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– What’s up, party people and welcome to
Yoga with Adriene. I’m Adriene, and that’s Benji, and today we have
yoga for diabetes. So, this is great
for anyone with diabetes but this is also
great for everyone because we’re stimulating
healthy functions in the body. So, hop into something comfy, grab a buddy if you have
one, if not, don’t worry, and let’s get started. (upbeat music) Alright, my friends,
let’s begin in a nice, comfortable seat, super chill. We’re gonna ease into this because we really
need to take our time to tap into the breath
for this to really feel good and be worth our time. And use it to feel good and the tools of yoga,
I truly believe in them. They’re very
powerful for healing and for transformation for
creating change in the body. So, it’s worth taking our time. So, if you’re kinda
like begrudgingly doing this or maybe you thought
you didn’t have time, let’s just start
off nice and slow so that you can
find what feels good. And again, just make the
most out of this practice. Really, as I like
to say sometimes, get your money’s worth. Which, it’s a free video, so I don’t know what
that means, but you know. So, right away, if you notice that it’s a bit difficult
to sit up nice and tall, that means maybe your spine
is collapsing back, like so. See if you can pause the video and sit up on a pillow
or a blanket or a towel, maybe even a couch
cushion sometimes is nice. Because we want to create
length up through the spine so that we can start to
establish this awareness. This is gonna be super
important as we work today because we’re
not just considering major muscle groups, right? We’re considering
all the systems of the body that work in tandem. So when you feel like
you are finally working at least towards a nice
length up through the spine, maybe consider head over
heart, heart over pelvis. Now, go ahead
and close your eyes. Trust me, trust yourself. Trust the video. And start to notice your breath. Creating a strong relationship
with your breath is… Such a healing tool. And it’s not just
some kind of yoga, spiritual mumbo jumbo,
this is science. We can change
the nervous system, we can change the way our… We can literally
change the makeup of our body just by creating a strong
relationship with our breath. So, just start to notice
your breath, take your time. And see if you can
really try to find stillness. Try to allow your energy to be still. Even if the world around you or maybe your
location is a bit distracting. See if you can just do your best to come into this present
moment, notice your breath. Sit up nice and tall. And as you’re ready,
begin to breath a little deeper, a little more full. Good, then we’ll
draw the chin to the chest keep breathing nice full breath. And start to
activate the upper back body. So, you’re bringing your
shoulder blades together here. Imagine pinching a pencil between your two
shoulder blades here. So, you’re drawing
the chin to the chest, and you’re activating
the upper back body. And you’re gonna
take your right hand over to your left knee, and your left fingertips behind. Feel free to peek at
me whatever you need. That’s the process
of this exchange. So, it’s all good,
anytime you need to look. And then come
back chin to chest, and then take
a deep breath in, and then exhale,
activate the upper back body. Tuck the chin, and
then slowly roll the chin, up, up, up, lengthen
through the crown of the head, and ooh, voila,
you’re in a twist. Now, breathe
into your belly here. Like, breathe into the
deepest depths of your guts and sit up nice and tall. Keep trying to
activate the upper back body so we’re not rounding here, letting the shoulder
blades go left to right, but we’re really activating,
activating, activating. Inhale, lift up
through the armpit chest area, and then exhale,
come back to center. Great, take a deep breath in. And exhale chin to chest. Activate the
upper back body here. Notice where your thoughts go and see if you can just
allow yourself this time and this space to
be with your body, trusting that this process is worth it,
that you’re worth it. Alright, and when you’re ready, left hand over
to the right knee, right fingertips
come behind your bum. Again, activate
the upper back body. So, a tendency is to just let the upper back body
really round forward. So, counter that a
bit the best you can. And then here we go, we’ll begin to tuck the chin, tuck the chin, and slowly begin to tuck
and lift it all the way up. So, it’s really nice to
come into a twist from here because we’re really working
