Yoga For Stress Relief

What’s up everyone? Welcome to Yoga with Adriene.
I’m Adriene, and it’s time for a little you time. I have a yoga
practice for stress release. This is a practice that will relieve tension in
the body, but also provide a nice little energetic cleanse. So put on some
comfy clothes and hop on your mat for a little yoga for stress relief. All right my friends. So today we’re going
to begin in an easy cross-legged position. You can cross the ankles here, you
can sit up on a blanket or a block, especially if you feel like you’re
creating this shape in your body and there’s a strain. Lift the hips up so
you have a little more of a fighting chance. Another option, of course, is to bring one
ankle in front of the other, and then if you’re fancy, you can bring that ankle
up towards the front of the hip crease for a little half Lotus or maybe
you’re warmed up and you want to start your practice today with me and Lotus. So as you can see, we have the options, always
options here on the map. For me, that’s what find what feels good means.
Find what feels good and come into a nice seated position, and we’ll just
take a second to drop the chin into the chest. Relax the weight of the head over, and relax
the palms gently on the knees or the tops of the thighs. Close your eyes
now, so you can take a break from looking at the video here and just drop
the weight of the head over, go ahead and let the shoulders round and begin
to notice your breath. So you might be wondering right now did I
pick the right video, should I do something else, should I change my closes,
do I really have time for this? And just give yourself permission to be here
in this moment. Trust that you chose the right video. It is valuable to take
the time here. And we begin to release and relax in the moment. Bring your awareness to the space between
your navel and your spine, cultivate a little energy there as you draw
a line up through the center channel of your body, and begin to roll up. Again, you can open the gaze here to just
take a peek at the video. Otherwise trust yourself here as we roll up
nice and tall coming into Sukhasana or the Pose of Ease. Relax your jaw, find length through the crown
of the head, and then just energetically rooting down through the [inaudible
00:02:54]. I got super relaxed there. Creating space from the crown of the head
down through the tail. Now nothing fancy here. Again, you can close your
eyes, keep the gaze soft. Just listen to the sound of my voice as we
begin to notice the breath. It’s really quite lovely. Right when I said
that I heard the wind chimes on my front stoop. That’s one of the things I
love about yoga and you have a practice. As my practice unfolds, so does
my awareness, too. My capacity to see, feel, experience things
in the moment is truly awesome. So here we are chilling, checking in with
the breath. Just noticing the natural rhythm, the natural ebb and flow. And you’ll find by just bringing our awareness
to it, we begin to experience it a little different than the
moment before, and you might begin to deepen your breath here. Perhaps
seeing if you can extend that inhalation, making it a little bit longer,
perhaps a little bit smoother, and then seeing if you can extent that exhale,
making it a little bit longer. So perhaps when you feel that you’ve just
pushed all of the air out, you extend the exhale a little more. I’m just
going to spend a couple more moments here. If you’re familiar with alternate
nostril breathing, this is another great breath or Pranayama practice
that you might choose to do right now for the next couple of [breaths],
super relaxing, and we have a video on that. You might also connect to your [ojai] breath
which we also have a video for beginning this stress relief practice with
a little Pranayama. All right, good. Wherever you are, keep this conversation
with the breath going. If you’re new to the practice, just keep noticing
your breath and let that be the Pranayama for today. Keep it going here. Soft gaze as we open the
eyes nice and soft if they aren’t already. I’m just really slowly going
to begin to move the shoulders. Keep it sensual. And by that I
mean keep it soft and easy, looping the shoulders forward up and back.
The finger tips and palms can begin to soften here, and keep deepening the
breath. Great, one more. This time we loop the shoulders forward up and
back. For a moment here we just continue squeezing
the shoulder up to the ears, take a deep breath in and exhale dropping
down through the elbows. Awesome. Two more just like that. Inhale drawing the
shoulder blades forward, and the shoulder up towards the ears. We squeeze,
squeeze, squeeze and on an exhale find your breath, release. Yeah, baby. One more. Forward, up. We squeeze
it in, squeeze, squeeze, squeeze and exhale, release. Awesome. Bring
the palms together at the heart and Namaste and release the fingertips press
the palms forward up and back. So whatever is stressing you out, you don’t
even need to ID it right now, identify with it. Just choose to let it go. In fact, you might repeat out loud if you
feel comfortable, “I choose to let it go,” or you can say it quietly in your
head, “I choose to release.” Letting go of that which no longer serves
you, perhaps letting go of the day thus far as we crawl up the side body
here nice and easy, shoulder blades are drawing down the back, keep breathing,
then we’ll come back to center stillness. Inhale, carve the line with
the nose forward, up and back, look up, take a deep breath in and exhale,
break free. Get out of jail free card here in yoga. Again,
letting go of that which is no longer serving you. All right, maybe shake
it out. Again, maybe if you didn’t catch my drift before, choose to let
it go. Inhaling deeply through the nose, exhale completely
through the mouth, and then we’ll spread the palms wide and dive
forward on to all fours. Take it nice and slow. This practice is about nurturing your soul
and stretching the body. Perhaps you are also interested in getting a workout,
too. But consider how important it is to work mind, body, and soul.
