you feel pretty good, like I’ve got this
Adriene, what else you got? Then slowly send the
left fingertips up high, and then exhale, we’re gonna
go left elbow to right knee, squeeze everything in. Let’s give it a go,
inhale to find extension and exhale, squeeze in. Now, we can take the
right fingertips out now, inhale expand,
have some fun with it. Exhale, bring everything in. Inhale, expand. And exhale bring everything in. Let’s do three more,
moving with your breath, inhale. Exhale, nice and slow,
controlled movement. Inhale, whoa my left
glute is really turning on, and then, in and
let’s do one more. Inhale, spread the fingers,
spread the toes, smile, life is good. And then here we go,
from the navel, everything into the center
(exaggerating exhale) and then release. Plant your feet firmly,
bring the palms together, elbows left to right. (exhaling) Inhale and exhale. Shift your weight
over to your right foot. Left toe comes to the ground. So you can really work
here, so if your body’s tired, or maybe again, you’re
kind of new to practice here, starting this practice because
you want to create more balance and
coordination in the body, give yourself a
break man, like if the leg isn’t coming up,
squeeze, engaging the thighs and work here, and just work
little baby moments here, engaging all the right muscles
so that you’re creating support rather than kind of
faking it ’til you make it. This is the one place
that that doesn’t really jive I think, in my opinion. In my other
career it’s (laughing), in every other area of my
life fake it ’til you make it works, but not
on the yoga mat so softly bend that right knee,
and maybe you’re here already. Just checking it out, all right. Especially if you’re
a climber, you know how the left and the right
side can be very different. So honor that in
your body and make sure you’re not holding your breath. And if you’re ready,
let’s send the right fingertips all the way out,
kind of like an arabesque. And then exhale, reel
everything in, navel in, try to really
move from your center. And then inhale, there’s a
tendency to wanna rush this so keep it nice and
slow and controlled. And then exhale,
squeeze everything in. Inhale, maybe we
add the left arm. And moving with
the breath, exhale. Inhale and exhale. All right, three more,
don’t rush it. Inhale, exhale. Inhale, the belly grows
long, like a puppy’s belly. And on the exhale
the upper abdominals and the lower belly
kind of come in together. (exaggerating exhale) And one more, we
got this, inhale. And exhale, we rock,
all right release. Both feet come
evenly to the earth. Palms come together,
deep breath in. Relax your shoulders as
you breathe out, beautiful. Big inhale to reach for the sky. Exhale to rain it all the
way down again, Forward Fold. Inhale halfway lift, and exhale fold. All right, from here we’re
gonna slowly walk the hands out and then slowly
walk the feet out and you’re gonna
come into a Plank Pose. Then you’re gonna really tap
into a strong breath here, the strongest breath
you’ve taken all day. And really press
through the fingertips to take pressure
out of the wrists. Claw, claw, claw
through the fingertips to take pressure
out of the wrists. Then shine your elbow
creases towards the front, reach your heels back,
and we’re wanting to create one nice long line
from the crown to the tail. Breathe deep, press
away from your yoga mat. If your hips are
dropping, lift ’em up, if your shoulder
blades are dropping, lift up through the
center of your back. We’re here for five, you got it, four, three, two, bend the
knees, lift the hips up high, keep clawing
through the fingertips. Downward Facing Dog. Breathe, breathe,
breathe, pedal it out. Keep clawing
through the fingertips. Oh, we have two
down dogs here today. Alright, here we go,
take one more deep breath in. And long breath out. Then inhale, lift
your right leg up high, and exhale knee to third eye. Squeeze and lift,
squeeze and lift. All right, then you’re done. Step the right
foot all the way up, you’re gonna drop the left knee. Then you’re gonna
walk the right fingertips in towards your right big toe. So both palms are
together and then we’re gonna turn the left toes out,
so your kind of coming into a little half
extended side angle here. And then we’re
gonna slowly, slowly open all the way up towards
the sky but nice and slow. So really working this from the
ground up reach for the sky. And if you need a little lift
here, go ahead and find it. Come on to the fingertips or even elbow to
the top of the thigh. We’re wanting to find
this expansion in the chest and then still keep this connection to
our core, our center. Breathe deep, pressing
the top of your left foot. You should feel an
awesome stretch in the IT, and the outer hip. Lengthen tailbone down,
