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– What’s up, party people? Welcome to Yoga with Adriene. I’m Adriene and today
we have an awesome quick little yoga ditty for
you to rinse off the day. So, this is perfect
after a long day, this is perfect post-work, or just if you’ve been
carrying around some bad juju or some moodiness and you can’t
quite put your finger on it. This is gonna
be a great practice to help you shift into
finding what feels good. So, hop into something
comfy and let’s get started. (upbeat music) All right,
my friends, let’s begin standing at the
top of the mat, feet hip-width apart. Take a second to look down
at your feet, your toesies, and just lift the
toes and really press into all four corners
of the foot. So, ball joint of
the big toe mound, ball joint of
the pinky toe mound, and then the back two
corners of the heels. Then keep the toes lifting here so we’re starting
to wake up the feet, warm up from the ground up. Keep the toes lifted
for one more breath. And then, exhale and try to
release one toe at a time, starting with the pinky toe. Woah. And then draw energy
up from the arches and stand up nice and tall,
mountain pose. Thanks so much
for choosing this video, for sharing your time
and your energy with me, let’s have some fun. Drawing the palms together,
Anjali Mudra at the heart. Take a second to
relax your shoulders and just come into
the present moment. I know it’s easier
said than done, some days harder than others,
but just take a moment to notice where you’re at
and come into the present. (inhales) Use the powerful tool
of the breath (exhales) to help you do just that, taking some nice, slow,
even breaths in and out, (inhales) in and out. (exhales) Namaste. All right,
let’s find soft knees. Continue to deepen the breath,
now adding a little movement, we’ll inhale, reach for the sky.
(inhales) And exhale, bend your knees as
you take it all the way down, forward fold. (exhales) Now, take a couple moments
here to work it out. Bend the knees, grab the elbows, rock gently side to side,
find what feels good. Maybe you take a moment
to close your eyes, maybe bringing the belly
to the tops of the thighs. (inhales) And then, again, nice long,
even breaths. (exhales) Let any weight that you’ve
been carrying around, any weight on your
shoulders or on your back just gently spill off, any stress or monkey mind
you’ve been hassling with, just allow it to
open up and fall out, melt down, down, down,
so that when we roll up, we’re a little bit lighter. (deep breath) And then release the arms and, on an inhale,
lift up halfway, tug the shoulders back away
from the ears, create length, and then exhale,
forward fold again. Root to rise,
connect to your feet, just like we started an inhale, we’ll slowly
reach for the sky, spreading the fingertips, tapping into a little
inner smile here maybe, and then exhale,
hands to heart. (exhales) Great soft knees. This time, reach the fingertips
behind and interlace. Knuckles draw down and away and we open up
through the chest. Now, just take a couple
awesome breaths here. Find length in the tailbone
to support the lower back as you lift your heart. And you can take any movement
here that feels awesome, maybe rocking
gently side to side, checking in with the
head and the neck, soft and easy,
nice even breathing. (deep breath) Then release your grip,
inhale all the way up, big full-body stretch,
and exhale, raining it down. Inhale, halfway lift, find
length, move with your breath. Create a lot of space between
the ears and the shoulders, and then exhale, slide it down. Inhale, reach for the sky,
big breath, maybe lift your toes this time, draw energy up from the arches.
(inhales) And exhale, hands to heart.
(exhales) Swim the fingertips around,
interlace, opposite thumb on top this time, so the weird one, the
one you didn’t do before. Knuckles draw down and away. And this time, we’re gonna move in a little flow in the feet. So, really connecting
to your center, draw the navel in and up,
lengthen the tailbone down, open the chest, inhale,
rise up onto the toes, maybe hold on to a focal
point or a gaze above you, and then exhale to the heels. Inhale, rising up, press
into all of your toes, draw energy up from the
arches, tone the quads, and then exhale. (exhales) Inhale, lift your heart.
(inhales) And exhale, release everything.
(exhales) Awesome, inhale, reach
for the sky. (inhales) And exhale, forward fold.
(exhales) Beautiful, inhale, halfway lift, find length in the neck.