I know that sounds so cheesy, but I couldn’t get behind that anymore. I
stick with it. Okay, so here we go coming to all fours. So
what that means here is that you can have your cake and eat it, too, on
the mat, working the muscles, stretching the muscles, working the joints,
but also your spirit, your soul. So you can move nice and slow, you’re just
going to send the hips a little left to right. Nothing fancy. Knees are directly
underneath the hips points. Wrists are directly underneath the
shoulders. Great, then I’m going to curl the toes under,
walk the palms forward, and send it back [inaudible 00:10:02] heel. Belly
comes to the top of the thighs, and I bow forward here and kind of
surrender. You might feel a nice release in the upper
back body, sometimes a little pop for me in the upper back body. It feels
good. Forehead may hover here or it might come to
rest on the mat. [Zen]. Keep your palms spread wide here my friends. Relax
your shoulders down. Breathing into the armpits just here using
the breath to expand through the chest, the lungs, the ribcage widens with
each inhale. A little yoga for the feet here. Perhaps you’ve
been on your feet all day, stretching the feet, or perhaps you just work
up and the feet are swollen and need some love, so breath into the soles
of the feet. One more breath here as we surrender, and then on an exhale,
gently travel up to tabletop position. We’re going to come up to the tops of the
feet here, walk the wrists back underneath the shoulders, the Cat-Cow. A nice
juicy yummy Cat-Cow here as we drop the belly. We loop the shoulders,
tailbone and mike pack rocks up towards the sky, and we open the chest. Open
the throat. If you’re into the [chakras] here, you can kind of connect to
that area of the body. Notice the sensations there. Just pay attention
as you breathe. I’m doing a little Stevie Wonder here as we rock back
and forth. I almost said Stevie Nicks, that would have been embarrassing. And then curling the tailbone under, we begin
to travel up the spine, arching the back here, pressing way from the
foundation as I draw my chin to my chest, and find a little organic move
here as I speak my soft relaxing voice into the microphone for you.
All right, so now you’re off on your own, inhaling, scooping the belly finding
the most serving, yummy, juicy Cat-Cow for you. So move at your own pace. Find the rhythm
that feels good maybe it’s the super snail pace today. Maybe it’s a little
more swift, and permission to break the rules here, kind of rock back and
forth, create different lines with the spine, or maybe you’re just a more
traditional yogi, and you want to stick with this traditional Cat-Cow, please
do. And when you feel like you’ve had a nice check
in with the spine and the side body, we’re going to drop the elbows
just where the palms were. So now, paying attention to alignment still,
the elbows and the wrists and in line, and we have the shoulders stacked over
the elbows. Great, rock your pelvis, tail up towards the
sky. Give it a little wiggle waggle, and then walk the knees back. A long
stretch in the body here as we melt the heart down. Once again surrender. Practice is really about surrender, letting
go so you can rock the hips side to side. If the shoulders are tight,
you don’t have to bring the forehead all the way to the mat. You can kind
of chill here and just notice the elbows usually tend to want to come out
here, so keep them in line. Check in and breath, Heart to Earth pose [inaudible
00:13:42]. Sweet surrender. Half of you were like that’s not
very stress relieving Adriene. Great, curl the toes under from here my friends,
draw the navel up towards the spine, slowly we’re going to bring it
all the way back through, and then lower onto the hips and then the belly. So we come into a Snake pose series here.
And again, stress relief, surrender, shedding of the day thus far, and
letting go of that which no longer serves you. You see the theme here.
So focus on that exhale here, my friends. Let it go. Create some space. Again, you don’t have to identify right now
or ever really at this moment what it is that’s maybe bring toxic thoughts
or energy into your world, or maybe what’s creating a little bit of weight
into your life. Just shed it. Shed the weight. So the palms come up underneath the shoulders.