just like we’ve been doing. So if it’s been coming out
here, see if you can bring it in to the center line. And then let’s
wiggle the left fingertips, make sure we’re having
a full body experience, lengthen through the crown. And then bring it all
the way down, awesome. Go ahead and frame your right
foot, bring you left toes back and then just pull it back
here, a nice runner’s stretch. Flex your rights toes
towards your third eye. Keep a nice bend
in your right knee. Breathe deep. Alright, then we’ll
roll through the right foot. We’re gonna plant the palms,
curl the back toes under, step it back to that plank. So, see if you can
maintain nice full breaths while you refine
a little bit here. See if you can lift the front
body up to meet the back body. Lengthen through the crown. We’re firing up through
the muscles of the core, reaching the heels back,
lifting the knee caps up towards the sky,
breathing deep. We’re here for five,
claw through the fingertips, four, three, two, slow and with
control, bend the knees, draw the navel in and up,
send the hips high. Downward Facing Dog, awesome. Take a deep breath in,
and a long breath out. Maybe shake the head loose
here, maybe walk your dog out to be a little bit wider. There’s a tendency
lately I’ve been seeing a lot for the hands to
be really narrow. So, especially for today’s
practice, walk the hands out, shine your
elbow creases forward. Sweet here we go, big inhale
to lift the left leg up high. Exhale nice and slow
and in control today, guys. Roll through and
we’re gonna squeeze knee towards the third eye, through the
center of your brows. Here we go,
five, four, three, two, and step it up, awesome
work, lower the back knee. Take a second to find
that deep conscious breath. Awesome, then we’re
gonna walk the left fingertips in towards your left big toe. And then take your time. Gaining a little
coordination sometimes if this is new stuff
for you, new material, new vocabulary that
is, it takes some time so just move nice and slow. You’re gonna take the right toes over towards the
left side of the mat. This is still part
of your foundation. Then lengthen
tailbone down and in. Activate the upper back body. And when you’re ready, open
right fingertips to the sky. Find that expansion, breathe. Lift the tailbone, the
coccyx is kind of coming out. See if you can hug
it in, breathing deep. And if you need some
space, just come on to the top of that left thigh
with your left elbow. Inhale and exhale. Draw the
shoulder blades together. One more breath as you inhale. Maybe wiggle the
right fingertips, lengthen through the crown. And exhale to bring
everything back, awesome. Frame the left foot,
bring the right toes back. Here we go, pulling back
through the left hip crease. So keep that
bend in the left knee. This helps us really
stretch the meat, the middle, the belly of that hamstring
and not just where they attach. Which is awesome, for
everyone, not just climbers. (exhaling) My precious. My precious. Okay, dig into your left foot, let’s find a
little articulation. Pay attention to the
nuance of every move. So important for climbers. So same thing here,
don’t just shift forward but really dig into that foot,
find the grammar of the foot, as they say. And then we’ll plant the palms. And one last time,
we got this, here we go. Plank Pose. Breathe deep,
so really important, if the shoulder
blades are collapsing here, claw through the fingertips and dome up through
the upper back body. Think about your shoulder
blades going left and right. You can even overdo
it a little bit today to really find that sensation. Awesome, beautiful. We’re gonna slowly now shift
to the knees, nice and slow. We’re gonna take the right hand and bring it right to
the center of the mat. And then nice and slow we’re
gonna turn the right toes out and we’re gonna open up to a
little gate variation here. So you’ll open up
kind of the way we did in that half Extended Side Angle and send the left
fingertips towards the sky. So we’re doing a
modified Half Moon today. Stacking the shoulders. And so the way that
we’ll activate the modified Half Moon is by
bringing the upper abdominals and lower belly together. And then engaging
the left inner thigh and lifting the left foot up. See if you can keep
your left toes turned in as opposed to out. And we’re breathing
deep here. (exhaling) Notice I’m keeping
the extension of my neck, so nice and long. And maybe I turn up to look
up towards my left fingertips. And I wiggle the left
fingertips and then slow and with control, bring the
left foot down, right hand down. And come back to all
fours, Tabletop Position. Beautiful, other side,
left hand comes to the center. Take your time, press
away from your yoga mat, claw through your
