Yoga for Strength and Focus

Hey everyone, welcome to Yoga with Adriene.
I’m Adriene and today we have a yummy practice for you, a yoga for strength and focus. This
is a strong practice that balances the body and helps you to ground down but also to find
strength and lengthen. This is great if you are going to back to school, are starting
a new job or are just needing to calm your crazy monkey mind. This is a fun practice. So, let’s get into our bare feet, yay, and
hop onto the mat for Yoga for strength and focus. [Music over intro titles] All right, my friends. So we are going to
begin today in a cross-legged position. I’m sitting on a little blanket here, a little
towel. You can too if you like because we are going to start our practice with a little
Pranayama. Often it’s hard to even just get settled in so don’t be too hard on yourself
if you’re feeling distracted or if you’re feeling like, “Oh, I don’t know if I have
time for this video”. Let’s just get started and you’ll see what you have time for. You
might surprise yourself and make the time so you can benefit from the nutrients of your
practice and focus in on whatever it is you need to do next, okay. So we can come cross-legged here or I’m going
to come into a little Siddhasana with one leg in front of the other, whatever feels
best as you sit up nice and tall and take a second to inhale. Draw the shoulders up
to the ears. Take a deep breath in and, on an exhale, glide the shoulder blades down
the back. Two more, just like that. We inhale, lift the shoulders, shrug them up to the ears.
Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze and exhale, tagging a little bit of weight in the elbows. And
one more time. We inhale, reach up and maybe circling the shoulders forward, up and back
this time as we open up through the chest and begin to notice your breath. So again,
just take a moment to get settled in. We’re going to start with Nadi Sodhana or
alternate nostril breathing, which if you’re like, “What?”, we do have a video that breaks
it down and you can grow that practice in how to do Nadi Sodhana on its own. Maybe now,
maybe pause this video and do it now or another time. I’ll walk you through it now though
as we take the right palm out in front. We’re going to bring the three middle fingers in
today. So we’re kind of doing a “hang loose”, which you might, might consider today. So
if you’re feeling stressed out or you have a lot going on, maybe you’re starting the
school year of you’re starting a new job, just remember this, a little goes a long way.
This moment is going to pay off so stick with your breath. We bring the thumb to the right
nostril. Now here I’m going to take a deep breath in through the left nostril. Then after
that inhale, I’m going to plug it with the pinkie. You can also use the ring finger here,
either one and then exhale out through the right nostril. Inhale in through the right
nostril. Then we seal it with the right thumb and exhale out through the left. Alternate
nostril breathing, couple of moments here. [Alternate nostril breathing] If you’re new to this, again, we have a video
where you can check it out. Pranayama series. Otherwise you basically inhaling in through
a nostril, sealing it, switching to the alternate nostril as you exhale and then inhaling in
through that same nostril. This can be a little confusing at first, a little yoga for the
brain right away, sharpening the brain but essentially each time you in…inheel, [laugh]
each time you inheel, each time you inhale you’re switching and sealing. So, even if
you get off a little bit my friends, keep it going a couple more times here and if you
want to go ahead and drop it all together. If you’re too in your head or just new to
the practice, just take a couple of nice long, smooth deep breaths, extending the inhalation
and extending the exhale so they’re really nice and long. And if you’re still doing alternate
nostril, go ahead and even it out. And then together we’ll release the hands, palms face
up as we take a deep breath in through the nose. Open the eyes and exhale out through
the mouth. Great, clap the palms together, Ji [sp]. Up over head, we inhale, reach it up, stretching
through the side body. Now we’re going to interlace the finger tips and, just with knuckles
here, we’re going to take a couple of moments side to side. Keep it calm, stretching out
the side body so if you’ve been working at a computer of if you’ve just been on the couch,
summertime. Whatever you’ve been transitioning out of, take a second here to lift your heart
and stretch your sides. Nice organic movements, left to right. Keep the heart lifted. The
heart is going to want to collapse here so sit up nice and tall. Again, it helps if you’re
sitting up on a little blankie or block towel here. Not block towel, a block or towel. And
then the arms begin to get a little bit tired but we take two more breaths here. We’ve got
this. And then we slowly rain it down. Awesome my friends! Now take your palms. Stretch them. Spread
them wide like starfish here and dive forward onto all fours. Go ahead and move that blankie
or that towel to the side and we’ll just take a second here to warm up the spine, flowing
with the breath. Cat-Cow, inhale, belly drops, shoulders draw away from the ears. We press
away from the earth as you open your heart. Take a second here to check in with the neck.