(inhales) And exhale, fold. Awesome. We’ll bring the
feet together here, fingertips come to the mat, we’re just gonna slide the
right toes all the way back or step the right toes
all the way back. Then lower your right knee,
front knee over front ankle. And when you’re ready, inhale. Send the fingertips all
the way up towards the sky and go ahead and come
outta the hip a little bit so that you can really find head over heart, heart
over pelvis alignment. You can untuck that back foot or keep the toes
curled under for now, whatever feels more stable as you squeeze the inner
thighs together. (exhales) If you need a little
padding on your right knee, you can double up
on your mat, like so or you can also sometimes
walk the knee back just a little bit. Big breaths here. We’re really squeezing
into the mid-line, starting to stir up a
little bit of energy, maybe create a
little bit of heat. Take one more
deep breath in here, big beach ball up and over
head, lift your heart. And then exhale,
left hand comes down to the top of the left
thigh and we use that to just gently tug that
left thighbone back, pulling that left
hip crease back. Then inhale, lengthen. Exhale, slowly
tilting to the left, reaching right
fingertips to the left. Notice if any tension’s coming
up into the shoulders here. Keep it easy. Maybe even think about
upward-facing dog or cobra here as you lift your heart. Inhale in. (inhales) And then exhale,
releasing back to center. Inhale, both arms all the
way up towards the sky, and then exhale,
we rain it down. Awesome. Plant the palms, we’re
gonna lift the back knee. Inhale, look forward,
then exhale. We’re actually gonna switch
in a little hop, like so. Switch. And we’ll do it two more times. Inhale, switch. Inhale, switch. And then lower the back
knee down. (laughs) Just something to
stir the energy up. You can actually get in a
really good groove there. That’s kind of fun and,
of course, strengthening. All right, here we go. Lowering the back knee, reaching the fingertips
up and overhead. So, you have your
right leg forward and your left leg back now. Notice, you’re just
dumping in the hips here. See if you can lift up,
start to engage the muscles of the
abdominal wall, lifting up from the pelvic
floor, finding that zipper, that containment
in the front body, and then grounding
through the back body, squeezing your thighs. We’re finding that connection all the way up
through that center line. And when you’re ready,
big breath in, big beach ball up
and overhead. (inhales) Big breath out as we
bring the right hand now to the top of the right thigh. We use that as a reminder to
draw that right thighbone in, pull the right hip crease back. And when you’re ready,
find a big breath to really fill with air,
find expansion. (inhales) And then exhale,
gentle tilt to the right. Lots of awareness in
the shoulders. (exhales) Staying connected in those
upper abs, those lower ribs. And one more
breath here, you got it. Think upward-facing dog, inhale.
(inhales) And then exhale back to center. Big breath to sweep both arms
up and overhead. (inhales) And then exhale
to bring it down. Great. Switching the legs. Here we go, switch. (exhales) Switch. (exhales) Switch. (exhales) Switch. (exhales) And then stepping right
foot back, plank pose. And then downward-facing dog. So, you can take a little
vinyasa here if you want, or you’re probably tired if you got just
got off work and stuff, so you’re just gonna take
it straight to downward dog. Then take a big cleansing breath in through the nose. (inhales) And out through the mouth.
(exhales) Again, inhaling through
the nose. (inhales) And empty it out. (exhales) Fabulous. Inhale, look forward,
bend the knees, step or hop to the top. Inhale lifts you up halfway,
big breath. (inhales) Exhale, forward fold. (exhales) Inhale, root to rise,
spread the fingertips, stretch and smile. And exhale, hands to heart.
(exhales) Beautiful. Step the feet wide,
as wide as your yoga mat. Turn the two big toes in and
draw energy up from the arches. (inhales) Inhale,
open the chest. And exhale,
bending at the hips here, soft bend in the knees. So, keep that
micro-bend in the knees, we come all the way down. Right hand is gonna reach over towards either left side of
the mat, fingertips on the mat, or maybe we can
take it all the way to the outer edge of the
left leg here, the left shin, and we come into a twist,
looping the shoulders, finding that stability as we
plug that shoulder in and down so we’re not just
collapsing with gravity here but finding that awareness. And then, left hand can come
to the small of the back or even up to the sky. (inhales) Breathing deep. (exhales) Inhale. Use an exhale to
come back to center, maybe halfway lift,
big breath in. And then, make your way to
the other side nice and slow, left hand coming to the
outer edge of the right shin or left fingertips to the mat. Strong foundation here,
go over your checklist, breathe deep, big twist here.
(inhales) Big beautiful
revitalizing twist. You gotta bring the breath. Inhale. (inhales) And exhale to release. (exhales) Awesome. Inhale, lift up halfway.
(inhales) And then exhale, release. Hands come to the waistline,
soft bend in the knees, or maybe generous bend in the
knees, loop the shoulders, draw the elbows back towards
each other as you rise up. Feel the blood flow
opposite direction, amazing. Take a deep breath in. (inhales) And then exhale out
through the mouth, maybe with a little sound.