We zip the legs up tight here. Press the pelvis into the air, the tops
of the feet kiss the mat. Great, loop the shoulders, elbows pulled back
behind, engage the foundation without pushing the buttocks tight. So there
is a way to do that. Just play with that here, whatever that means to you. Keep the crown of the head extended. You can
move from looking at the video now to sending your gaze straight down as
we inhale in, exhale, lift up just halfway, baby Cobra. Now I like to work
in more of a vinyasa style flow, but today I’m going to hold it here,
using the breath to move within the posture. Keep the back of the neck nice and long. Find
your breath, my friends. Keep holding your elbows back, and one more breath,
we might go hands free opening up the palms toward heaven. And then
exhale, palms released, and you slowly lower down. Great, turn on to your right, send your fingertips
down to the edge of the mat, and bring the two big toes together,
widen the heels, so let the heels open out, and we chill. Go ahead and shake
the hips a little left
to right. Once again, we come back to center, zip the
legs up, press into your foundation, palms come underneath the shoulders.
Inhale in, Exhale release. Maybe you can come a bit taller this time
or maybe not. And we draw the arches at the feet together and we press to
the top of the feet. And now I would say I guess let’s hold here for a couple
of breaths. But no holding, my friends, use your breath to move within
the posture. If you’re feeling any fussiness in the lower
back, press that pubic bone down to the earth. Find your foundation. One
more breath and exhale. We gently release. Come on to the left this time,
fingertips draw down, and we bring the big two toes together, opening the
hills and shaking the booty together left to right. Relax. On the next inhale, draw the head, the heart
back to center, the palms come underneath the shoulders. We curl the toes
under, and we come back to all fours. Yeah, baby. Great, knees come wide as the mat now, two
big toes, again, kissing together. Moving in a circle here, if you’re
a Yoga with Adriene family member, you’ll know this one. It’s one of
my favorites. You’re going to inhale. Come forward moving in a circle, exhale
around and back. So here we’ll begin to create a full body
experience if we haven’t already. Checking with the neck and shoulders, the
hip creases, the rib cage. Feel free to pad the knees if you need, reversing
your circle, finding your breath, Cat-Cow variation here in the [inaudible
00:18:17], Cat-Cow as we move in a circle, and then we’ll inhale, come
all the way back up, walk the knees underneath the hip points, walk the
palms out in front, curl the toes under, and send it up to our first Downward
Dog here together. Downward-Facing Dog. Here we go. So nice and
slow, pedaling the feet, pedal one foot and then the other, create space
between the tops of the shoulders and the ears. Give yourself a little toe massage.
Hey yo. Some of you YouTubers are going to love that. And then
we find stillness here for a couple of breaths, Downward-Facing Dog. Keep the knees bent as generously as feels
good, the top of the thighs spiral in. Again, shoulder blades drawing
in together as we find that sweet spiral, lots of space between the earlobes,
and the tops of the shoulders. One more breath here careful not to crash
down into your wrist, but find that upward current of energy, one more breath. Awesome, my friends, and then slowly we’ll
lower the knees back down to the earth, kiss the two big toes together and
widen the knees once again as wide as [inaudible 00:19:53], great. Spiral
your fingertips now in towards you, we’ll take a second to stretch through
the arms. Now again, you might collapse down for a moment,
but then just as anything find that upward current of energy as you
press into
the fingerprints. Hello. Breathe here. You might rock a little front
and back if that feels good, and then slowly one palm at a time, release
nice and slow. Cool. Curl the toes under here. Keep the hip bones lifted.
We’re going walk the palms forward. Hang with me here. Great. Press away from
the earth, so I broaden through the shoulder blades. Imagine the two shoulder
blades going left and right as you press away from the mat. Great, then reach your right fingertips forward,
lengthen through the right side body. Keep the length or at least the
awareness as we bring the right fingertips in and underneath the bridge of
the left arm. So sometimes we do this stretch with the sit bones back. Today
we’re going to keep the sit bones lifted. It’s like a little twerk movement
which I will never do. Don’t do that either. In and underneath the
bridge with the left arm. Here we go. We come to rest on the right ear my friends.
And we find our breath. If it feels better to come on to the tops of the
feet, you can. Sometimes having the toes there just kind of helps for stability.
