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– Hey everyone and
welcome to Yoga with Adriene. I’m Adriene and today we have a yoga for self respect practice. So today you don’t have to
do this but I invite you to grab a little something extra. Light a candle,
light some incense, have a cool glass of water,
grab a blanky, say a prayer, and then
hop into something comfy and let’s get started. (upbeat music) Alright my friends, welcome. Let’s begin seated in a
comfortable position of your choice and
that’s not just a line. Today I want
you to really think, “How would I feel good?” So maybe Sukhasana,
maybe Siddhasana, one foot in front of the other. Maybe it’s available and would
feel good in your body to bring the big toes together, allow the
heels to open up and you place your bum right between
that little seat there. So come into a comfortable seat
and really it doesn’t matter what you do as I often say here
but just how you do it so I’m trying to just activate the
brain to kind of let go of the day thus far and
start to make choices that feel good or that feel right. And that said you can
come into this choice and go, “Actually, I’ll come
back over here.” Come into a nice,
comfortable seat and whether or not you grabbed a blanket or lit a
candle or said a prayer I’d like for you to take
this moment now to find length in the spine, bring your left hand
to your heart and your right hand to your belly. Start to relax your shoulders and welcome a gentle breath in. So we’re at our best and I believe we truly can be of service to others when we feel
like we are in alignment with who we truly
are and you’re like, “Yeah, that sounds
really nice but “how do I get there, Adriene?” Someone asked me recently,
this really is true story, “Okay Adriene, but how
do I practice divine love?” And I was like, “Oh, snap.” And I think the
answer is look inside. And so we’re constantly looking
to other people everywhere to validate,
to show us the respect, and it’s like well we wouldn’t
be looking for that if we didn’t feel that we deserved it. So if you have an inkling that
you deserve it already let’s cultivate a
practice through yoga that shows us that we really don’t need to
look outward for that. It’s all inside. And then, of course,
the Catch-22 is, and I’m still learning,
trust me, but the more that we begin to
recognize that and cultivate self respect,
self-love practices within the more we are
able to believe and nurture relationships that can also provide us with
that positive feedback. That respect, that love. Healthy matches, if you will. And I just don’t mean romantic. I just mean in all kinds. So dang! Take this moment for you,
this is a nice, juicy just short little dose of love. A reminder to look inward when you’re feeling
disrespected or empty. (chuckles) It happens.
It’s the flow. Breathe into your hands here. Just you can digest
what I just said there and then just try to let it go. Trust that that
knowledge already exists inside, I’m just a messenger. Just a buddy, just a pal. When you’re ready, you can bow
the head to the heart and start to breathe
again into your hands. Particularly
into the lower belly, just sending some
depth of breath down there. Just a way of honoring the body. Saying, “Okay, I’m listening. “I’m here.
I pressed play, I’m in. “Yes. “I will be here,
I will listen, “I will be my own rock.” And then just a little
opportunity here for you to set an intention. You can take it or leave it. If you leave it, just
focus on your breath here. Start to breathe deep, notice
the great stretch in the back of the neck. If you want to take it, select something, articulate
something that is positive that will serve you in
the present moment. Awesome and then
when you’re ready, wherever you are,
you’re gonna start to create a soft, swaying motion. Move like you love yourself
and if you feel like a fool, be a fool for love here
with me and just trust that you’re in the right place
with the right people. People. And that this time is valuable. Make the most of
this time for yourself. Again, we don’t
have a long practice. So the next time
you lean to the left, let your left hand come down, reach your right
fingertips up and over. Breathe deep, stretch it out.