(exhales) Yes sir, yes ma’am. All right, heel-toe,
heel-toe the feet together, or you can hop
the feet together. Have some fun
waking up the feet. And then hands to heart center. Great work. Inhale. (inhales) And exhale, relax the
shoulders down. (exhales) Observe your breath. Great, inhale,
reach for the sky, clap the palms together,
Jai Namaste, and forward fold
all the way down. We’re coming to a seat,
so nice and easy, just bring the fingertips to
the mat and send the hips back. Now, we’re gonna come
all the way to flat back. (deep breath) And when you get there, go ahead and center
yourself on the mat. Hug the right knee
into the chest and send the left leg
high up towards the sky. So, if you were
on your feet today, point and flex the left foot, allow the blood flow
opposite direction, should feel really awesome. Scoop the tailbone up, lower
back supported by your mat. Shoulders heavy and relaxed. Inhale. (inhales) And then exhale. Slowly lower the left leg down. Let it hover just
above the earth, connecting to the lower belly, those muscles, connecting,
toning, trimming. If you need a little more,
you can lift the head, draw the nose
towards the knee. (exhales) (inhales) And then release
everything. (exhales) Inhale. (inhales) Exhale. Twist right knee
to the left side. We open up
through the right arm. Take a deep breath in here. You can take a variation
here that feels good, maybe a little behind. We’re extending the top leg. Be super mindful,
don’t push it, use your breath. (inhales) And then we’ll come
back to center. (exhales) And switch,
the left knee comes in, we scoop the tailbone up,
right foot towards the sky, let the blood flow
opposite direction, maybe rotate that ankle. Chances are, your feet have
been crammed in shoes all day, so just enjoy this love, self-love. When you’re ready, inhale. Lift the tailbone, lower
back flush with the mat, and then exhale. Slowly lower the right leg down as you squeeze left knee
in towards the chest. (exhales) Again,
scoop the tailbone up so you connect
to the lower belly, toning those muscles there. If you need a little more,
you can lift knee to nose. (inhales) And then take
one more deep breath in wherever you are, my friend. And then exhale, release
everything. (exhales) And find your twist, inhale.
(inhales) Exhale, left knee over
towards the right. (exhales) Take a second
to close your eyes. Find a variation
that feels good today. Just take a little moment to blanket yourself in a
little love, a lotta love. And appreciate your body, appreciate this
time for yourself. So good. So, so, so good. So, it doesn’t always
feel amazingly good, but the process of
tending to ourselves and just kind of rinsing,
washing, moving things around is definitely good for you. Take a deep breath in, come
back to center. (inhales) And then we’ll bring the
soles of the feet to the mat and actually interlace the
fingertips behind the head, extend thumbs, give yourself
a little neck massage here. And then, yogi’s choice. You can bring the feet
as wide as the yoga mat, knees fall in together, kind of softening
through the pelvis, should feel really
good in the lower back. Or if you’d like to
go for the hip opener, you can bring the soles
of the feet together, as a fly lands on my head, and
then open the knees out wide. So, again, we’re bringing
the knees in, feet wide, or the knees out, feet together. And we start to relax. Massaging the head, the base of the head and
neck with the thumbs, and just appreciating
our body and our breath and letting go of that which
is no longer serving us. Let it be washed away. (deep breath) When you’re satisfied, we’ll release the arms
gently to the sides, release the legs
gently out long, coming into Savasana. And we’re gonna end
with a really nice series of cleansing breaths,
so don’t be shy. This is a yoga rinse. So, feel free to
add a little sound and freak out the other people
in your house or apartment, (laughs) or workspace if
you’re doing this at work, which, if you are, you rock. Hope you don’t get in
trouble by your boss and blame it on me,
or do blame it on me. Okay, here we go. Deep breath in, my friends,
fill with air. (inhales) Big cleansing breath
out through the mouth. Empty it out. (exhales) Four more, inhale. (inhales) Rinse it away. (exhales) Inhale. (inhales) Exhale, sigh it out. (exhales) Inhale. (inhales) Let it go. (exhales) And one more time,
big breath in. (inhales) And release. (exhales) Awesome. Close your eyes, take a moment to rest, restore, recalibrate. Rinse it all off so that
you can be fresh and happy and in alignment with your
best and most beautiful self. Thanks again for
sharing your time and your practice with me. Leave questions, comments,
dialogue down below. I’ll see you next time. Namaste. (upbeat music)


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