Deep breath in and exhale, curling the tailbone under, arching the back like a black Halloween
cat. Press away from the earth. On your next breath in, inhale, scoop the belly, heart
shines forward. Deep breath in and exhale, checking in with the spine, stretching the
skin of the back, pressing away from your yoga mat. Then one more time. Inhale, scooping
the belly, heart shines forward. Press into all ten knuckles here. Really press into the
tops of the feet, strong. Extend through the crown of the head. On an exhale, start at
the tailbone, travel up through the spine again. Press away from your yoga mat. It’s
like, “Step away from the vehicle”. Come back to Tabletop position, walk the palms
forward, curl the toes under and, nice and slow, keep the knees bent and life the tail
up to our first Downward Dog together. Pedal the feet. Draw the shoulders away from the
ears. Remember a little goes a long way so don’t decide where it ends. If you’re busy
or you’re back to school, chances are you’re like, “Oh, I don’t know if I have time for
this”. I encourage you and invite you, if you can, to make time. This is going to save
you time in the long run, I believe, taking this time for your body and the mind to connect.
Fresh blood, fresh oxygen, good for the brain as we press into all ten knuckles here for
one more deep breath in and then a long exhale out through the mouth. Downward Facing Dog. Now we’ll bend the knees generously and we’re
going to walk it up to the front edge. So go for a nice slow walk here. You might even
cross the ankles, one in front of the other, checking with the feet, eventually coming
up to the fingertips and situating yourself at the front of your mat in a nice, juicy
forward fold. Bend the knees as generously as you need to and relax the weight of the
head over. Clasp the elbows if that feels good, finding that stretch in the lower back.
And we breathe. A couple more breaths here. Make sure, if you’re looking at the video
here go ahead and take a second to really let the crown of the head drop down. We’re
pressing into all four corners of the feet, checking in with the legs. Again, taking this
moment for ourselves, connecting mind, body and heart or spirit. Again, this is going
to save us time, I think, in the long run by taking this to nurture the body. Focus
the mind and let go of any unnecessary anxiety, tension or stress in the body. One more breath
here and, then on an exhale, we release the fingertips, press into the foundation or press
into all four corners of the feet. The fingertips can touch the tops of the legs
here as we slowly roll up into Mountain. Nice and mindful on the feet. You can peek at the
video here but just trust yourself. We’re rolling up to stand up nice and tall and when
you arrive, we have a moment of freestyle here where you can move through the shoulders,
maybe draw a couple of circles with the nose, pin your hair back, fix your drawstring, whatever
you need to do. And then we bring it back home, Inhale, deep breath in. Exhale, out
through the mouth. Inhale, lengthen through the crown of the head, stand up nice and tall.
And exhale, drawing the shoulder blades down the backside. Great, on your next breath in, spread those
palms wide again and inhale, reach it all the way up, biceps by the ears. Deep breath
in here. Volcano pose. Exhale, press into all four corners of the feet. Inhale, making
the tops of the thighs spiral in as you lengthen the tailbone down. And exhale out. If you’re
feeling tight in the shoulders here, go ahead and widen your hands, palms facing each other
like you’re holding a big beach ball, or something, over your head. One more breath here and exhale
out through the mouth. Great, inhale, carve a line with your nose, look up. Once again
we clap the palms together here – Ji Namaste – and exhale down through the midline, bend
your knees. Great. Inhale, lift to flat back. So fingertips
can be on the mat and palms on the shins or palms on the thighs as we lift the shoulders
and halfway lift. Exhale, soften and release. Great, fingertips to the mat now as we step
or hop it back to Plank. Don’t panic. Stepping to back to Plank, palms come to the earth.