fingertips so you’re not putting a bunch of
pressure in your wrists. Sweet, then we’re
gonna take the left toes out and here we go,
keep breathing here as you move into
this gate variation. So we open up and the
right foot really roots down to start here just so you
can build your foundation. And then I reach up. And then maybe my
whole body’s lit up here and I’m breathing,
I’m lengthening my tailbone towards my right heel. I’m feeling awesome,
so I just stay here. Or I try that modified Half Moon by engaging my core
and the right inner thigh, pressing into my foundation and lifting that
right leg up high. Gonna turn on
that outer hip here. Breathe, breathe, breathe. Remember the neck is
an extension of the spine so equidistant between
each earlobe and shoulder. Breathe, wiggle
the right fingertips, maybe lift your
right leg a little higher. And then soften with control,
bring everything down. Come back to that
Tabletop Position. Awesome, inhale, look forward. And exhale, Child’s Pose. Awesome, bring the
knees wide, big toes to touch or toes come in
towards the center and just melt your heart
here, melt your forehead. Inhale deeply. And exhale and everything go. So keep the
lower body where it is, we’re just gonna lift the chest. You wanna slide the
right hand underneath and thread the needle. So right fingertips
come in and underneath the bridge of your left arm. You’re just gonna turn,
you can lift the hips up high to get a deeper stretch. And if you need a
little more you can create a little resistance by
bending your left elbow. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. (breathing deeply) Nice, then slowly
come back to center. Same thing on the other side,
left fingertips slide in. So the bum really lifts up so
you can get a deeper stretch here and create
more flexibility. And if you’re
craving a little more you can use that right hand
to press the right elbow up. See if you can keep (mumbles) consciousness in the feet. Breathe deep. Awesome, try to move
from your center, your core, even here as you
come back, unravel. Awesome, then
we’ll walk the knees in underneath the hip points. We’ll cross one ankle
over the other, any ankle. And then use your hands to
walk it all the way through. You’re gonna send the
legs out in front of you. Sorry buddy. Paschimottanasana here we go,
bend the knees a little bit, sit up nice and tall, toes are
pointing up towards the sky. Inhale, reach the
fingertips up high. And then exhale,
think up and over, draw your navel in and up. And if your belly is
kind of in the way there, welcome to the club. Just be loving, loving, loving. Think about activating
and working for yourself rather than oh man,
my belly’s in the way I can’t do this pose. Right, drop the pose and then find the sensation that feels really awesome,
feels really good for you. So bow your head down. If you are working on
straightening legs, awesome, you do that, if you’re
here and this is like oh amazing for your back. So some people will be
working more on flexibility, some people will be aiming more for that controlled movement. The fact of the
matter is, it’s all good. This time, however
you choose to spend it, is time well spent if
it’s with your breath, cultivating some mindfulness. (exhaling) And some love for your body. We’ll take one
final breath here. I encourage you
to close your eyes. Just go inward for a second,
notice what’s going on, what thoughts are coming up. (breathing deeply) Sweet, then we’ll slowly release and same thing, with
control, slowly roll it up. Head is the last
thing to lift up high. Fabulous, and then this is
gonna be yogi’s choice today. You can cross the ankles and
come to end your practice today in a nice meditation pose, or you can begin to lay down. Maybe you’re doing this
on the Find What Feels Good membership so a video
won’t pop up right away. So you choose how to want to
end your practice. And then we’ll all just bring
our hands to the heart center. So if you’re on
your back you can take one hand on the heart
and one hand on the belly. And if you’re
seated up tall like me you can bring the
palms together, Anjali Mudra. Alright, take a second
to appreciate yourself, this time that you took for mind and body. And then send some
love out to all the people all over the world
practicing this with us. Every person, every pet. And any other spirits that
might be practicing with us. To all the climbers, to all
the wanna be climbers like me, and to this valuable
time to just cultivate balance and flexibility in
the body, you rock. Here we go, bring the
thumbs up to the third eye and take a deep breath in. And as you exhale
bow, head to heart. We say, namaste. (upbeat music)


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