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– Hi everyone and
welcome to Yoga With Adriene. I’m Adriene and that’s Benji and today we have
yoga for gardeners. So this is a big request but of course in
true Yoga With Adriene, Find What Feels Good
form this practice is for everyone so the actual gardener or the metaphorical
gardener as I’m calling it. So hop into something
comfy and let’s get started. (gentle music) Alrighty, let’s
begin today seated. If you brought a
blankey or a towel to practice, you can sit up
on your blanket now. Allowing the hips to lift and
the knees to just kind of fall down from the hip
points just a bit. So don’t be afraid to really
lift the hips up nice and high. And take your time
getting settled in here. Thank you so
much for joining me, for sharing your time and energy
with me and with all the awesome people who are practicing
with us around the world. Just planting that seed,
no pun intended, that when you practice, you
are taking time to connect to yourself but also
to the big picture. To your community.
To society. Hopefully by now you’re
getting settled in in a nice cross-legged position with
your towel or blanket or not. We’re gonna start by taking the
left hand and bringing it right over the heart center here. And then the right
hand right to the belly. Here we go,
sit up nice and tall, tuck your chin just slightly so
you can right away start to feel this length in the neck. And bring your attention or your awareness
to your breath. We’ll take a moment
here to close the eyes, relax the
shoulders and just pause. Let go of the day thus far. And really take this time for yourself to
reconnect to the earth. Nice deep breaths here. Just slowing everything down. Take one more cycle of breath
here to just connect with how you’re feeling today, notice. And then slowly
bat the eyelashes open. Release your
hands to your knees. Welcome Benji, thanks
for showing up to play today. And we’re gonna begin
to move with the breath. So you’re gonna inhale,
open the chest, heart comes forward. And exhale, round through
the spine, chin to chest. And then inhale,
come forward and then exhale,
round through. So today I invite you
to bring some awareness, some energy to your toes as you
do this little gentle vinyasa. Use the connection of the hands
on the knees to create a little fulcrum when you
need maybe just to go a little deeper in
the sensation. And then soften you gaze or
close your eyes so you can start to pay attention to
the sensation in your hips, the hip socket and
even around the piriformis, the glute depending on your body
you might start to feel a nice little massage there. We’re gonna do this a little bit
longer than usual today so you can just start to
notice feet, ankles, knees, thigh bones, getting into that
hip socket as I mentioned. Belly, abdominal wall,
and then shoulders. How can we get the
shoulders involved? Finding your spinal flexion. Inhale in, you can think Cow
Pose and then as you exhale in come around and
back you can think Cat. Once again, softening your gaze
or closing your eyes so you can really, just kind of helps you
bring your attention inward to the sensations that
I’m aiming to guide you to. And then when you’re ready you
decide and enjoy this switch, the transition, you’re
gonna reverse the circle and try to find something new. And then really
find what feels good for these last rounds on this side. Get a little freaky is kind of a
great way of thinking about it. Like you want to kind of
look and feel a little silly. So we’re not repeating
the same things but each time finding
something new. Mmmm, should feel really good. But if you’re nervous or
you’re new to the practice, just don’t worry about looking
silly or feeling strange. See if you can try to
move past that a little bit, even if it’s just an inch. Oh yeah, oh yeah. And then back to
center where we go. It’s amazing how
something so small can just make such a difference. That felt good to me anyway. Here we go, hands
come back to the heart. Inhale, use this
Mudra here to lift the sternum up to the thumbs. Great, now interlace the
fingertips and we’re gonna slowly send the
knuckles all the way out. Palms are gonna face
towards you to start. So palms are gonna open, face
towards you and you’re gonna open the elbow
creases up towards the sky. Thumbs up or down,
yogi’s choice. Okay, upper arm bones are
rotating away from the ears, out and down. So like this (mimics creaking). ‘Kay, imagine that hip socket. And then pressing
through the wrist, you should be able to feel this
in the forearms and you want to try to keep your heart
or your sternum lifted here. Draw the navel in so
you’re connected to your center. Just helps you
sit up nice and tall. Beautiful for meditation or
for our work in the garden. And then check it out,
we’re gonna inhale, exhale, flip. Palms go forward,
thumbs down or in, yogi’s choice and you’re gonna
try to maintain that rotation of the upper arm bone out. So try not to come here. But lift up through all
four sides of the torso. You got it,
one more breath, inhale. Nice, then exhale, break free. Right fingertips are
gonna come all the way around. Left palm’s gonna come to the
outer edge of your right leg and we’re gonna find a twist. Breathing in, lifting up nice
and tall through the chest and breathing out, gazing
over the right shoulder. One more time, inhale. Lift and lengthen. And exhale to journey a
little bit more into your twist. Hold on to your center. Awesome, we’re gonna come
all the way back to center. Release, palms come
together at the heart. Awesome,
interlace the fingertips. Then send the knuckles
all the way away from you. Open up through the palms. Upper arm bones rotate out,
heart lifts up. Press, press, press. Wrists forward so you
feel that awesome stretch through the forearm.