We take a couple of seconds here to bend the knees and pedal it out. So it’s not just about
the push-up position as much as it is also about connecting and focusing in on the task
at hand. No yoga robots here but finding a little movement so pedal the feet, bend your
knees, press away from the earth. We’ll take one more breath in here, broaden through the
shoulder blades. You got this and we’ll come to a full Plank here or you can lower the
knees so we can be here at half push-up or at full push-up here as you inhale. If you’re
in full push-up, send your gaze forward onto the tip-toes and if you’re in half push-up
hug the elbows into the side body and look forward. Wherever you are, Chaturanga practice
as we inhale in, exhale, slowly lower down. Go ahead and lower all the way to your belly. Palms come under the shoulders. We press into
the tops of the feet and inhale, soft focus down as we lift up, Baby Cobra. Stay here,
check in with the neck, press into your pubic bone and tops of your feet again, pressing
into your yoga mat. You might find a little sway if this feels good. And once you get
the hang of it you can bring your focus off the video and just down, in front, just past
your nose. Focusing in on the breath here, pulling the elbows back. Now we’ll come to
center stillness if you’re moving. Inhale, inflate and maybe grow a little taller. Exhale,
release. Curl the toes under and press up through that Plank or half push-up, either
one. Then, when you’re ready, navel to spine, we
send it back, Downward Facing Dog. Pedal it out. Deep breath in through the nose and exhale
out through the mouth. Walk the two big toes together, keep the palms where they are. We’ll
drop the left heel, slide the right leg up, Three Legged Dog. Take a deep breath in, maybe
rotate that right ankle one way then the other. Then we’ll bend the right knee, hug it all
the way up into your heart as you shift your weight forward, gaze looks forward. Deep breath
in here. Then, on an exhale, we’ll step the right foot up into our lunge and you have
an option here of lowering that left knee down. In fact everyone go ahead and lower
your left knee down here first. Yes. Stacking front knee over front ankle we take a second
here to work it out. In runner’s lunge or low lunge when you’re ready you can lift that
back knee. Peeling that right hip crease back, making sure you have a nice wide stance perhaps.
Then everyone check in with the upper back body. If you’re feeling like a Teenage Mutant
Ninja Turtle here, don’t know if I want to give that new movie a plug It’s not very yogic
but yes it is because it’s honest. Okay. I saw it in L.A. and it was kind of sad. Anyway, looping the shoulders let’s get rid
of this turtle shell here, that’s my point. As we loop the shoulders, shine your heart
forward. Check in with the neck. Keep focusing in on the breath. Take a deep breath in. Hug
the inner thighs together. Navel to spine as we plant the palms and send it back to
Plank or Half Plank. Deep breath in, Chaturanga or Chaturanga Practice. This time we’ll inhale,
lift up to Cobra or you can Chaturanga to Upward Facing Dog. Take a deep breath in and
exhale. Navel comes to the spine and we send it back to Downward Facing Dog. Bring the
two big toes together. Ground down and through the right heel and, when you’re ready, inhale
and slide the left leg up. Level the hips. Rotate that ankle if it feels good, one way
and then the other. Then we’ll bend that left knee, hug it up in towards your heart. We’re
stretching through that right foot so really spike that right heel towards the back as
you hug that left knee in and look forward. Then on an exhale, step it up and into your
lunge again. Let’s everyone lower that back knee just for starters to give us a little
space. And we stretch it out. So everyone’s going
to be different here depending on what you’ve been up to, what might be in healing. Maybe
another workout, something you did previously this week. Everyone’s like, “No, didn’t do
anything”! So everyone’s going to be a little different so we let go of what it’s supposed
to be like and finally drop into what it is like, noticing the sensations, stacking front
knee over front ankle and maybe lift that back leg. Maybe not. Maybe you save that for
another day. Loop the shoulders, soften your turtle shell as you look forward. Deep breath
in and exhale. Once again, plant the palms. We step it to Plank or Half Plank. We always
have options here. Stay focused on your breath. Inhale in. Lower down to your belly to Cobra
or Chaturanga Practice or Chaturanga. Choose your own Vinyasa, we’ll meet back in Downward
Facing Dog. When you arrive, take a deep breath in through the nose and a long exhale out
through the mouth as you drop down through your heels. It doesn’t matter if the heels
are here, here, here or here. Just be in the moment with your breath. Great, when you’re ready, bend the knees generously
and step, float or hop the feet up towards the front edge of your mat. Make adjustments
if you need to. Uttanasana, we grab the elbows again and we stretch the lower back. Bend
your knees. Great, when you feel satisfied release the arms and inhale, halfway lift.