from the base of the spine up, moving from our
center rather than just cranking into the pose. Your organs, everything’s
just so much happier and more involved in the process when we work in this way. It’s about integrating
everything, and if you’re like, “I don’t know what
you’re talking about, Lady,” that’s okay, just
trust in the process. Trust that I know what I’m
talking about, that’s hilarious. Take a deep breath in,
really breathe into your belly. What’s up, Benji? Lift up through the open chest. Again, notice if
you’re leaning back or the upper back
body is rounding forward. So, that’s why I’m being like, “Lift up from the armpit chest,
here breathe, breathe, breathe.” Sweet, and then slowly
release everything back. Awesome, flip the palms up, bring the index finger
and thumb together. We’re coming into
a little mudra here. And then activate your biceps
and show off your muscles. No, I’m just kidding. Relax your arms,
and lift your heart. Alright, this is super
challenging, even for me. I’ve got a lot
going on right now, I have a lot to
get through today. But see if you can
afford yourself this time, and it is a practice
to just close your eyes and soften the jaw and listen
to the sound of your breath. Here we go. (softly breathing) Beautiful, and then take
that listening of your breath with you into this next movement you’ll bat the eyelashes open, keep listening to
the sound of your breath all the way through,
you release the mudra, and just slowly
extend the legs out long. Now, you’re gonna maybe
wanna keep the knees bent, it’ll just depend on your body. Maybe straighten the
legs out super long, maybe not. Take a deep breath in here,
and then as you exhale, press in your heels and flex
your toes up towards the sky. Bring your hands to the earth. If you’re seated on
a blanket or a block, take it with you here,
sit up nice and tall. We wanna come out
of the spine here, we’re wanting to create a
posture that is working for us and for our systems
and not against us. So, not collapsing and
crunching on everything. But we find a lightness, right? We kind of let go from
that heaviness that way. And if you’re
new to the practice, this can be difficult,
this can feel like work and then you feel like, “Aw, I’m a loser because
sitting up like this is hard.” But you’re not,
dude, you’re amazing. And hats off to
you for taking the time to practice like this,
so big breath in. We call this Dandasana. We’re creating a staff,
Staff Pose is what it’s called, or danda, Sanskrit for stick. This stick or staff, hey, yo! That runs up and down the spine. So crown to tail, so
just to give you that image. And the knees can be bent here if the hamstrings are
still working their way to a nice long muscle. They’re tricky, take
one more deep breath here. And then here we go, activate
the upper back body again. Draw the shoulder blades
together, lift your chest, and then try to keep that, as
you maybe bend the knees here, and slowly send
your heart forward. Now, release your
fingers, reach forward, reach forward, reach forward, and then let
everything go forward fold. Relax the head over,
in time you can work to straighten the legs. Wanting to create nice, stretch in the lower back body. So, don’t fear
bending your knees as generously as you need. And then close your
eyes, just go inward. Listen to your breath. (softly breathing) Awesome, tuck the
chin, slowly roll it up. Fabulous, we’re gonna
lean back, cross the legs, then shift your weight
forward, come onto all fours. Nice and easy here,
you’re gonna drop the elbows down to the ground, and
then there’s a tendency here, the elbows are gonna
wanna come out or come in so, try to keep them in right
underneath your shoulders, and try to be
really diligent about that. Then claw through the fingertips and the reason why
we wanna keep the elbows right underneath the shoulders
is to keep a nice alignment to open up the
chest and shoulders, but also to help flush or
move the lymphatic system. So, keep your
elbows pinned to the ground as you begin to slowly
walk your knees back. We’re coming into
a half Downward Dog. The elbows are gonna wanna move. So, take your time melting
your chest to the ground. Maybe the forehead
comes to the mat, maybe not. Everyone, please lift the
hip creases up super high, find a tilt in the pelvis, and we come to Heart To
Earth Pose, Anahatasana, or again, like a
half Dog, Puppy posture. So, the heart is
coming below the hips and the head is
coming below the heart. And we’re clawing
through the fingertips and we’re pressing
