Yoga/Yogasana : Exercise for growing tall and stretching all the inner body parts

Hello! Everyone Happy Pongal wishes to you all! Hope you all would have celebrated Pongal in a grand way. You would have seen the sitting postures in my previous episodes. You would have seen the breathing exercise – Praanaayama You will be seeing the standing postures in this episode This exercise helps the kids and teenagers to grow taller. It is also a very good exercise for the internal organs. Watch, learn and try. Now I am going to show you an aasana which helps those who wants to grow taller. Everybody can do this aasana. You have to lift your heels. Those who find it difficult to lift, can lift little bit. Lift both your hands and interlock them above your head. Then turn the palms facing upwards. Place the toes firmly on the ground and lift the heels slowly. At the beginning, it will be difficult. But as you practice, it will become easier. The feet have to be on the toes. Those finding it difficult can lower them slightly. Hands have to be stretched and shoulders have to be relaxed. Tighten your stomach muscles. Stay in this position for a minute. Do it everyday morning. If you cannot stay for a minute, first try for half a minute. Then slowly increase it to a minute. By lifting the hands up, all the internal organs get stretched. Unwanted gas will disappear. All the toxins will be cleared. While you stare at a point and stand on your toes, your concentration also improves. Try doing it and you will witness it yourself. Did you watch it carefully? It can be done easily. Spend at least five minutes and do this daily. Thanks for watching.

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