So we’re breathing into the upper back body. When we get situated,
we might just close our eyes. For a deeper stretch you can lift that elbow
and press into the left fingertips of the left palm, breathing into
that upper back body and finding nice smooth exhalations. Stay here,
really using that exhale to find your twist, using that inhale to inflate
that upper right body. Stay here. If you’re feeling a little more adventurous,
stay if you want to have some fun. Connect to your center, naval to
spine, and then begin to slide the left toes out long. A little deeper stretch here, also just challenging
the body to create a full body experience. So if you don’t create
that full body experience connecting to your center, chances are you’re
going to topple over. So sometimes it’s nice, or it’s fun rather to
throw ourselves off balance and practice so that we can connect a little deeper. Breathe here. Some people lift here. I feel
like it adds unnecessary pressure to the shoulder. We don’t need to
take it too far now. Find that sit bone to heel connection, stretching through
the back leg, and then if your leg is out, reel it back in, and use
your left palm to gently press back up to center, and we go on and take it
on to the other side walking the palms forward. Now it would be a good chance to check in
with your breath. If you have lost that conversation, pour another glass
of wine, that’s a metaphor, and reaching the left fingertips forward. Keep the length or at least awareness in the
left-side body as we come in, and now underneath the ridge of the right
arm. I shall turn my head away from the camera for a second and we shall
come to rest on the left ear. Again, lift that right elbow up if you want
to go a little bit deeper and use your breath. Begin to move in the [inaudible
00:23:39]. So we carry a lot of stress, tension, energy in these shoulders,
and in the back. Use your breath to do a little energetic sweep
in the shoulders and in the back bottom. The same thing on this side, if you’re feeling
a little adventurous, curl the toes under, slide the right toes back,
make sure to bring awareness to your center here so you don’t topple over
this way. And finding that sit bone to heel connection
here. One more breath in this balance and twist, and then if the right leg
is out, slowly reel it back in, and we shall unravel back to center. Great, walk the palms forward, walk the knees
in, and send it up to your Downward-Facing Dog, Adho Mukha. Three breaths
here, bring the two big toes together, imagine the tops of the thighs spiraling
in as we press away from the earth. Again, three breath cycles. Sweet, bend the knees generously, and we’re
going to step off the feet to the center of the mat. Cool. I’m going to
turn towards you. Feet hip width apart or flushed together, it doesn’t matter
as we come into forward full, grab the elbows, rock a little side to side,
shake the head yes and no, find that [inaudible 00:25:44], maybe spreading
awareness through all four corners of the feet, rooting down through
the ball joints of that pinky toe, rooting down through that big toe mound
in the back two corners of the heel. This is a cooling, calming posture. Go ahead
and release the finger tips and just hang. Again, I choose to let go of
that which is no longer serving me. I create space, welcome. Welcome in the
new joy, the new opportunity, new love, you name it. Great, bring the palms to the tops of the
feet, on your next breath in, inhale, halfway lift, a long beautiful neck
here, loop the shoulders, pull the elbows back, soften through the knees,
start creating kind of a L shape here in the body, navel draws up towards the
spine. Sit bones extend towards the back of your mat as the crown
of your head reaches past the front. Create one more breath here and exhale.
Slide it down. Great, going for a nice, juicy, beautiful
yoga roll up, tuck your chin into your chest, press into your feet, and enjoy
this move as we slowly roll it up to Mountain. Slowly lengthening the tailbone
down as you lift your heart up, finding length through the front body
as you’re ground down through the back body, maybe you take a couple of shoulder
loops here. Maybe if the neck is tight, you draw a couple
of circles with the nose, one way and then the other. So everybody is different,
so make your practice yours. Super important. It’s also the joy
at doing yoga at home, you really make it yours which means you can personalize
it with a different sense of freedom. Okie doke. We’re going to bring the feet together
now. You can keep a little space between the two heels, as opposed
to the three heels. Great, now we’ll bring the palms together at the
heart, inhale, lift the sternum to the thumbs, draw energy up through the
arches, at the feet, press away from the earth. Create more space between the crown of the
head and the tail, so we can find that opposition here as we lift up through
the crown, ground down to the shoulder blades, elbows, heels. Then open
your eyes to a soft gaze or take your eyes from the video downward to
a soft gaze maybe past the nose as you bend your knees. Hold on to a soft focus here, maybe a [inaudible
00:28:51] focal point out in front as we lift the right heel, kind of
pulling that right knee up, stay down nice and low as we cross the right
leg over the left. Now if you want to hook that ankle in eagle
legs, you totally can. Otherwise it’s just kind of like an eagle
variation here. As we point through that right toe, sink down through
the sit bones. Great, stay where you are, lifting the sternum
to the thumbs, or if you’re feeling frisky, spread the fingertips wide,
reach the palms up towards the sky. If the shoulders are tight, bend the
elbows. Give yourself a nice spaciousness here. Shoulder blades are drawing in and down the
back as we hold our balance here. And again, as that standing leg gets
tired, we’re going to want to come up, but sink deep my friends, get a little
dirty here. Now find your breath, two more breath cycles
in and out here. We got this. Spread the fingertips in celebration of you.
