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(bright music) – Hi everyone.
Welcome to Yoga with Adriene. I’m Adriene and that’s Benji
and today we have a yoga quickie that’s targeting the hands,
the fingers and the wrists. We’re gonna begin in
a nice comfortable seat. So come on down to the ground. You can also do this first part
standing or seated on a chair or on the couch. Just want to get to
a position where you can find length in the spine. Now because this
is our precious moment to check in and care for ourselves, it would not
be yoga if we didn’t just take a quiet moment to, again,
lengthen up through the spine. Take just one second
here to close your eyes or soften your gaze and gift yourself right here, right now with a big conscious inhale in through the nose. And a long conscious
exhale out through the nose or mouth, your choice. Let’s do two
more just like that. Big inhale. As you exhale,
gently relax the shoulders. And one more to really
land here present with everything you’ve got.
Big inhale. And empty it out. Alright, gently open
your eyes and let’s begin. Diving right in. We’re gonn
send the fingertips forward. Palms are going to face down. Spread your fingertips super
wide and even though we’re doing a targeted practice today,
remember this is yoga so everything’s all connected here. So as you reach
the fingertips out draw your shoulders
back just a bit. Really lifting up
through the chest. Excellent. Keep spreading
the fingertips here. Notice if you can
spread them a little more like starfish here,
reaching out. Beautiful, then keep spreading
here as you deepen your breath. Excellent.
Now one hand at a time flip the palm face up,
keep spreading the fingertips. Notice if the
shoulders have come forward, just a pattern, draw them back. Imagine your shoulder blades
coming together to support behind your back body. Again, heart
lifting, lifting, lifting. Inhale in and exhale to release. Palms come to the knees. Take a deep breath in here. Long breath out. Again sending
the fingertips forward. Spread the fingertips wide,
draw your shoulders back. This time we’re gonna slowly
send the fingertips up towards the sky and imagine you’re
pressing into a wall here but without letting the
shoulders come forward. So keep this retraction as you
imagine pressing the base of the palm in particular into
an imaginary wall or surface. You should start
to feel a little heat, a little warmth
through the forearms. Notice when the
fingers get tired. See if you can stick with it, keeping the fingers
spread nice and wide. Keep breathing. Deep breath in. Long breath out. Excellent, then rest. Hands come to the knees. Take this quick moment here
to just check in with the jaw. Remember it’s all connected. Soften through the jaw as we
start to work targeted areas you’ll notice some of your
patterns such as shoulders, neck clenching, jaw clenching. Totally normal. We’ll just use this time
to notice and tend to it. Okay, here we go,
sending the fingertips out. Once again, we’re going to flip
fingertips up towards the sky. Imagine pressing your palms
into an imaginary surface. Again, tendency to let the
shoulders come forward here. See if you can
keep that retraction. Great, inhale in, exhale,
you’re gonna dial just the right fingertips all the way down. One hand at a time so
you can really pay attention. And then dial the
left fingertips down. Great, now imagine pressing
again the base of the palm into an imaginary wall or surface. Fingertips reaching down. We’re here for three,
lift your heart. Two, spread the fingertips. One, and rest. Who knew such a simple movement
could create such a sensation? Take a deep breath in. A long breath out and then this
time we’ll send the fingertips forward and then
fingertips up and around so back to where we were. And this time you’re gonna keep
the right palm pressing into your imaginary wall and very
gently take your left fingertips and you’re gonna pull
just the right pinky out. Pull it out.
Pulling out gently. Okay and then ring finger
just pulling down and out. Creating space. Now to the next finger. And to the next finger. And then for the thumb you’re
going to take your right hand bring it on top of your left and
then from there grab the thumb just pull it
out towards the right. Great, release. Shake your
right hand just a bit. Breathe in. Breathe out. Gorgeous, send
the fingertips out. Bring the fingertips up.
Left hand around and down. So back to one right
hand to the left fingers. You’re just gonna pull it down. Finger by finger creating space. Breathing deep. Fabulous. When you get to the thumb,
take you’re right hand underneath your left hand and
then from there reach around, pull that left them
out towards the left. Awesome, then shake it out. Great, fingertips come
to the shoulders now. You’re gonna bring the
elbows together in towards the heart center,
up and around and down. Just two more like that. Just giving the fingers
and hands and wrists a break. Forward, up, around and down. One more time.
Kiss the elbows together. Forward, up, around and down. Awesome. Sending the fingertips forward. Now we’re going to do the
same thing as before but add an element so right fingertips are
going to go around and down and you can even here
consider forearm, elbow, shoulder all connected as
you dial this doorknob down or open the door. Then we’ll come to the pinky,
we’re gonna pull it down gently and then when you get to the
bottom where your fingerprint is just pull it back just a hair. No pain here. This is not a painful situation
so keep it nice and easy. You’re gonna just pull the pinky
back and then continuing to the next finger pulling it down. Adding a layer pulling it back. Should feel really good. And then the next finger. Pulling it out and back. So good for
regular yoga practice. So good if you use your hands a
lot on the phone or computer. When you get to the thumb,
you’re going to pull it out and you’re going to pull
it back towards your face. Fabulous. When you’re done, shake it off. And left hand. Here we go. Starting with the
pinky pulling pinky out, creating space and
then just gently back. Should feel really good. Moving down and out and
then gently pulling back. Check with the shoulders here. Lift up through the sternum. Keep breathing. And then remember when you get
to the thumb you’re in pull it out and then gently
back toward your face. Breathing all the way. Excellent, shake it out. Alright, last little bit here
before we come on all fours. You’re gonna send the
fingertips out then down. Then we’re going to take the
left thumb and we’re gonna bring it just behind the palm here. So left thumb to the center
of your right palm then you’re gonna use your hands here to
kind of grab the top of the hand and use your thumb to
press, press, press forward. It’s okay for the
shoulder to come forward out of its retraction here. You’re wanting to
create a big, big stretch in the forearm and the wrist. Breathe deep,
breathe down into your belly. Think of our lateral breathing. Breathing into all four
sides of the torso here. Alright, awesome work,
now release. We’re gonna go
right to the other side. Send your left
fingertips out and down. Hey Benji! Right thumb to the
center of your left palm. My assistant’s here to
help us with this last bit. Find your breath. Press that right thumb into
the center of your left palm. Big stretch through
the wrist here, forearm. Breathing deep. Beautiful, then release. We’re gonna take
some wrist circles here. One way and then the other. And then to finish we’re gonna send the fingertips
out left to right. We’re gonna take a big
inhale to reach the fingertips all the way up towards the sky. Big breath, big stretch. Exhale, hands slowly
come together and down to your heart space, Anjuli Mudra. Take a deep breath in, lift the
sternum to the thumbs and as you breathe out send your fingertips
forward palms pressing together here and then
around and then down. This is our last moment here.
Breathe deep. Pressing the palms together. Finding a connection between the
knuckles and the fingerprints. Inhale in. Exhale, relax
your shoulders down. Inhale in again. And exhale to
draw the fingertips up. Hands to heart. Awesome work today. Repeat this practice
as much as you like, as much as you feel you need. Have a beautiful rest
of the day or evening. Let me know how it went in
the comment section down below. Love you guys so much. Namaste. (bright music)


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