Long, beautiful neck here. Exhale, soften and bow. Once again, we’ll roll up, just like
a rag doll. Tucking the chin to the chest. Fingertips can touch the tops of the legs
here as we slowly connect to sensation and roll back up to Mountain. Okay, right away
reaching the fingertips up to Volcano. Deep breath in. Extension through the crown. Remember
that space, that length in the side body. So you can think of it as a maybe whooshing,
like an upward current of energy in the front body. We talked about it like a Marilyn Monroe
skirt blowing up in the air, which I realize does not work for everyone. But that’s fine.
We’re rushing up through the front body to kind of lift through the front body and then
the back body has the opposite. It’s cascading down so we’re lengthening the tailbone down,
tucking the pelvis. You find that inner spiral in the tops of the thighs that we talked about
before as well as the foundations of yoga. And we fill three breaths here. The arms might
begin to get a little bit tired but we extend through the crown of the head and drop the
shoulders down. Again, if you feel tight in the space between the ears and the shoulders,
go ahead and widen the palms. After your third breath, draw a line with your nose and look
up. Palms clap together – Ji. And we come all the way down, back through the midline,
Forward Fold. Great, inhale, halfway lift. Mix and match,
choose your own adventure here. So you can be here, here, here. And on an exhale, follow
your breath as you slide it down. Great. Plan the palms, step or hop it back to Plank. Don’t
panic, hang in there. Again you can pedal the feet here or if you’d like a little more
strengthening in the core we’re going to draw the right knee up towards the heart and then
switch, nice and slow. Then left knee. So a variation would be to touch knee to knee,
excuse me, knee to earth, going back and forth. Make sure those wrists are underneath the
shoulders so we can be here, pressing up and out of the earth, or we can be here. Don’t
worry about counting. Don’t worry about reps here. Connect to full body strength and use
your focus. Gaze now straight down to broaden through the back of the neck. Ha, connect
with your breath. Even it out. We’ll come onto the knees. Knees together. Take a rest.
Rotating the wrist a couple of times, we’ll come for just three breaths here, Balasana
in the middle. Nice slow inhales and nice long exhalations. Great. Draw a line with your nose and look
up. I should say you can do Downward Dog instead of Child’s Pose in there if you have a more
active practice. Let that be your resting posture. So from Downward Dog or from Child’s
Pose we’ll come back to Plank. Take a second to [??] your Vinyasa, either practicing Chaturanga
or moving through your flow. Together we’ll meet in Downward Facing Dog. Bring the two
big toes together. Take a deep breath in through the nose and exhale out through the mouth.
Anchor, drop down through the left heel as you slide the right leg up, Three Legged Dog.
This time we’ll bend the right knee. Think up and over as you take your gaze just beyond
your mat and kiss right knee to right elbow. Deep breath in. Exhale, anchoring down through
the left heel, Three Legged Dog. Here we go, right knee to left elbow, look forward. Deep
breath in and then exhale, Three Legged Dog. Only one more. Back up through the center
line and, just like we did before, think up and over as you come onto your left tippy-toes
and then we spike through the left heel. Take a deep breath in. We’ve done this one already.
Hug that right knee up towards the heart and, on an exhale, step into your lunge. Great. So if you’re new to the practice you
might lower that back knee again or if you’re just checking in with strength and alignment
today you might want to lower that back knee. You might stay on your fingertips. To take
it a step further we’re going to lift the fingertips. Let them hover above the earth.