Enjoy. Smell your armpit. And then come back to center,
find a little sway and the next time you sway to the right,
plant the right hand down, lift the left
fingertips up and over and find what feels good here. Ah, awesome. Let this practice inspire a newness of breath. Whatever that means to you. And then come back to center. You’re gonna bring
the fingertips behind you. Turn the fingertips
in towards your body. And then lift the chest up and
you might just feel enough of a stretch here but if you need a
little more you’re gonna bring the hips forward,
just bring your bum forward. Plant the palms
down and then inhale, lift the chest up even more. Ah, superhero. Open heart, open mind. If you’re feeling
a little vulnerable, vulnerable today and that’s
why you selected this practice, breathe deep my loves
as you open your heart. It’s all good. You’re doing the right thing. Great, bring your
hips back in space, head over heart,
heart over pelvis. You knew it was coming, big hug. One arm over the other and
you know I always say take what works for you and
leave what doesn’t. So if some of the stuff I’m
saying doesn’t jive with you, stick with the video. There’s still a lot
here for you to play with, you’re in the driver’s seat. Just the physical aspects
alone of this practice could be really great. Steadiness of breath to
calm your nervous system. If you are ready to just open
your mind to this idea and the power of
cultivating self respect, self care, self-love practice
and find a little sway. Relax through the jaw. Forget what you
think about yoga. And then come to center, nice
and stacked through the spine. Head over heart,
heart over pelvis. I got into it there. And then we’re gonna draw the
navel towards the spine here so chin to chest, we round through. Should feel great, big stretch. Round through, round through. Imagine the crown of
your head going to the ground. Should be a great big stretch. And then, here we go,
after this contraction, navel in, in, in
comes an expansion. That’s the way love goes. That’s the way love goes. That’s the way love goes. So after contraction
comes expansion. So if you’re in contraction
right now, guess what? It’s all good. Alright, opposite arm on top
so whatever arm you did before, flip it. Reverse it and
give yourself a big hug. Maybe this time you get your
fingers in there for a little massage, a little massage. The joys of the
at-home yoga practice, come on now. Gotta take advantage. And then, here we go,
this time we’re gonna inhale, start with the lift up. Elbows up, up,
up, up, up, up, up, lift, lift, lift. And then exhale, chin to chest. Soft and easy in the neck. Navel draws in. And then slowly release. Awesome. So now we’re gonna
bring the hands to the knees, just do a couple quick circles
for the spine so inhale open, heart open, mind open,
chest come forward, exhale. Contract round and back. Inhale, come forward. And exhale around and back. Reverse the circle,
inhale to come forward. Exhale around and back. Stirring the pot. Inhale, come forward. Exhale, around and back. Next time you’re back,
lift your legs up. Shins up towards the sky. Start to light a little
fire in your belly but in the most loving ways. So if you need to
bring your hands to catch, clasp your wrists underneath
and catch yourself here. Go ahead and do that otherwise you might send the
fingertips forward. You might
pretend to drive a car. You might bring the fingertips
to the temples to really light a nice (chuckles)
fire in your belly, in your core. And then notice how
this can and will and is already
challenging the breath. Lift your chest,
just like we did before, nice, open heart. Breathe deep. You got it, breathing deep. Great, then cross one ankle over
the other and we’re gonna come all the way up through seated. Tap into a
little inner smile here, life is good. And then we’re gonna come
forward and all the way to a Downward Facing Dog. So take your time getting there. Enjoy just waking up your body,
enjoy this time for yourself. Excuse me, buddy.
I’m sorry lovey. And in your own time you’ll just
send the hips up high and start to walk it out.
Wake it up. Stretch it out. Nice, soft, easy movement. Listen to the
sound of your breath. Thou greatest tool. And then here’s the thing, in
this Downward Dog today drop the shape and just be yourself. What does that mean?
I don’t know, man. That’s up to you to figure out. Be yourself. We’re just
wanting to be ourselves. And the mat’s a great place to
explore what that feels like, what it looks like,
our relationship to that. Respect. Alright, one or two
more cycles of breath to figure out what be yourself means in
this Downward Dog today. Even if you just
get one little glimpse. Great and then you’re
gonna bring your right knee in, tap into that core again and
then step your right foot up and lower the back knee. Then keep this soft and easy, you’re gonna walk
your right foot out. You’re gonna bring your right
hand over towards the left for a little Lizard variation. Great, then we’ll be yogi’s
choice whether or not you want to keep the back knee down and
the heart open or if you want to lift the back knee and
maybe come on to the forearms. So it’s yogi’s choice,
check it out. Breathe, light it up. Break it up. I’m cool, I’m hip. Pull the right hip crease back
in whatever variation you have decided on and then
find a deep breath in. And then wherever you are use an
exhale to slowly come out of it. Bring the right
foot back to center. Pull the right hip
crease back and send the hips towards the
back edge of your mat. Flex your right toes
towards your third eye and straighten your right leg. Breath deep here, big stretch. Then roll
through that front foot. Plant the palms, you’re
gonna come to a Plank Pose. Strong and steady,
deep breath in. Then exhale, Downward Dog. Nice work. Now this time,
left knee comes in, squeeze. Beautiful, then
step the left foot up. Nice, then lower
the back knee down. Find your breath.