Deep breath in. Exhale, flip it out. Palms press forward, we
stretch through the palms here. Upper arm bones still
maintaining that snuggily outward rotation. Yes, then take a deep breath in. Exhale, release fingers. Left fingertips come all the
way behind and right arm comes all the way over. Find a little connection to
the outer edge of your left leg. Notice how this side could
be different here so inhale, sit up nice and tall. Just careful not to
go through the motions. Pay attention. Stick with the sensation
and then exhale, twist. Sweet, inhale,
lift and lengthen. Draw your navel
in and up just a bit. And then exhale, twist. Awesome, inhale to
come back to center. Palms back at the heart. Anjuli Mudra. Just close your eyes,
find your breath. Beautiful, now we’re
gonna send both fingertips out. Right hand’s
gonna come just to the tops of your left fingertips. You’re gonna
stretch through the palm. So you’re holding your
center fingers depending on how many fingers you have. You’re gonna hold
your center fingers and let your outer fingers
stretch, stretch, stretch. And you know you can do
different variations of this depending on what’s going on
in your body but if you’re just doing this for preventative
care you can try my variation. And then switch. Left hand comes to the
tops of the fingers here. Then you’re gonna try to spread
the outer fingers left to right. So for most, not all people,
it would be thumb and pinky reaching out
kinda like hang loose. Yes! And then here we go,
release that knuckles. Hands come into fists, knuckles
are gonna draw big circles all the way around. Then take ’em all
the way to the sides. Big, big, big and then allow
them to get bigger from here. Connecting to the shoulder. And then reverse. Great and then left
hand’s gonna come to the heart. Right hand’s gonna
come all the way forward, and around and over to the left. So we’re basically back in that
twist pose but left hand is on the heart and right
fingertips reaching forward. Breathe here, close your eyes
and let your breath be really big and wide here. So what do I mean by that? See if you can feel all four
sides of your torso kind of expand, your rib cage
expand as you breath in. And shoulders
soften as you breath out. One more time,
you got it. Inhale. Breathe into the rib cage. And exhale, shoulders come down. Awesome, release the left hand. Nice and easy.