Welcome that heat burning away, again, the stress, the anxiety, letting
go of any BS, and creating space with each inhale. Great, draw your navel to your spine, lift
the right knew up, and release the fingertips. So if they’re up overhead,
bring them down and if they’re at the heart, then release them. And we’re
going to catch that right knee in here. We’re going to stall tall through
the left leg and squeeze the right knee up towards the heart. Smile, you can point and flex that right foot,
maybe rotate the right ankle, lift your heart. So plug in with your
heart, again, let go of your troubles. Forget your troubles, come on get
happy. Great, one more breath, and then exhale, we
release. Mountain pose, open your palms, just check in. Notice the difference
between the right side and left side of the body. Smile, don’t take yoga so seriously. If that
was hard for you, shake it off, let’s try again. If it was easy for you,
rock on. Let’s do it again anyway. Here we go, palms together at the
heart. As we exhale, we bend the knees, so get low. Get low shorty. Lift the sternum to the thumbs. Find your
breath. So we’re not just lifting the left leg over. We do enough hoisting the
body around all day, so no yoga robots here. Move nice and slow as you peel that left foot
up. And then when you’re ready, up and over, navel to spine, so finding
your center. Again, you can totally hook eagle legs here, you rebel. You
eagle. Lift your sternum to your thumbs. All right. We’ll find a soft focus here as
we focus, and I stop making bad jokes as we lengthen through the crown of
the head. Again, using the inhale creates space. Using the exhale to maybe drop
the sit bones a little lower. Now palms can stay here under [inaudible 00:31:54]
at the heart, or we can fly the fingertips up again spreading them
nice and wide, lengthening the tailbone down, my friends. Some of you have been asking me lately about
knitting the lower ribcage. I mean this action right here which could be
very helpful in this balancing posture of drawing the lower ribcage in and
just kind of connecting here so you can see this, my hands coming in together
kind of like a corset. Wherever you are take two more nice, long,
smooth deep breaths. Embrace it. Great, then draw your navel to your spine.
Slowly lift the left knee up. We’re going to interface the fingertips. Catch
that left knee cap, and squeezing in towards the heart. Stand nice
and tall, keep the heart lifted, plugging in, draw the shoulders down away
from the ears. One more breath and rotate that ankle. Take a deep breath in, smile. Lift the corners
of your mouth and then exhale, release to [inaudible 00:33:11]. Sweet,
close your eyes. Just observe the breath. Observe the left and the
right side of the body. Let go of any tension. Notice if you’re gripping in your toes or
in your butt. See if you can relax your shoulders, maybe they’re crawling
up again, softening through the fingertips. Now when you’re ready, reach the fingertips
all the way up. Inhale in full- body stretch and exhale, we forward fold.
Inhale half way, lift one more time, and exhale bow. Great, palms come to the mat, bend your knees
generously, and then knees come to the mat gently, and then were’ going
to go side saddle here, just swinging the leg to one side. It doesn’t matter
what side as we transition to flat back. Great, full body stretch here. Oh yeah, reaching
the finger tips up and over our toes all the way down towards the
bottom edge. Take a second here to maybe take the deepest, deepest breath
in you’ve taken all day, and then find a long exhale out through the mouth. Awesome, hug the right knee into the chest.
Take a deep breath in and on an exhale guiding the right knee across the body
over towards the left side of your mat in the room. Opening up through the
right wing here and the right arm as maybe you rock on to your right ear. And to each his own here. You can use the
left palm to pet the outer edge of that right thigh or you might find just
a little exquisite stillness here, find sweeping breaths up and down the
spine. Bring it out. Great, inhale in on an exhale. We gently melt
it back through center and we switch. Left knee in, right leg out. We squeeze
the left knee in towards the heart, and then when you’re ready guiding
it over into your twist and onto your [inaudible 00:35:29]. Close your eyes here again, twist it out.
A nice inhale in. Exhale, gently rock it back to the center, send the left
toes out. Once again, a full body stretch as we inhale, and then exhale and
let the fingertips come left to right, arms left to right, palms face up.
Widen the ankles as wide as your mat. Get situated here for a nice yummy [inaudible
00:36:12] here today. So thank you for practicing with me. I wish
you all the love in the world from my heart to yours as we come to settle
and [inaudible 00:36:22], I say to you Namaste. Close your eyes. Relax your
jaw. Lengthen through the back of your neck by tucking your chin into your
chest. Again, soft fingertips, relax through your
ankles, and stay here for a couple of minutes at least, maybe longer.
Surprise yourself, focusing on the nature rhythm of your breath, choosing
to let go, again, that which is no longer serving you in your life. Choosing
balance, ease, and an open mind, and an open heart. Again, from my heart
to yours, Namaste.


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