into the tops of the feet for one more deep breath in. And a long
breath out, let it go. Nice, once again, tuck the chin. Slowly begin to lift the
ribcage up, come forward. You’re gonna shift your weight
all the way onto your belly. Sweet, and the
elbows never moved. So, we’re here in Sphinx Pose. So, you can make
adjustments as needed so that your belly
and the tops of the thighs and your pelvic
area feel comfortable. But then find a
strong foundation. So, press that which
is touching the earth into the mat really
firmly with consciousness and we’re not just letting
our body kind of spill out, but really engaging,
whatever that means to you. And then slowly tuck the
chin, and lift the chest. And open, open, open
the front body forward. So not crunching the
back of the neck here, but I’m keeping nice awareness
in the back of the neck so it’s nice and long. Take one more
deep breath in here, and then exhale nice
and slow, don’t rush this. Simply turn to look
past your left shoulder. Now as you do this, press
into your right elbow firmly and feel that stretch in
the right side of your neck. Lengthen through the
crown, one more breath. Then slowly bring it back
to center, deep breath in. Then exhale, turn to look
past your right shoulder. As you do this, firmly
press into your left elbow. Breathe, breathe, breathe, and then bring it
back to center, awesome. Take a little rest in the arms by creating a
pillow for your forehead by bringing the palms
just one on top of the other, and then you’re
gonna lift the toes up, peek at me if you need to. Feel a nice little
stretch in your quads maybe, and then you’re
just gonna rock your toes a little left to right here. (softly breathing) So, letting go of
the stress or tension, easy breezy shapes like this, although they might
seem awkward at first, they’re really, really good for just letting go
of stress and tension. When you think of this
shape, we’re kind of here, the same sort of
shape that we created when were a child,
carefree, innocent. Sweet, alright, we’re
gonna release the toes down just for a little stability. We’re gonna bring the hands now in line with the ribcage. And as you’re ready, press
one foot down in the other, loop the shoulders, suck the
elbows into your side body and inhale, lift up Cobra. Exhale, forehead kisses the mat. Twice more,
inhale, lift up, Cobra. See if you can softly
smooth out any tension, any gripping,
and exhale, release. And this time, tuck the chin
as you rise up, inhale, Cobra. And exhale to
release, beautiful. Now, stay here, forehead’s
gonna come to the ground. Alright, with the
hands firmly pressing in, right in line with the ribcage,
suck the elbows in, Bend the knees,
lift the toes up. Here we go, now with
the toes lifted this time, we’re gonna find our
Cobra, tuck the chin, press into the pubic
bone and inhale, lift. Now, here’s where you
have to bring the breath, breathe into your belly. Send lots of
breath and awareness into the back body, the kidneys. Keep the elbows
squeezing in here. Careful not to crunch
in the back of the neck. Now, for the
last cycle of breath, we might reach and grab, top of left foot,
top of right foot, loop the shoulders
and inhale. Kick the feet out,
out, out, lift the chest. Breathe into the
belly, you got it. And then release. Awesome work, slowly. We’ll bring the hands
back underneath the shoulders, toes to the earth,
press back up. Walk the knees in
towards the center, and you can either
just sit for a moment, nice comfortable
seat, or Child’s Pose. Forehead comes to the earth,
we round into a little ball. We relax the shoulders
as the fingertips reach all the way back. Just close your eyes
here for three breaths, in and out,
in and out, in and out. (softly breathing) Nice, big fresh breath in, (softly inhales) then exhale (softly exhales) slowly rise back up. Sweet, awesome work. So, we’re gonna
just, nice and easy, we’re gonna come to our bum. So, you’re gonna swing
legs to one side, any side, come to the bum. And then we’re gonna
send the right heel out and we’re gonna
bring the left foot to cross over the right leg. Now, this is optional, if
that’s unavailable to you, if you’re like, “Oh my gosh, no, “my insides
feel too compressed,” just keep it nice and open here. Otherwise, cross
that left foot over. Find lift here, try to keep
your full left foot pressing into the earth,
and when you’re ready, reach the right
fingertips up super high. Find a stretch in
the right side body, this feeling of length and lift, and then try to maintain that as you bring your