You’re gonna bring it to the outer edge of your
right arm bone. (laughs) Shoulder. And then here we go,
we know this stretch. You might slide it all
the way over to the wrist. You might stay here. Find what feels good. Breath into the upper back body. We’re gonna move to the
lower back in just a sec. Awesome, release. Right hand comes
to your heart center. Feel the warmth of
your hand on your heart. The beauty of yoga. We spin all these plates off the
mat and then the yoga practice asks us to spin plates
but in a way that feels good. Preparing us for all
the time off the mat. Left fingertips now
reach all the way across. Again, you’re
essentially in this bind, this twist that we did before. The right hand’s on the
heart, left fingertips forward. Here we go, so we’re
strengthening the midline here. Inhale. And exhale. Might be a little uncomfortable. Inhale. Breathe into the
rib cage and exhale. Breathing into the lats. Stretching through
the rhomboids, one more. Inhale, feel the
expansion through your rib cage. And exhale, relax
the shoulders down. Great work. Right arm comes around and we
can find this connection right palm to the outer arm. Maybe up at the top
or all the way here. You might know
this from gym class. Breathe deep. Awesome and then slowly release. We’re gonna slowly, gently,
lovingly come on to all fours now for a couple more Cat-Cows. So we did the
seated spinal flex. We’re gonna do just a few more. And use the blanket or
the towel you brought to class here to pad the knees. Why not? When you get there,
move with your breath. Nice and slow. You’re gonna inhale,
drop the belly, scoop the heart forward. You might pause here today. Take a breath or two. Try to find those
wide torso breaths. And then on an exhale, whenever
you’re ready you can round through, close your eyes. And then just flow through
a couple times on your own. Feeling your breath. Feeling your body. Feeling yo’self. You can, of course, veer off
the railroad tracks at any time. Bumping the hips left to right. Clawing through the fingertips. Checking in with
the head, the neck. Awesome and then when you feel
satisfied go ahead and work your way back to a
nice neutral spine. And you’re gonna just walk
both hands over towards the left side of your mat. Walk your knees in
towards the center. So not super drastic but
just over towards the left side because then you’re gonna
slowly kick your right leg out. Connect to your core here. Just kick, kick, kick. And then you’re gonna
slowly bring it in and step it all the way up. So the left hands are towards the left of the arch
of your right foot. So we’re not framing the hand
here but we’re kind of in a modified Lizard Pose
here and you have the padding on the knee here. So once you get there,
check to make sure your front knee’s over
your front ankle. And then when you’re set plant through all four
corners of the feet. Press away from the yoga mat so
you’re not collapsing into the earth here but there’s integrity
in the spine and the torso. And then you’re just gonna
really gently pull the right hip crease back just
a bit and breathe. If the wrists are still
sensitive or building strength in the wrist you
can come on to the fists here. And so now we’re starting to
feel opening through the front of the left hit crease,
the psoas. We’re connected by drawing our
lower belly just in and up a hair and again peeling
through the right hip crease. So peeling back
through that right hip crease. Maybe take your gaze forward. And then maybe draw a line
with your nose all the way past your right shoulder. Let your right knee
hug in towards the midline. Take one more breath. Lovely and then
slowly come back. You’re just gonna
come right back out the same way you went in. So you’re gonna plant the
palms, connect to your center, shift the hips back and then
slowly bring the right knee to kiss the left and
then walk the hands, the palms over towards
the right side of your mat. Here we go, find your
core here as you kick out through the left foot. Straighten through the left leg. Beautiful, kick, kick, kick. Find length, space and then as
you’re ready navel draws in and up as you slowly squeeze the
left knee in towards the chest, the heart and then step it up. Great, check to make sure your
front knee’s over front ankle. Can adjust the palms
any which way you like. Find that integrity through
all four sides of the torso. So careful not to
collapse here into the stretch. But you actually can create more
stability in your muscles by slowly working your way to a
nice connection to your center and through you midline
so that you can hold yourself up with more ease. So this is, believe it or not,
a good one for those who do yard work or
anything like that. Any really chore where
we want to be working for ourselves and