Palms facing in towards your ankle. Now everyone spike that right heel towards the back edge
of your mat if it’s lifted and nice and slow, Volcano arms, just like we did in Tadasana.
We’re going to reach the fingertips forward, up and back as you come into a nice strong,
high lunge. Now High Lunge takes a lot of attention, very soft softness but also a strength
here as we connect navel to spine. Pull the right hip crease back. Lengthen the tailbone
down. Remember that upward current of energy through the front body and that grounding,
cascading energy through the back body. So everyone actually soften. Go ahead and bend
your left knee here so you can really find that energy down the back body, tucking the
pelvis. And you can keep it softened or bent or you can straighten it. High Lunge, biceps
are in towards the ears, palms facing together. We pull the thumbs back and we focus on the
breath. Sink deep into that front knee. Trust yourself. Hug the inner thighs towards the
midline. It’s definitely a strengthening posture here. As we inhale, lift your arms. Great. Inhale in. Exhale, palms come together,
up and overhead. Slowly melt them down but keep your heart lifting. In fact, see if you
can lift your sternum up towards your thumbs. You might feel your heart beating. And we’ll
take a deep breath in and, on an exhale, release. Nice work everyone! Plant the palms in Vinyasa.
You can always skip this here, taking a break in Child’s Pose or send it straight to Downward
Dog. Otherwise we’ll take it up and over as we practiced, moving with the breath and together
we come back to Down Dog, great. Dropping the right heel, here we go. Inhale, slide
the left leg up. Pay attention to your foundation, your alignment, the action of navel to spine
as we bend the left knee and think up and over. Coming on to the tippy-toes of the right
foot we look forward as left knee to left elbow. Deep breath in and exhale, Three Legged
Dog. Great. Inhale, rising up, crossing over this time, left knee to right elbow, gaze
is forward, nice and long in the neck. Great, Three Legged Dog. Last time, inhale. Think
up and over, hugging left knee in towards the heart. Shoulders draw away from the ears,
we press away from the yoga mat with your palms. Deep breath in and exhale. Step it
up. Great. So we have lots of options here we
know. Preparing for High Lunge. Loop the shoulders, soften the upper back body. We begin to just
lift the fingertips off the ground, connecting to our foundation, pressing into all four
corners of that front foot. Hug the inner thighs together. Then maybe we rise up, biceps
by the ears as we find that energetic body again. Lifting through the front, grounding
through the back. Go ahead and bend that right knee so you can really find that tucking of
the pelvis for the lengthening down of the tailbone. If you’re feeling a little too warm
you can bring the hands to the waistline for a more cooling version. Otherwise we’re finding
those Volcano arms here, spreading the palms wide and sinking deep into the legs. Now find
a nice focus once you have your shape. Find your breath again. Keep going through your
checklist. And slowly we’ll bring the palms together up overhead and, again, rather than
collapsing down in here see if you can slowly draw the sternum up towards the thumbs. Legs
are still super-strong here, inner thighs hugging in towards the midline. Right knee
can be bent if we need. Lifting the sternum up to the thumbs. And then slowly we release. Great. We come back to that runner’s lunge.
This time we rock the back foot up to meet the front, Forward Fold. Great. Inhale halfway
lift, long beautiful neck. Exhale, soften and down. Inhale all the way up to Volcano,
reaching the fingertips forward, up and back this time. Take a deep breath in here when
you rise. On the exhale we’re going to go right back into it. Down through the midline,
slicing it down through the center. Inhale, halfway lift. Follow your breath. Long and
beautiful neck. Exhale, soften and release. Step or hop it back to Plank. Now remember,
you can always lower the knees here, come to a Half Plank and then choose your Vinyasa
today. We have videos on all of these things so you can take a moment to experiment and
get curious whenever you have the time. If you don’t have the time today, stick with
your practice here. Listen to your body and slowly we’ll make our way back to Downward
Dog. All right, hang with me here as we drop the
left heel, slide the right leg up. We’re going to repeat right knee to right elbow. Deep
breath in. Exhale, Three Legged Dog. Repeat, right knee to right elbow. Inhale, look forward.