right elbow across, then find a little bind here. Go ahead bring your
right hand into a fist here and just create
a little pressure. So, you’re
pressing the right elbow into the left knee and
then you’re pushing back with your left leg. See, you create a little
fulcrum, a little base here for your twist and the
left fingertips come back, and you breathe into your belly. Right toes towards the sky. You can start to
release the grip on your fist unless you felt really
cool there, then stay there. Maybe you even
take another mudra. Otherwise,
opening through the palm, we’re wanting to activate the
upper back body once again. So, this would be the
opposite of that here. Activate upper back body. Imagine again pinching a pencil between your shoulder blades. I feel like that image is
kind of annoying but it works. Draw the
shoulder blades together. Take one more deep breath here, and then exhale, slowly release. Left leg goes out long,
right knee comes in. Alright, again,
you can stay here, breathing deep, breathing deep. Or, cross it over,
let’s give it a try. If you cross over, really work, and it might take
some time to press through the full right foot. So, I see this all the time. Even in
experienced yogis, it’s like, press down through the earth so that you have a
place to lift up from. Create a full body experience. Alright, and here we go,
left fingertips reach up high, reach, stretch, create length, that feeling of
lift and lengthening. And then maintain that as you
go inward, left elbow comes. And then we’re not just like, “Okay, check it off the list.” We’re creating a
little energy here, pressing the
arm against the leg, and then again, back
with the leg against the arm. Go ahead and take a fist here
to create some energy there. Right fingertips come back and we don’t lean
back as much as we want to. We wanna sit up nice and tall. Sit up on a
blanket or block as needed, flex your left
toes up towards the sky, and then activate
the upper back body here, and breathe downward,
breathe into your belly. Inhaling lots of love in. And exhaling lots of love out. Inhaling lots of love in. And exhaling to
come back to center. Rock ‘n roll,
inhale, exhale, let it go. Unravel the legs and come
onto your back, nice work. When you get there, feel your spine nice
and supported by the earth. You’re gonna bend the knees and you’re gonna walk the heels
up towards your fingertips. So, you’re gonna reach back,
see if you can kind of gauge where your
fingertips and heels meet and then plant your feet
there, toes pointing forward. And create a little
energy between the inner thighs by lifting the tailbone up. So, you can feel this
little rock of the pelvis, it’s kinda sex-ay. And you’re gonna
scoop the tailbone up, squeezing your
thighs towards the midline. So basically, we’re
engaging the lower body, and when you’re ready, press
in all four corners of the feet and slowly begin to continue
that line of the tailbone, lifting all the
way up, up, up, up. So, a lot of us know this shape, but it’s how we get
there that really matters here, how we integrate
the body, move slowly, working our way all
the way up the spine, breathing deep, pressing
the palms into the earth. Don’t let the neigh– knees goes out, the
neighs, (mimics horse neighing). Or don’t let your
knees come in but keep them nice and stacked, or
at least feeling that way. And then continue your
journey all the way up. And now, here we’re doing
a different chin to chest, but still that same lock. You might
interlace the fingertips and slowly open up
through the chest a little more by walking the shoulder
blades once again together, and then lift,
keep lifting the hips up but think about
sending them forward. Not just up and
back but forward. Try to reach the
bottom of your glutes towards the backs of your knees. Alright, now try to
lift your chest to your chin and now your chin to the sky. You should feel really awesome
in the back of the neck. One more time, you got this. Keep pressing into the
ball joint of your big toes, lift your chest to your chin, and chin to the sky, awesome. Nice and slow, so,
resist the slingshot effect, as my friend, Marnie, would say. Release the fingers slowly and then get a
little massage in the spine. This is also great for
your glutes, your booty, which is also great for
your back, so nice and slow. Lower down nice and slow. Nice and slow. Nice and slow. Tight, bring the feet together, soles of the feet come to kiss, you open the knees out wide, Supta Baddha Konasana,
