Yoga for Your Feet – Yoga Poses to Relieve Foot and Ankle Tension

hi guys welcome to my channel my name is
Kassandra and today I’ll show you three simple stretches
and things that you can do to alleviate discomfort through the feet and
ankles so for our first stretch you’ll need to come into a kneeling pose and will focus on the back the feet the sole of the foot first so from this kneeling
stance it’s really simple you’re just curling
your toes under dropping the toes down onto the mat and then from here you’re
working at sitting your hips down on to your heels so I suggest if you are really tight
you’re gonna start feeling this immediately especially if you wear heels
or anything like that so start with your weight forward maybe
keep your fingertips down onto the mat and gradually start to walk your palms
and hands back in until you can comfortably sit over your heels and try to keep your ankles directly over your toes
directly underneath your help so that everything is in line and just see if
you can take a few breaths exactly in this stance and this can be really really intense for
some people so it should never be painful but it should be sensational so back out that anytime that it doesn’t
feel appropriate for your body notice that the toes was kinda wanna
grip into the mat for support or to get you out of the pose see if you can keep him
relaxed just keep your feet soft just take deep breaths its in and out through the noes all the
way down into the belly let your weight sink in and if you haven’t already started your palms back out in front and you
let’s curl our toes back out and then drop the tops of your feet
back down onto the mat and we’ll come into our second stretch so
from here your kneeling as well but this time you’re sitting on top of
your heels top up your foot is down on the mat and that’s where we’re gonna be looking
to stretch here at first you’re just walking your palms back behind you and make sure your curling your tailbone
under here. keep your knees about hip width distance this is apart and as you go back you’ll start to be able to
lift your knees off of the mat and an already just by lifting them
a couple inches you should be feeling a pretty good stretch to the top of the
feet so just stay here and you can work at
keeping your knees together some people will prefer to have them about hip width distance apart or maybe
even mat width just play with what works for you make
sure that you’re keeping integrity through the pelvis through the lower back then you’re only
using a little bit of arm strength and there is a more advanced way to do this post by integrating a little
bit more your abdominals to hold your balance in which case you’re reaching your palms
out in front of you and instead of keeping them behind your bracing your knees trying to keep your weight centered and
maybe even gently pulling on the knees to lean a little bit further back this is about as back as I can go slowly release it back down this time bring your ankles out sit back onto your sits bones let’s take a butterfly pose so bring
the soles of the feet to touch let your knees fall apart and from this
butterfly shape it’s really simple I usually just use
this as an opportunity to actually massage my feet I find that the side the sole of my foot is where it gets I the most tense and where I
feel tension the most so it’s worth it to just take a few
breaths to massage the area and you may find that you are really sensitive and that’s okay, just go lightly feel it out and you can always even use a rubber ball to roll underneath your
feet to get really really deep into the fascia
and into the connective tissue and that’s it. that feels pretty good so those are three very simple exercises
that you can start integrating into your practice to stretch the top and bottom of your feet and then
you can always do that little massage to get into the sides as well thank you so much for watching please
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