Exhale, Three Legged Dog, picking up the pace here a little bit. We’ve got this. Back through
the center line, inhale in and exhale, stepping the right leg up. High Lunge. Again, feel
free to lower that back knee here if you’re feeling a little tired or if you’re building
strength. We can inhale, come here or lift that back knee up, High Lunge. This time inhale
in, exhale, slow dialing of the heart center towards your right. Fingertips will follow,
right fingertips back, left fingertips forward. Don’t worry about this shape here, really
pinching the lower back is silly. You can see where you’re at today, your body will
tell you. Stretching the upper body. In time maybe you get here but go easy. Keep the shoulders
relaxed. Deep breath in and exhale, we come back to High Lunge. Deep breath in. Exhale,
release. Vinyasa. Stepping it back to Plank or Half Plank. If you’re at Half Plank, you
can practice by hugging the elbows into the side body, keeping the gaze forward and slowly
lowering all the way to the belly. Inhale, Cobra. And exhale, Downward Dog. Nice
work my friends. Here we go. Dropping the right heel, inhale, slide the left leg up.
Last time to repeat the sequence, here we go. Strong core. Left knee, up and over to
kiss left elbow. Deep breath in, look forward. Exhale, refresh button, Three Legged Dog.
Inhale again, left knee to right elbow. Deep breath in and exhale, clear the slate, Three
Legged Dog. Last one, we got this. Inhale, left knee hugs up through the center line.
Gaze is forward. We squeeze left knee up, up, up and then exhale to your lunge. Keep
right knee on the earth. No biggie. Otherwise we’ll spike that right heel and come into
our strong High Lunge. So High Lunge is awesome because you really
do have a lot to focus on and a lot to balance in terms of strength and grace, effort and
ease. Make sure you can see that front big toe when you send your gaze down. Bend that
right knee if you need to. Lengthen tailbone down. And if you feel crunched here, give
yourself some space. Consider your space. Deep breath in. On an exhale, dial the heart
so rather than just twisting into this shape my friends, “Ehh, look at my knees wanting
to bend and I’m biting it”. Otherwise this is ouchy. For now. We can open up slowly and
unfold to that but give yourself opportunity to really feel and see what’s going on. So
that may mean that this hand, this left hand, only comes here like I’m about to do a pirouette
or something. Maybe it comes back further. Maybe, in time, we’re able to look past the
left shoulder. So breathe here. Keep the strong foundation of the legs that you have going,
nice and strong. Make sure you’re pressing into all four corners of that front foot.
And let’s go ahead and sink a little deeper, why not? Just dropping the hips a little bit
wherever you are. Deep breath in. Let’s draw the lower belly in and then we’ll drop the
left fingertips down to come up, High Lunge. Nice work everyone. Take a deep breath in
and exhale, releasing back down. Awesome. Optional Vinyasa here. You can totally skip
this and come to Tabletop position. Otherwise we’re going to do one more quick Vinyasa here,
moving with the breath, finding what feels good. And together we’ll meet on all fours.
