Yoga For Inner Exploration: Shambhavi Mudra

Sadhguru: Yoga for Inner Exploration – Shambhavi
Mudra. In the history of humanity, many truly scintillating
human beings have happened. They have shone brighter than the stars in
the sky. But why is it that one seems to have come
with enormous capability and why is it another has to struggle with every little aspect of life? If you consider yourself to be a mechanism,
you have a body and a mind. You may have a great body and a great mind
but what you call as grace is the lubrication. Without the necessary lubrication, you get
stuck at every point. Any number of people like this are there on
this planet – intelligent, capable, but at every corner in their life, they get stuck
because there is no lubrication. So it is important for a human being to have
an element of grace in their lives. Shambhavi Mudra is a process that is like
opening a window, so that one becomes receptive to grace. Here are a few guidelines that will set optimal conditions and greatly enhance your receptivity of the practices. Please ensure cell phones are either in silent mode or switched off. It is advisable not to sit for the program with a full stomach or immediately after a meal. Please sit with your spine comfortably erect, hands uncrossed and palms open. These conditions will prepare you to be in a heightened state of receptivity and derive the most benefits from the practices. These practices are very safe and simple and can be done by anybody. Make sure to do everything slowly and gently and according to the instructions. If you are feeling any pain or discomfort, stop and consult a doctor. The practices we will be learning here can be done by anyone ages 7 years and above. If you wear glasses, while doing the yoga practices, please remove them and keep them aside. Sadhguru: Sit comfortably in a cross-legged posture. Keep your spine comfortably erect. We will hold yoga mudra. Make the thumb and the index finger come together
at the very tips, forming a circle between them. Let the other three fingers be straight, all
the four fingers together, without any gap between them. Holding the mudra facing upwards upon your thigh, arms and shoulders should be loose and relaxed, close your eyes and sit with
a slightly upturned face. When you sit with your face slightly upturned,
there is a natural focus between your eyebrows. Maintain this natural focus, do not concentrate, just maintain this natural focus between your eyebrows and sit with your face slightly upturned,
eyes closed. Maintain this gentle and casual focus between
the eyebrows and be conscious of the natural movement of breath. Continue to sit like this for three to six minutes. Sadhguru chants Yogarathova Bhogarathova… Instrumental Music… Sadhguru: Take your own time, take your own
time, slowly, very slowly, open your eyes. Through yoga or through pleasure, In company or alone, One who keeps his mind on Brahman (the source of creation) He enjoys, he enjoys only he enjoys. [ 5 minutes for Inner Exploration] Mysticism does not come from the East, it
comes from within. Before you attempt anything that is considered
as a mystical process, it’s very important to stabilize the five fundamental elements within us.


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