Yoga Tutorial | Foot placement in Yoga

Welcome to elevate yoga today. We’re going to look at foot placement in standing postures, so Angelo is going to take triangle pose Which is a very popular pose in class and usually where you want to see in the cue you’ll hear the most is Front heel to the middle of the back arch all that means is that the front heel should be able to draw a straight line to the middle of the back foot and This is great and the most popular one by choice however if you have a student that is very tight Front Heel to the middle of the back arch is not so realistic So in that case what you would want to do is take heel to heel So he would take his left foot farther out or walk the right foot out. So now when you draw a line your front heel To the back heel, or you can even take a little bit wider if you have space So sometimes with yoga the struggle is but classically this is how it’s done. However, You need to meet your body where it’s at. So front heel to the middle of the back arch if you’re more open. Heel to heel or wider is your tighter See you next time

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