Reclined Cobbler’s Pose. Just let your hands rest gently on your ribcage or you belly, close your eyes and breathe
nice, long healing full breaths. That’s right, Benji. Alright, we have one
more posture to do together. So take a deep
breath into your belly. Feel your hands
rise as you breath in. And then exhale,
release the hands, bring them into the
outer edges of legs. Bring the knees together. So, we’re gonna go into a
little bit of a Plow variation. But this is a deep stretch so it’s more about
me showing it to you as somewhere to work toward. So, here we go. I’m gonna start by first hugging
the knees into the chest. Scooping the
tailbone up, maybe find soft, easy movement
here that feels good so that you know you can
always rock and roll here. Okay. Just like I did
before with my Bridge Pose, I’m gonna bring the feet down, I’m gonna press the
palms into the earth, I’m gonna bring
my shoulder blades underneath my heart space,
and then nice and easy, I’m gonna claw
through the fingertips, I’m gonna lift up off the heels, just press in the toes, and I’m gonna use that
liftoff to bring the knees up and use the same
momentum to keep the toes going, anchor my navel down,
and continue to press up. So, maybe the toes can go
behind the head, maybe not. These pockets are wack, sorry. Oh yeah, this is awesome. Okay, sorry, and
then breathing deep, breathing deep here. You might activate
the upper back body again. So we’re drawing the
chin towards the chest, activating the upper back body, hands will maybe
come to the lower back, or stay firmly planted. Now, I wanna keep it real. If you’re watching right
now, going, “Yeah right.” I’m showing you this so
we can work towards this. Another variation
here that might be nice is to bend the knees, bring them
by the ears, and breathe deep. ‘Kay come out of the posture, you’re gonna engage navel
to spine, Uddiyana Bandha, hands on the earth
or on the lower back, and you’re just
gonna slowly come out of it just the way you
did in Bridge Pose. Nice and slow with control,
coming down the spine. And then afterwards,
you’ll open the knees, come to Supta Baddha Konasana. Hands rest gently on the
belly, or on the ribcage. Okay, so that was a lot, but that’s like where
we are headed in this. And and I think it’s really… It’s really kind of like my
number one for this practice, what I would
recommend working towards. Maybe I’ll talk about
that more in the description or in the community boards, but. Alright, so here in
Supta Baddha Konasana, if you wanna go ahead
and give that one more try, I’ll give you some
time now to do that. Maybe you repeat a Bridge Pose, instead of the Plow
pose, or the Halasana. But if you wanna go there, maybe you take a
second now to check it out. Otherwise, we’ll just stay in
that Reclined Cobbler’s Pose. And then if you’re in Halasana, activate your core, lift
and come to the mat slowly, and slowly, nice
and slow make your way all the way back down. We’ll meet our friends
with our knees nice and wide, hands resting on the
ribcage or the belly. Take a deep breath in, everyone. And this time, exhale
out through the mouth. Come on, don’t be
shy, big breath in. (softly inhales) And exhale out
through the mouth. (softly exhales) Interlace the fingertips,
bring them behind the head. Extend the thumbs, give yourself
a little neck massage here. So now the arms and the legs
are mirroring each other. Again, use your
thumbs to really press into the back of
the head, the neck. And close your eyes and
imagine you’re somewhere that you just
love that’s like total just relaxation and peace,
restoration, rejuvenation. Nice, and then
when you’re ready, slowly release the hands and extend the
legs out one at a time. Turn the toes in and out. In and out. And then create, make
any adjustments you need to create a little more space and ease the neck and shoulders. Rock your head gently
side to side if it feels good. And then soften
through the fingers and toes, soften through the
skin of the face, and then take the deepest
breath you’ve taken all day. (softly inhales) And use your
exhale to relax the weight of your body completely
and fully into the mat. (softly exhales) Awesome work, my friends. Thank you so much
for sharing your time and your energy with me and
the Yoga With Adriene community. I hope that you
stick with the practice so that you can discover
the powerful tools of yoga in the way that I have or in
the way that your body needs. And yeah,
share this with someone you think might enjoy it. And I’ll see you next time. Namaste. (upbeat music)


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