Find your footing. And then slowly, with control,
we’ll walk the left foot out, bring left hand
over towards the right. We start to open
up through those hips. They store a lot of emotion,
you know what it’s, well even if you don’t
know what it’s all about, you can probably sense
so soften through your jaw and breathe deep. Just notice. And then again, yogi’s choice,
you can stay knee down. Everyone’s gonna
need to just squeeze that left knee in just a bit. Supporting the joints here and open the chest or
lifting the back knee, reaching the
right heel down and coming forearms to the earth. Whatever variation you choose,
nice depth of breath. Nice full, easy breathing. When your breath
starts to become constricted, that’s a good sign to maybe
take a step back and reposition yourself
for greatness. Alright, inhale,
wherever you are. Use an exhale to slowly
make your way back to the nice, low lunge. And when you’re ready
pull the left hip crease back, straighten
through the front leg. Flex your left toes
now towards your forehead. Big breath, big stretch. Slight micro-bend or
generous bend in that left knee. Awesome, then rolling
through that front foot. Plant the palms,
come to Plank Pose. Awesome, beautiful work. Inhale to look forward.
Shift forward. Exhale to lower all
the way to the belly. Inhale to lift up
Bhujangasana or Cobra. Find what feels good here,
activate the upper back body, open your chest. And then exhale to release,
awesome work, inhale to press up to Plank,
you got it. Strong and steady and then
exhale Downward Facing Dog. Take a long exhale out. Empty, empty, empty. Now take a moment here,
just circulating fresh blood throughout the body. And then again, maybe it’s not
through a ton of movement but just give yourself
permission here to be yourself. (sighs) Nice work.
Nice, nice, nice. Now from here we’re gonna
walk the feet in towards center, bend the knees, we’re
gonna come into a little squat. So even if that transition
was not super graceful, that’s okay. And if you come here right away
and like all these bells and whistles start to go off,
let’s tend to it. That’s the practice. So you might lift the heels
and open the knees wide. You might bring your fingertips
up instead of the palms. If you need to, you can
even roll your mat up to bring the earth up to you. If it feels alright, you might
work to bring all four corners of the feet down
and the hands toward each other in Anjuli Mudra. Breathe deep. Find length throughout the spine
so the energy that runs up and down the spinal
column is able to flow. Balancing the body, just a little root chakra as you breathe deep so send your
breath down into your belly. Spiraling you in, back to you. Back to what matter’s most,
your foundation. The beauty and the good
stuff that you were born with. That’s unique to you. Tight, then slowly release that. Move nice and slow, you’re gonna
come as gracefully as possible, you just do your thing,
all the way back to seated. And we’re gonna
once again, lean back, way back, laid back. Come into this Boat variation. You can straighten the legs here if that’s a place
where you’re working. It took me years
to work there with any ounce of soul and breath.
(chuckles) So just work there, work
towards that in your own time. You can bend the knees again,
you can clasp the wrists and catch yourself and hold yourself
here and instead of these modifications being like a, “Aw, man.
I’m not good.” Like check your thoughts because
actually this is like a sign of the utmost love
and respect to go, “I’m gonna support myself. “I’m not gonna
look everywhere else “for someone to
support me or validate me.” Boom. Boom. Breathe deep. If you need a
little more of a challenge, maybe you take the last couple
cycles of breath here to throw your center off balance. Otherwise, breathing deep here. Nice full cycles of breath,
you got it. Welcome that heat,
we’re almost done. You’re doing awesome. Alright, you have one
more breath cycle in you. Yes, you do!
Here we go, inhale. And then exhale,
cross the ankles, come back to
your meditation pose. Sit up nice and tall. Inhale in deeply. And exhale completely,
relax your shoulders. Once again, inhale in deeply,
inhale lots of love in. As you exhale, allow the
shoulder blades to just drape down the back body. Create lots of space. And then bring your left hand to
your heart and your right hand to your belly. Close thine eyes. And notice how you feel. From here you
can pause the video, set a little timer and
sit for two minutes in a Vipassana or a quiet seat. You can also set a
timer if you have the time, don’t worry about the timer, you
can even come into a Savasana and just lay
there for five minutes. If you must boogie,
we understand. And thank you for sharing your
time and your energy and for really taking the time to get
to know yourself and respect yourself because when
we do that for ourselves, I truly believe the
world is a better place. So thank you, I support you. Thank you for supporting
me in this practice as well. And let me know and let others
know if you like how it’s going and how your doing down below. And we’ll see you next time. Draw the thumbs all the way up. Palms come together
and then thumbs all the way up to the third eye. Deep breath in. Long breath out to bow. Namaste. (upbeat music)


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