not against. Right? So in case anyone did not catch
that is what I’m talking about is notice if you’re kind of
collapsing into the stretch. (groans) Letting gravity do the
work or if you are maintaining a connection to your
midline throughout. So holding yourself up. And it can be hard work at
first but with more practice it becomes easier. Activating, pulling
the left hip crease back. And then as you’re ready
sending your gaze forward. And then as you’re ready
slowly turning to look past your left shoulder. Breathe. Breathe. Nice and then slowly come back. We’ll release. Just the same way we came in
so stay connected to your core, bring that left knee back. And then you’re gonna come
hands as wide as the yoga mat. Knees as wide as the yoga
mat or your blanket or towel. Big toes to touch. Send the hips back. Extended Child’s Pose. Close your eyes here,
find your breath. Surrender heart to earth. Let the sound of your breath
nurture and ground you here. And then see if you
can really start to breathe into the lower back body. Whatever that means to you. (breathing rhythmically) Good, now slowly press
into the tops of the feet. We’ll shift
gears coming back up. We’re gonna walk the hands
underneath the wrists here. Keep the knees where they are. You’re gonna turn
the left fingers all the way around and out. Right fingers all the way around
and out and then we’re gonna press away from the yoga mat,
curl the toes under, and lean back. And you might
find, oh, no, this is it. This is how far I’ll go back. Or maybe you can go
a little further back, walking the hands in. So just notice
where you are today. No need to push here one bit. And then for those who aren’t
actually gardeners or do any gardening in reality, we’ll take
our metaphorical gardeners and we’re gonna do a big,
big lion’s breath here. So shedding anything
that’s not serving us. Letting go of anything that we
just don’t need any more so that we have the energy and the time
and the space but really the right mindset
to plant new seeds, to allow new things to come in. So here we go. Really stretching
through the fascia of the foot. Of course, stretching
through the arms here. Take a big inhale
to lift your chest. Open, nice wide collarbones. You look forward,
inhale in through the nose. And exhale,
stick your tongue out, send your gaze
up towards the sky. One more, big inhale. We got it. Let it roar. Awesome, with
control press into your toes. Shift forward
nice and slow guys. Walk the palms back up. Great, walk the knees back in. And swing the legs
to one side, any side. Come to a seat. Great, send your
legs in front of you. And if you need to
take some Thriller arms, go for it. Fabulous, as you’re ready you’re
gonna pick up your right knee. Right foot firmly
planted into the earth. Great, hug you’re right knee
with your left elbow and send your right fingertips behind. Inhale to lift and lengthen. Exhale, journey into your twist. Flex through your left foot. Spread your left toes. Inhale, sit up nice and tall. Exhale, slowly
coming all the way back. Keep the right foot,
right knee where it is. Inhale, reach up towards the
sky with your right fingertips. Think up and over as you reach
all the way over either towards your left shin or the
outer edge of your left leg, outer edge of your left ankle
or maybe in time all the way to grab the outer
edge of your left foot. Now squeeze the right
knee in as much as you can. And left hand can come gently on
the ground here or you can take it into a little bind bringing
left fingertips to the front of the right hip crease or
maybe just to lower back. Send breath and love
to your lower back as you relax the head over, bow gently. And then slowly
release and we’ll switch. Right leg goes out,
left leg comes in. Firmly plant left foot to
the ground with consciousness. And then hug, hook your
right elbow to your left knee. Sit up nice and tall. Flex through your right toes. In fact, spread the right toes. And nice, easy twist here. Big inhale. Exhale, look past
your left shoulder. Benji is so cute today. It’s like a little donkey. Inhale one more time. Sit up nice and tall, smile. And exhale, twist. Awesome, slowly
bring it back to center. Regroup, find a nice
connection to your midline. Then left fingertips
reach all the way up. Create length and space and then
think up and over as you either grab the outer
edge of your right leg, right ankle, or in time all
the way to grab the right foot. Then when you have your bind,
wherever it may be, squeeze left knee in. Then right hand can come
to the earth for stability. Creating a little extra
length here for this bind. Or in time you can reach around, grab the front of
the left hip crease. If you’re new to the practice,
there’s a lot going on here, it’s all good. We have literally millions
of people practicing so don’t be judgmental.