Great, go ahead and walk the knees together. Two big toes come together and we sink back
into Hero. If you have that blanket or you have a block you can sit on. A blanket is
sometimes nice if the knees are talking to you. You can bring that blankie to the crease
here. And sit up nice and tall. We’re not going to be here long but just take a couple
of moments here to catch your breath. To go into the full posture you can check out The
Foundations of Yoga but we’ll take the fleshy part of the calves aside and sink down, bones
to earth. So it’s just so silly to try and get in this shape if your body is telling
you not to so if your body is telling you, “No”, please listen and find another variation
that’s beautiful and unique, just like you. All right, notice what’s going on. Take a
full scan from the crown of your head to the tip of the tailbone. You might part the lips,
relax the jaw and if there’s a certain project you’re working on or you’re headed into, a
new school year or a new job, new relationship or your boyfriend just moved in, or your girlfriend
just moved out, kidding, whatever is going on you might take this moment here in proud,
beautiful, quiet Hero to just connect to a mantra, an intention. It might just even be
one word, something positive, that will serve you in the present moment as you transition
from your mat and into your project or your everyday, your studies. Take a couple of quiet
moments here to set that intention. If this shape is not doing anything for you, then
simply come to a nice cross-legged position here and take a moment to again focus on your
breath and articulate your intention. In this quick meditation moment you might consider
it already done. I often invite my friends who come to class to imagine it already done,
it already so. So, instead of saying, “I want this”, you can say “I am this”. And when you feel like you have it, take a deep
breath in and infuse it with the sound of your breath. And choose to take this intention
and the nutrients of your practice with you into the next and final posture, which is
Bakasana. For that, the eyelashes open and we’re going
to either slowly come out of Hero and curl the toes under, sit back for a moment just
stretching the feet or, if you’re in cross-legged, you can just come here. Make your way, together
we’ll meet on the knees here, sitting nice and tall. So if you have a block you can practice
with your block. We’re coming into Crow in case you didn’t catch that. If you’re new
to Crow, yay welcome. It’s become a fun little challenge on the Yoga Daily Channel to attack
Crow and I’m enjoying the journey to soaring. I need some inspirational posters here. I
can just see it now. Okay. Focus, Yoga for focus and concentration. Here we go. I’m going
to come onto all fours. I’m going to walk the two big toes together here. Actually I’m
going to move my block for now. Not everyone has a block. I’m going to widen the knees
and I’m going to come up onto my toes here. I’m going to stack the palms directly on…
I’m going to center myself on my mat. I’m going to stack the palms directly underneath
the shoulders so if you already know Crow you might already walk the toes together,
hike those knees up onto your tabletop arms here, gaze is forward, gaze is forward, gaze
is forward. And slowly being to lift one leg up and then the other. If you’re new, take your time. You might use
a block here as a little perch and you might not consider even flying today, just anchoring
with your breath and focusing on slowly building the strength to balance, stability to fly.
Gaze is forward. Did I say that already? Gaze is forward. Otherwise we tend to do a big
somersault here and then you write in, “Dang it, Adriene, why didn’t you tell me to send
my gaze forward?”. So gaze is forward as we fly here. This is the last pose for the day
so this is a little play time. Don’t get frustrated. Maybe you lift both toes up, maybe not. Pressing
away from the earth so we can learn…Crow from our practice today, pressing away from
the yoga mat is helpful, sending the gaze forward, anchoring navel to spine creating
full body experience. If you don’t have a block, we talk about this in the foundations
of Crow pose, you can use a phone book if you even have one. Who has phone books, that’s
dumb. That’s old school. You can use a book, coffee table book. If you’ve been flying in
Crow for a while or working on it here at the channel with me for a while here, yayy,
and I encourage you to keep hiking those knees closer up towards your armpit chest. Navel
to spine. Press into all ten knuckles. Breathe, lift the feet and a couple more moments here
my friends. Keep with it, stick with it. Rotate the wrists if you need to. Just a little freestyle
moment. Another great way to get into this is just to practice with shifting the weight
front and back, like a little rocking horse. Welcoming, gathering all those intrinsic muscles
along for the ride and then eventually you’ll be surprised. Your body has a little hoedown
and then you fly. When you feel satisfied we’re going to go
ahead and come all the way onto flat back, just for a moment here. I know you’re busy
and have a lot to do. We’ll just take a second to cool down the body, calm the nervous system,
remind ourselves of that intention one more time. As you inhale, reach the fingertips
up and overhead, full body stretch. Rotate the wrists, point and flex the feet. If you
have that blanket you might roll it up, put it underneath the backs of your knees or below
the head. Great. Then take just three to five breaths here at least. You can stay here longer
if you have the time, opening the palms, really just letting everything go here. So give yourself
permission to do absolutely nothing. We’re not going to have an outro on this video so
you can literally stay here as long as your mind and body and spirit will allow, if your
schedule allows. Namaste. Thank you for sharing your time and
energy with myself and the Yoga with Adriene family. Remember your intention as you transition
up, off the mat and into the world. Take a deep breath in through the nose. Close your
eyes and, on an exhale out through the mouth, let it go. [Music to end]


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