Be kind. I’m offering options
always for many different types of
moods and bodies. So it’s awesome because you
can really get thrust into the driver’s seat of your home
practice in a way that will hopefully keep you coming back. Alright, one more breath. And then exhale, release. That said, it’s not always easy. We’re gonna bring the soles of
the feet together here for our final upright posture. You’re gonna bring the thumbs
to the arches of the feet here. And yep, you guessed it
a little sensual massage. No, just kidding but
a little self massage. You can make it sensual. Like I said, you are
in the driver’s seat. And all jokes aside
this is a great metaphor. Particularly if you’re one of the metaphorical
gardeners here today. But you are responsible, right? The yoga
practice teaches us this. You are in charge
of your experience. Can you control everything? Of course not. But can you control how you
react and how you move and how you brace yourself? And the quality
of your experience? Absolutely. Okay, after a little sensual
massage, just kidding. After your self massage,
you’re gonna grab the ankles. Upper arm bones,
think about the joint here. So the joint’s gonna
go in and around and down. You’re gonna lift your chest. Cobbler’s Pose. Inhale in, lift your chest,
open your throat. And exhale, slowly
sending the heart forward. You can use the elbows here
to press the legs down gently. You can also grab the
toes if that feels better. Eventually you’re
gonna allow the weight of the head mindfully to bow. Feeling that full
release in the back body. Now take a quiet moment to
connect to your heart space. Whatever that means to you. Maybe it’s just
listening to your breath. As you inhale, feel the skin
of your back body stretch. And as you exhale, plant the
sits bones down to the earth and grow, eh?
Up super tall through the spine. So good, yoga works, man! Hopefully you’re feeling good. If not, let’s keep going. We’re gonna slowly release. Bring the knees
in toward center. So the blanket’s gonna,
or the pillow is gonna either become, sorry. Your blanket or towel’s going
to become a pillow for your head or you could roll it up
to put it behind the legs. Or sometimes it’s nice to put
it on tops of the hip creases. But if that’s your choice we’ll
do that in just a second ’cause we’re gonna end with
a little Supine Twist. So hug the right knee in,
keep the left leg out. Arms are gonna come to cactus
arms here and honor our theme but also just to open up
through the armpit chest. Inhale, exhale, slowly send
your right knee over towards the left side of the body. And if you need to shift
your hips in towards center. From here keep the
right hand where it is. If you want a little more you
can bring the left palm gently to your right leg. Lastly, turning nose
over towards the right. Gaze over to the
right or close your eyes. Inhale. Exhale, relax. Good, inhale to slowly
release and come back to center. And you’re just gonna
switch to the other side. Right leg out, left leg in,
cactus arms. Inhale, breathe into your belly. And exhale,
guiding the left knee, ooh, over towards the right. Shift your hips towards the
middle if you want and then right hand will come down and we’ll turn nose
towards the left. Find release with
your breath, inhale. And let it go. Fabulous. With your breath, inhale. Exhale to slowly release. Do what you will
(clears throat), excuse me. With your blankey. So pillow, maybe cover the eyes, bring it to the
tops of the thighs. You’re gonna
extend the legs out long. Arms placed meticulously
at your sides with the palms facing up. Now close your eyes,
allow your toes to soften. Allow your fingers to just kind
of soften and curl up gently. Then here we go,
one last active breath. Inhale in and exhale, let everything go. Just let your breath be natural. Returning back to
it so it’s regular, ongoing ebb and flow. We’ll take just a couple
quiet moments here to allow the benefits and the nutrients of
our practice to settle in the soil so that when you sit up you
can feel renewed knowing that you took this time for yourself. To learn, to balance, to bring an equilibrium
back to the mind and the body so that
you can evolve and grow. As you’re ready, we’ll gently
begin to deepen the breath. If you want more time here, you can pause the video
and return to this shape. Otherwise you’ll begin to
move your fingers and toes, move the tongue around
the base of the mouth. Then slowly but surely
we’ll take a nice big full body stretch. Again, you can move at
your own pace here, of course. Then as you’re ready, come into
a nice little seedling here so hug the knees into the chest. You might even peel the
nose up towards the knees. And then begin to slowly open
your eyes if you haven’t already and we’re gonna come to one side and then slowly grow
all the way back up. Sitting up nice and
tall through the spine. Of course, bring your hands
together at the heart to close out our practice. Take a moment here
to just feel gratitude for yourself for taking this time. Thank you for sharing your
practice and your energy and your journey with me
and all the beautiful people practicing along here. Leave a comment down below. Tell us how it’s going for you
and if you haven’t already be sure to
subscribe to the channel. I love you guys! We’ll bring thumbs
right up to the third eye, take a deep breath in. And exhale to bow. Namaste. (gentle music)


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